This Week at Yavneh Academy - Oct. 11 , 2018/2 Cheshvan 5779
 פרשת נח
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Early Childhood Department

"Raining Cats and Dogs" in Ganon Bet
  In honor of  נח  פרשת, the children of Ganon Bet worked very hard on a large-scale replica of the תבה, which incorporated the use of many different skills and materials. They used their fine motor skills to rub crayons onto oak tag to create a wood effect and then glued popsicle  sticks on top to make the wood planks covering the תבה. 

The children also represented the three levels of the תבה by adding garbage to the ground floor of the תבה, coloring and matching animal pairs on the second level and coloring in wooden stick figures to look like נח and his wife, נעמה, for the top level.  We turned it into an interactive play set so that the children can walk the animals and people on and off. 

Our "Mabul Week" fun continued later in the week when we went to act out the entire story, complete with our rain-gear  and stuffed animals brought from home and our kid-sized classroom תבה!

Learning about Parshat Noach and Colors in Gan Daled
Gan Daled has been learning about Parshat Noach. After the rain, came a rainbow. We learned about primary and secondary colors this week. We read the book Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stoll Walsh and learned what happens when you mix primary colors. 

One of the highlights of Yavneh Kindergarten is our Art History unit. The natural progression from learning about primary colors was to introduce our first artist, Piet Mondrian, in our art history program.  We introduced the concept of an "artist" by reading the book The Art Lesson, by Tomie de Paola.  It tells the story of a young boy (named Tomie) who always wanted to be an artist.
Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist who is most famous for his works of art featuring primary colors intersected by vertical and horizontal black lines. Gan Daled art enthusiasts got a chance to admire many pieces of his work and to also look at different works inspired by Mondrian like Lego creations, clothing, shoes and buildings. Mondrian is known as one of the most popular modern geometric artists. The children then created their own bold and beautiful collages in his style.
Lower School

Third Graders are Busy!
3B has gotten off to a running start.  Since coming back after the Chagim we have been so busy. First  we had a Google Hangout with our new friends at the Herberich Primary School in Ohio. We are partnering with them for the Global Read Allowed. 

Next, the students worked in pairs to SAVE FRED. Using just a few materials, and a lot of cooperation and collaboration they had to figure out how to rescue Fred who had gone overboard when out for a boat ride.  And finally, in conjunction with our first science unit - weather, we were so lucky to have Ariel Schabes, a meteorologist come to talk to us.   

The highlights of the day were watching his weather forecast from his time as a weatherman at Rutgers University and when he made fog using hot water and dry ice. We are off to a great start and are looking forward to many more exciting days this year.

Middle School
Yavneh Academy and Gan Yavneh Join Together for Project Shabbat
Yavneh Academy's 8th grade joined with Gan Yavneh's Pre-k class for our first ever joint Project Shabbat. They ushered in the ruach of Shabbat with singing and hand motions! The 8th graders enjoyed traveling back in time and revisiting their Pre-Shabbat favorites! Next week, a new group of students will travel to the local mall to spread Shabbat cheer and warmth. 

Learning Commons Drop-In
Are you a middle school student? Do you need help with your work? Want to learn a study strategy to help you prepare for an upcoming test? Would you like some tips on how to start your writing assignment? Then drop-in to the Learning Commons! The Learning Commons Drop-In is open Mondays-Thursdays during recess from 12:30-12:50. It is located in our revamped library in the 100 wing. It is staffed by Mrs. Leora Moshen, a Learning Center teacher, who has worked with Middle School students in a variety of subjects and Mr. Jason David, our Middle School Special Services Coordinator. We are excited to offer this resource to all Middle School students. 
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