This Week at Yavneh Academy - Feb. 14 , 2019/10 Adar I 5779
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Early Childhood Department

Ganon Aleph is Learning about Brachot 
Ganon Aleph has begun a unit on Brachot to help understand why we make a bracha and which brachot to make on foods. We began with the brachot of Haadama and Haetz. We played a sorting game with various fruits and vegetables to help review. For Mezonot we baked yummy sprinkle cookies and learned the key ingredient to be flour.
We continued our unit with Hamotzei. What better way to learn about this Bracha than to bake our own bread? We poured flour, water, yeast, and salt in a bowl. We then kneaded the dough and let it rise for 18 hours. We baked it and it was so delicious! Next was Shehakol. We enjoyed making homemade vanilla ice cream! We learned that foods that are Shehakol are not baked, do not have flour and can be a protein. We concluded our studies with a grape juice tasting in honor of Hagafen and included a graphing activity as well. What a tasty week of learning we had in Ganon Aleph.

Learning About the Presidents
As Presidents Day approaches, Gan Gimmel has been learning all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We're enjoying learning about their lives and fun facts about each of these men who helped shape our country. One fun fact we learned about Abraham Lincoln is that he kept important papers inside his tall hat. Inspired by this idea, each child in Gan Gimmel thought of things they might put in their own top hats. Some ideas included candy, toys, money, and drones. We created our own Abraham Lincoln faces, complete with his iconic beard and top hat. We then wrote and illustrated our creative ideas inside each hat.   
Lower School

Third Graders use Lego to Learn About Fractions
3A is introduced to a new math unit! We are exploring the concept that fractions can be used to describe how equal parts are related to a whole. While reading, writing, and identifying fractions, we enhanced our  experience with these ever so popular tangible objects, LEGOS! Students enjoyed building models of fractions and a whole to better understand the abstract concept of fractions.  

Students Combine Learning of the Past and Present
In third grade, students are blending their learning about the Avot and Imahot in Sefer Breishit with their reading about the present, the founding of the State of Israel.  In conjuctions with this study, students were assigned to blend their own family's past and present.  Using a prepared questionnaire, students reached out to their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents to learn from where they emigrated and what unique Jewish traditions and customs that they brought with them.
Students have already gleaned information about some interesting Jewish artifacts in their family's possessions that were brought over from the old country.
The students look forward to sharing their discoveries with each other through Google slide presentations.
Middle School

Yavneh Academy Chesed Team
This week Yavneh launched our Yavneh Academy Chesed Team, open to Middle School students. Based on the concept of the 
Baltimore Chesed League, students who join the team will participate in monthly creative and fun chesed events with members of the team.  We 
are already planning a fun pre-Purim activity for those in need. 

The registration fee for the Yavneh Academy Chesed Team is $36 to pay for supplies. 

Please click HERE to sign up and pay for your child to become a member of the team. 

We know that the Yavneh Academy Chesed Team will "improve the world" one chesed at a time and "עולם חסד יבנה", build a world of chesed.  We hope your child will be a part of it! 

Yavneh Academy Chesed Team Launch
Yavneh Academy Chesed Team Launch

Sharsheret Pink Day
On Wednesday, we participated in Sharsheret Pink Day.  Aside from the Sharsheret shirts our students purchased from the YPAA (all proceeds to benefit Sharsheret), our  Middle School students had a Pink Day Hoopathon where they were sponsored to shoot baskets with pink basketballs, of course. Students also chose to hoolahoop (with pink hoolahoops!) 
The 6th grade made 98 baskets and and hoolahooped  for 37.3 minutes.
The 7th grade made 123 baskets and hoolahooped  for 122 minutes.
The 8th grade made 127 baskets and hoolahooped for 315 minutes.
The middle school single-handedly raised over $1300 for Sharsheret!   
We were proud of our Pink Day committee that decorated the school in pink and ran the hoopathon. 
Click HERE for photos!

Sixth Graders Visit the Jewish Home at Rockleigh
Last week, thirty of our sixth graders had the privilege to join the Jewish Home at Rockleigh for their Olympics games. Activities such as bowling, volleyball, ball throwing etc. were all played from wheelchairs while our Yavneh students assisted the residents.  They cheered them on, encouraged them and even transported them from their rooms and around the social hall. The staff at the home then asked the students to sing some songs. The students spontaneously put their heads together and came up with some beautiful songs to sing. It was wonderful seeing how our students put their hearts into this visit. They gained even more than they gave.

Eighth Graders Visit Adler Aphasia Center
Representatives from the 8th grade visited the Adler Aphasia Center this week.  When the students arrived, they presented $500 they had raised for the Center, and were applauded by all the clients.  They then did a beading activity with the clients. It was amazing to see that even though some of the clients were not at all able to speak, our children partnered, shmoozed and interacted with them.

Sixth Graders at High Exposure
On Saturday night, February 9th, our 6th graders went to High Exposure. We had a wonderful night of climbing and Ninja Warrior training. The students were so well behaved that the staff approached Morah Baruchov at the end of the program to express that this was the best group they have had in  a long while!  The grade ended the evening with yummy snacks and drinks with lots of smiles.

Eighth Graders Go Snow Tubing!
Eighth graders had a blast at their snow tubing trip last Motzaei Shabbat.  Wearing their new grade sweatshirts and plenty of layers to keep warm, they raced each other down the mountain!  Frontwards, backwards, sideways- any way they slid, they laughed and bonded together.  With only a few short months left of their 8th grade year in Yavneh Academy, the students enjoyed their time with each other.

TerraNova Testing Dates:
Grades 2-5 - Monday,February 25th through Thursday, February 28th
Grades 6-7 - Tuesday, February 26th through Thursday, February 28th.

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Guests of Honor:
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