This Week at Yavneh Academy - Nov. 29 , 2018/22 Kislev 5779
 פרשת וישב
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Early Childhood Department

Gan Gimmel is Preparing for Chanukah!
Gan Gimmel has been busily learning and preparing for Chanukah next week. We are using oil, candles and wicks to create many different art projects. This week we used our engineering skills for the Chanukiyah Challenge. After comparing and contrasting the menorah in the Beit Hamikdash and our own chanukiyot, we broke up into groups to design our own kosher chanukiyot. Each group used a different building material and needed to create a chanukiyah that had a shamash and had eight branches in a straight line. We loved cooperating together and exploring new ways to work with materials in our classroom.

Testing Viscosity in Ganon Bet!
Ganon Bet discussed the difference between solids and liquids. We experimented with different liquids, including honey, oil, grape juice, detergent and glue. We tested their "viscosity" (thickness of a liquid and how it flows) and observed how quickly they moved in various bottles. We then poured the oil, grape juice, honey, detergent and glue down the front of the easel for a viscosity race. Which one do you think won?
Lower School

Learning & Fun in Kitot 3A and 3C
We have spent the past weeks learning about the story, customs and laws of Chanukah.
Now we are completing placemats for our chanukiyot and planning our Chanukah fun schedule that will include: craft time to prepare gifts Chanukah bingo, Chanukah surprise sack, Chanukah puzzles, a Chanukah bee, playing dreidel, and a singathon of Chanukah songs!

Fourth Graders Explore Energy
As part of the fourth grade's scientific exploration of energy, the students investigated the way that energy can be transferred between objects and changed into different forms. For this experiment, students arranged dominoes  to collide into other objects in order to produce sounds and chain reaction between dominoes . Students enjoyed testing their predictions, recording their observations, and analyzing their final results.

Fifth Graders Work on Immigration Unit
The fifth grade classes have been very busy working on our Immigration Unit. From creating Family Trees, to researching Famous Immigrants, to interviewing an actual immigrant to the United States, to compiling an Immigration Cookbook, to reading a realistic fiction book about Immigration, the classes have been totally immersed in the Immigration Experience.  We have traveled from the cold Russian shtetl, over the rocky ocean waves, to the "Golden Medina" of America. It has been a wonderful learning experience that the students have thoroughly enjoyed.

Middle School
Yavneh Academy Students Dedicate School-Wide Learning to Lives Lost in Pittsburgh
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Yavneh Academy first through eighth grade students learned about showing hakarat hatov to Hashem.   The Intergrade Learning was dedicated to those lost during the horrific tragedy in Pittsburgh.  Beginning with the tefillah of modeh ani, then studying Chumash and Rashi in Parashat Bereishit, the students learned about the fundamental quality of hakarat hatov and its impact in our lives.  It is always inspirational to have the classrooms bursting with students in grades 5-8 teaching those in grades 1-4. The opportunity to learn Torah with such a large group is meaningful and impactful.  We look forward to more opportunities for our students to share Torah with each other! 
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Yavneh Academy Intergrade Learning At the conclusion of the learning the students gathered to sing Tov Lehodot.
At the conclusion of the learning, our students students gathered in the hallways to sing Tov L'hodot.

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