This Week at Yavneh Academy - Feb. 28 , 2019/24 Adar I 5779
 פרשת ויקהל - שקלים
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Early Childhood Department

Gan Hey Learns about Lunar Spacecraft Beresheet
It has been a really exciting past 2 weeks in Gan Hey. Not only have we been learning the Purim story but we have also been researching and discovering about Beresheet, the lunar spacecraft that was launched into space on February 21st. Before the launch, we learned about Beresheet, the historical significance of it, the special meanings it holds for Israel and Jewish people all over the world and its ultimate goal to land on the moon. We looked at maps, read The Little Spacecraft by Dr. Mom, coded with Cubetto, watched short videos showing the trajectory and learned about the meaning behind Beresheet's name.

The day after the launch, we were able to watch the footage of the Falcon9 rocket blast off from Cape Canaveral and we cheered as it launched into space. We have been tracking Beresheet's progress and even though they had a minor setback this week, we are hopeful that Beresheet will still make it to the moon around April 11th. To keep the momentum going in Gan Hey, we partnered with Ms. Alyse Malc's 5th grade class for a collaborative activity, which came into fruition with the help of Alison Landa, the Lower School Curriculum Coordinator, and the tech team. Gan Hey students paired up with the 5th graders and illustrated rockets, which were then attached to balloons. We "blasted" off the rockets and charted how far they would go across the room. We will keep an eye on Beresheet at it orbits around the earth and we cannot wait for its historical moon landing!

Meish Goldish Visits our Gan Classes
This morning, our Gan students had the privilege of hosting Meish Goldish, noted author of hundreds of fiction and nonfiction  books, as well as poetry. Mr. Goldish read a few of his books to the children.

Celebrating 100 Days of School
Gan Aleph had a blast on Wednesday celebrating the 100th day of school with the entire kindergarten. From 100 morning exercises to 100 snacks to a 100th day scavenger hunt, the children were immersed in a variety of hands-on experiences. After making crowns, writing about what they've learned in the first 100 days of school , counting to 100 by tens, imagining what they would be like if they were 100 years old  and more, Gan Aleph is definitely 100th day experts! 
Our Early Childhood Department and first grade classes celebrated 100 days of school this week. 
Click  HERE for photos.

Lower School

First Graders Celebrate 100th Day of School 
The first grade was so excited to celebrate our 100th day of school on Tuesday!  Across the grade, students wrote 100 get well cards to be delivered to people in a local hospital, created 100 Collection Museums, and composed 100 reasons they love Yavneh!  They had a blast during our 100 Gym Time Challenge, and especially skip counting with the parachute all the way to 100!  

In Class 1D, th e students also explored 100 Art Centers, with sticker and coloring activities, and 100 Building Time, creating structures with 100 stacking cups and with 100 pattern blocks!  They wrote about 100 things they would want and 100 things they would never want and were challenged to come up with lists of 100 Mitzvot, 100 Ways to Make 100, 100 Short and Long Words, and more!  The students sorted snacks into groups of 10, counting 100 delicious bites!    Everyone brought forth 100% effort which resulted in 100% energy, 100% excitement, 100% involvement, and 100% fun by all!
We can't wait to see what the next (almost) 100 days will bring!

Purim Prep in Fifth Grade
This week in 5th grade we started to learn Megillat Esther. We took a closer look at the text and learned the different nuances the text has to offer. We have already learned some information that many 5th graders did not know was in the Megillah. Everyone is very excited to continue learning the Megillah and hopefully, be able to finish all of it by the time Purim hits!

Update from our Bnot Sherut Leumi
This week we read the book "Ma'ase Bechamisha Balonim" with the Gan Daled students. Then we did an activity with balloons.
In our 3rd and 4th grade classes we finished our Israeli Inventions month and played fun games. We had a great time together!
-Adaya and Tavor

Middle School

Middle School Girls: 
Thursday night, March 7th from 4:40 - 7:15 p.m.
Pizza dinner
Learning session
Basketball tournaments
Dance competitions
For more information, please contact Morah Baruchov at

Middle School Boys
Thursday night, March 14th from 4:40 - 8:00 p.m. 
Special sports-themed learning
Exciting 3 on 3 tournament
Click here to sign up. Deadline - March 6th.

Color War 2019:5779

Yavneh Academy Color War 2019:5779
Yavneh Academy Color War 2019:5779
Development Corner
Leave your hats and gloves behind as we run in the sun at Yavneh's 14th Annual Benjamin Schwartz Memorial 5K Run and 1 Mile Fun Run! 
Coming this spring on Sunday morning, May 19, 2019. 
Start training now and join us at the starting line!  Stay tuned for registration information.
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