This Week at Yavneh Academy - September 13 , 2019/13 Elul 5779
 פרשת כי תצא
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Early Childhood Department

Making New Friends and Learning about Rosh Hashanah
We had fun making new friends this week and saying "shalom" to all of our new buddies in Ganon Bet.  There are many new things that we are getting used to, such as a new school, new morot and, of course, a brand new school year! We learned that Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the new Jewish year, and we have been playing many games to help familiarize us with the various symbols of the chag. One of our favorite ways to celebrate Rosh Hashanah is by eating apples and honey, and to help us participate in this delicious mitzvah, we've been hard at work creating beautiful and useful pieces of art for our Rosh Hashanah tables, including an apple sponge-painted drip mat and a unique "bee" or "apple" shaped honey dish. We are so excited for a sweet new year! L'Shanah Tovah U'Metukah!

Dot Day in Gan Gimmel
September 15th is International Dot Day.
This is a global literary experience based on the book  The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. 
There are a few messages in the book. The most important is to believe in yourself, and even the smallest thing that you do matters. 
We read the book, learned a song with hand motions, and then Gan Gimmel created their own "Dot" masterpieces that they signed and are now framed and proudly displayed on our bulletin board.

NED's Mindset Mission
This week we had a fantastic school-wide program called NED's Mindset Mission. The performance introduces a cartoon character named NED who helps students discover how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges.
NED's Mindset Mission offers a Pay-It-Forward option to make this program available to schools and their resources available to teachers. Yavneh has chosen to participate in the Pay-It-Forward option in which the school will host a Pay-It-Forward yo-yo sale. The yo-yo had a starring role in the NED performance as a mindset tool.  In addition to the yo-yo sale, Yavneh has purchased some yo-yos for the children to practice during recess.
If you are interested in purchasing a yo-yo for your home, please click here.
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Lower School

What a Busy Week in Kitot 3A and 3C!
After reviewing parshiot Lech Lecha and Vayeira last week, we  now have begun parshat Chayei Sarah.  Did you know that it contains the first land purchase in Israel?
Of course, we are also very involved with Rosh Hashanah preparations and have been blowing shofar in class!

Creating Personal Hieroglyphs in 4C
One of 4C's favorite projects so far was the creation of personal hieroglyphs to portray important details about ourselves. The glyphs helped us learn about each other and the many ways to communicate through high quality work. It was a great way to celebrate the similarities and differences that make our class so special.

Middle School

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Please re-register even if you were on the team last year.

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Friendship Walk
Please join Team Yavneh, .  The Friendship Circle's  unique approach brings together teenage volunteers and children with special needs for hours of fun and friendship. These shared experiences empower children with special needs, while enriching the lives of everyone involved  

Yavneh Teachers Bring It Home
ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education, is a community of educators working to  harness technology to accelerate innovation in teaching and learning, and inspire learners to reach their greatest potential.  ISTE's annual conference is the preeminent educational conference in the world, attracting 20,000 teachers this past year.  
This year, ISTE was held in Philadelphia, allowing 12 of Yavneh's faculty members to attend the conference.  This incredible group of educators, led by the technology department's Mrs. Chani Lichtiger, Mrs. Claire HIrschhorn, and Mrs. Tova Burack, spent their time at ISTE learning how they could grow as skilled, innovative, collaborative educators.  They then did something extraordinary. Each member of the "ISTE team" agreed to share some of the lessons from ISTE with their fellow Yavneh teachers by presenting a workshop to their colleagues during the teachers' first day back at school providing high quality professional development with a home grown feel. The workshops were meaningful and introduced higher level skills to their fellow teachers.  The feedback for these sessions was remarkable.  Yasher Koach to Yavneh's incredible ISTE "Dream Team" for sharing a taste of your ISTE experiences with your very grateful colleagues.

YPAA Carnival was a Great Success!
The YPAA Back to School Carnival had a wonderful turnout this past Sunday! Children and their parents enjoyed the bounce houses, playing carnival games run by our middle schoolers, face painting, tattoos, cotton candy and popcorn! 
We can't wait to see everyone again at the next YPAA event on November 3rd, the Lower Grade Breakfast! Look for details soon. 
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Development Corner
With deep gratitude to their family, we are humbled to announce that Yavneh's weekly Shabbat Assembly has been dedicated in memory  of Miriam Devorah and Rabbi Louis Leifer z"l, great aunt and uncle of our current students Reuven and Rachel Rosenbaum and of our future students Eitan and Michal Rosenbaum.  Each week, the Miriam Devorah and Rabbi Louis Leifer z"l Shabbat Assembly will inspire our  first, second, and third grade students to excitedly welcome and enhance  Shabbat with brachot, songs, and dancing.
May the neshamot of Miriam Devorah and Rabbi Louis Leifer z"l have Aliyot from this beautiful act of tzedakah made in their memory. Thank you to Yavneh grandparent, Robin Bodek Rosenbaum, for making this gift possible.

For more information about giving and dedication opportunities, please contact Robin Tare, Director of Development, at or 201-262-8494 ext. 309 or visit  our website.
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