This Week at Yavneh Academy - Oct. 26 , 2018/17 Cheshvan 5779
 פרשת וירא
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Early Childhood Department

Learning about הכנסת אורחים 
The children of Gan Daled learned all about parashat וירא this week. Our class discussion focused on הכנסת אורחים- inviting guests, and ביקור חולים/ bikur cholim. We brainstormed and made a list about different ways we could be good hosts and good guests. Some ideas were to let our friends choose what game to play and to use polite words.  

The children had a great time making a ברוכים הבאים/ welcome sign- for our guests Gan Bet who will be joining us at our Shabbat party this coming Friday.

Gan Daled is very excited and can't wait to do the mitzvah of הכנסת אורחים.

Gan Artists!
Throughout the year, students in Gan will be introduced to different styles of art and many famous artists, and then will create their own art imitating each. Our first artist was Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist who, in his later years, focused on the use of black lines and primary colors. Students in Gan Bet used black strips and primary paint to create their own version of Mondrian's work.

The second in our artist study series was Vincent Van Gogh.  We learned that Van Gogh was unlike many other artists in that he didn't know he wanted to be an artist until he was already an adult. He sold only one painting during his lifetime. In line with last week's parsha and learning how Hashem was to make the children of Israel as many as the stars, students in Gan Bet mimicked Van Gogh's famous painting of "The Starry Night." They used forks to create a dark, swirling sky filled with bright shining stars. These 2 masterpieces will be the first of many in their art portfolios which go home at the end of the year!
A Call to Action - Magen David Adom
On Thursday morning,  Rabbi Davidi  and Mrs. Natalie Jonas, joined by Mrs.  Laurie Meltzer Bandremer, Associate Director, Northeast Region AFMDA, shared the story of Magen David Adom. Started in 1930 by a doctor who felt the need to offer medical services in need, an organization was born.  Today,  Magen David Adom is Israel's national ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, serving as emergency medical first-responders for the state's 8.8 million people. MDA is the only organization mandated by the Israeli government to serve in this role.  

Mrs. Bandremer shared a video which engaged our students and detailed MDA's work in Israel. Not only are there over 11,000 ambulances, 2 helicopters and 1 boat available for assistance, Israeli tech designers have created an app for easier access.  When installed on one's device, the app immediately connects to the main office, allowing individuals to share and show their distress by turning the screen accordingly.

Mrs. Jonas detailed her own involvement.  A number of years ago, she and her husband were introduced to American of Friends of Magen David Adom.  The need to help develop the health and safety services of MDA was important to Rabbi and Mrs. Jonas. Mrs. Jonas urged our students and faculty to help raise funds for MDA.  For the month of Cheshvan, we will be collecting tzedakah for MDA. Each Yavneh classroom proudly has a tzedekah box on the teacher's desk to help with the collection.

In addition, our younger students read  "Avi the Ambulance" and an MDA ambulance was brought to our campus. In connection with Safety Week, our students had the opportunity to visit the ambulance and learn more about this organization.  The ambulance will be shipped to Israel in the next few weeks.  

Yasher koach to Rabbi Davidi and Mrs. Natalie Davidi Jonas for giving us this direction. We also extend appreciation to  Mrs. Bandremer and her assistant Melissa for addressing us.

Lower School

Exciting Lessons in Kitah Aleph
The children have been so excited to start working on their new Hebrew language program, iTalAm, on the computers. They have learned, in Hebrew, how to log on, use their new user names and passwords (Shem V'Sismah), and how to advance from game to game using their "Achbar" (mouse) and "Mikledet" (keyboard).  It's such a pleasure watching all of the students learn the Hebrew language using technology!

This week, the children of Kitah Aleph were invited to Class 1B, which had been transformed into a desert oasis called Ohel Avraham. Each child in class 1B had a role in the mitzvah of "Hachnasat Orchim."  Sarah and Avraham, Yishmael, the 3 malachim, the cooks, and the Klezmer band were on hand to welcome all of their guests to the tent. They even shared a snack with all of their guests. A great time was had by all!

Fourth Graders Begin Sefer Yehoshua
Class 4B started ספר יהושע. The children learned how יהושע was to replace משה רבנו and take בני ישראל into ארץ כנען. HaShem used the words חזק ואמץ, be strong and courageous. 
The students created beautiful posters with the main themes of פרק א׳

Fifth Graders Explore the Lower East Side
On Thursday morning, students in classes 5A and 5B explored the Lower East Side in order to get a hands on experience about our first social studies unit, Immigration. The first stop that we made was to the Bialystoker Shul, which we learned was built in 1865 by a group of Jews who immigrated to the United States from a town in Russia (now Poland) called Bialystok. Then we walked to the famous Tenement Museum on Orchard Street. We heard from "Victoria Cinfino," a Jewish immigrant from Greece who lived on  97 Orchard Street  in 1916. We heard about her immigration experiences, took a tour of her apartment, asked her questions about her life, and got a unique perspective on adjusting to life on the Lower East Side. Our last and final stop was to the famous Pickle Guys, and every 5th grader enjoyed eating their snack!
Middle School
Preparing our Seventh Grade Boys for Bar Mitzvah Season!
This past Motzei Shabbat, our Yavneh 7th grade boys were invited to bring a guest to join them for a B'nai Mitzvah event. The purpose of the event was to prepare the boys for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah season, showing them what a Seudat Shel Mitzvah looks like, preparing them to become a Bar Mitzvah. The event consisted of a catered dinner along with opening words from Head of School, Rabbi Jonathan Knapp, followed by three mini sessions which featured the Schnitzel Guys and Sheer Simcha DJ teaching them the proper etiquette and fun ways to dance at a Bar Mitzvah, Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum of Friendship Circle, teaching and showcasing the various aspects of Tefillin, and the inspiring words of Rabbi Zev Reichman of East Hill Synagogue in Englewood. The night was capped off with a fun dance set, dessert, and all of the boys receiving their Bar Mitzvah gifts and Chumashim. It was certainly a night to remember. 
Click here for more photos!

Yavneh Middle School Students Dash for Dignity
Founded in 2004, Yad Leah under the direction of Passaic resident Jessica Katz and Beitar Illit resident Karen Milch Thaler, has been organizing clothing drives to benefit poor families in Israel.  What had started out as a request to help a family in need, has grown to thousands of boxes of clothing and accessories being shipped to Israel and storefronts opening offering clothing affordable to individuals on any budget.
Mrs. Katz addressed our middle school students and teachers on Tuesday, October 23rd.  After sharing a moving video, ,  Mrs. Katz urged all of us to team up and Dash for Dignity on November 11 th .  The 5K Run/Walk is being spearheaded by Mrs. Ronit Mershon, Coach Aliza and Coach Lauren. 

T o sponsor, or to sign up to run with team 
Yavneh Redhawks Road Runners
please  click here.

For more information, please contact  Ronit Mershon at  We look forward to Team Yavneh making a difference.

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The Yavneh Academy choirs will, once again, be performing between periods at the New Jersey  Devils Jewish Heritage Night,  taking place Monday night,  December 3 , the 2nd night of Chanukah.  Mrs. Motzen will be leading the chamber choir in signing the National Anthem on the ice before the game.
Please see the flyer below for details for purchasing tickets.

Please contact Chaim Sussman  with any questions.
Deadline for tickets is November 19.

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