This Week at Yavneh Academy - June 6 , 2019/4 Sivan 5779
 פרשת במדבר
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Early Childhood Department

Zman Matan Torah
Shavuot is almost here and we have been learning all about "Zman Matan Torah." Did you know that the name of the person who writes a  Torah  is called a Sofer and that he has to go to a special school for many years to learn how to write the fancy Hebrew calligraphy?  We looked at several examples of how a  Sofer  writes and noticed that he uses a feather dipped in ink instead of a pen or pencil.  He also writes on animal skin called claff (parchment),  instead of regular paper.  We practiced writing in Hebrew like a  Sofer  this week using a quill and black paint. This was a terrific way to review all the letters of the Alef-Bet we have just finished learning!

Learning about Shavuot Customs
Gan Daled has literally been counting down until Shavuot. This week we talked about the following customs:
* It is customary to decorate our shuls and homes with greenery and flowers to celebrate the way Har Sinai looked when we received the Torah. The children created beautiful flower vases and flowers to enhance their Shavuot tables.
* It is also a custom to eat dairy foods since B'nai Yisrael had just received the Torah and did not yet know about the laws of kashrut. The children made individual cheesecakes to take home to their families.
Lower School

Preparing Father's Day Projects
1C was busy making a special Father's Day project on My Story which is an app on the iPad. Each child created a book about his/her own fantastic dad. We hope all the dads enjoy reading and listening to them. The teachers did!

Learning Through Music
We are big believers in teaching through music. Our 2C students learn something new each day through singing.

We are so proud of our students for memorizing ספרי התנ״ך through singing. This week a special guest came to our classroom. He taught us that music is a channel to express different feelings.
We also discussed how we can reflect our feelings when singing different Tefilot.
We had a great time learning new things and singing along.
Thank you Bodi music!

Middle School
Class of 2019 Heads to Niagara Falls

Eighth Graders Dedicate Yearbook to Dr. Frohlich
8th graders received their yearbooks last week and held a special dedication ceremony for Dr. Frohlich, to whom the yearbook is dedicated.  The students recognized the warmth, grace, and helpfulness of our beloved school psychologist.  They reminded each other that without Dr. Frohlich there to guide, advise, and advocate for them, their middle school experiences would have been very different.  Dr. Frohlich was very surprised to be the recipient of the dedication, but shared how touched she was and how she would always be there for them, even long after they graduate.  The Yavneh Middle School is very grateful for our dear Dr. Frohlich.
Development Corner
Registration for Yavneh's 2019 Summer Outing is now OPEN! 
Spend a summer day golfing, by the pool, playing tennis or mahjong, or taking fitness classes while enjoying amazing food and great company. 
Join us at the Alpine Country Club on July 22.
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Did You Volunteer this Year at Yavneh?
As we are coming close to the end of the school year, we would like to recognize every parent who has volunteered throughout the year at Yavneh, in ANY capacity. It is with your help that so many of our programs are able to succeed and benefit the children of Yavneh Academy.
Please click  HERE  to fill out the brief form so your name can be included. 
Did not volunteer this year but would like to get involved?
Please look through the many different opportunities listed in the form and contact us!

Reminder from the Business Office:
Financial aid applications are due by June 15.
Tuition contracts are due June 27.
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