This Week at Yavneh Academy - Dec. 27 , 2018/20 Tevet 5779
 פרשת שמות
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Early Childhood Department

Gan Hey Learns about Letter ט
Gan Hey  learned all about a טבח , chef, when learning the letter ט . We welcomed Chef Micky Goldschmidt, Jack's dad, to our class, who taught us how to make falafel and Israeli salad. We learned about a variety of ingredients such as chickpeas, cardamom and cilantro and had so much fun washing, chopping, mixing and of course eating our delicious food!

Countdown to 2019
5,4,3,2,1...Happy New Year! This week, Gan Aleph used New Year's as an opportunity to brush up on their number sense and learn how to tell time to the hour. We created our own skylines of New York City and a number slider that counts backwards starting at 20. We spoke about what midnight means and learned how to show midnight on a clock. We used this idea to learn the parts of a clock and where the hands go when you tell time to the hour. The children are excited to use their own "New Year's Ball" to countdown to 2019! 
Lower School

Completeing Sefer Bereishit!
Class 1D prepared a special Sefer Torah for the end of Bereshit with a song of all the parshiyot in the Sefer. The children worked in pairs. Each group received a parsha and a pasuk to prepare and had to draw a suitable picture for the parsha. The work and results were amazing!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!
In third grade the children have begun to learn about deaf and blind individuals, their ability to overcome obstacles, and the inventions that supported their success.
In connection with our unit, we had the pleasure of having Mr. and Mrs. Tauber come and talk to our third graders about being blind. Mr. Tauber is a blind attorney.
The children asked excellent questions and Mr. Tauber enjoyed answering them. He explained to the class that he uses a prescription cane to help guide him to where he has to go. He also showed the class how he reads and writes in Braille in both English and Hebrew! The children enjoyed hearing Mr. Tauber talk about his life and his successes. Most importantly, he relayed messages of understanding, self-pride, and grit! The students will continue their learning in the classroom by reading biographies about blind leaders, creating models of the eye, and devising inventions to support one of the senses. 

Landforms and Waterways
Fourth Graders are learning about landforms and waterways using hands-on learning experiences.  We identified landforms already shown on a clay model and then flooded the model to see how new landforms and waterways are created.  


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