This Week at Yavneh Academy - May 23 , 2019/19 Iyar 5779
 פרשת בהר
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Early Childhood Department

Beautiful Butterflies Visit Ganon Aleph
The children of Ganon Aleph have been fascinated as we study first hand the life cycle of the butterfly.  We have been observing and charting the metamorphosis from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  In class we were thrilled to be able to witness a newborn butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.  Nature is truly amazing!  We look forward to sharing our classroom with our winged friends for a few more days before we set them free.
The children had a great time using compound eye viewfinders to experience the way a butterfly view its world. The class learned that all butterflies are symmetrical in pattern.  We created our own symmetrical butterflies that are brightening our classroom.  

Lag B'omer
Not even the rain could stop Gan Daled from having a great time on Lag B'omer. Together with the entire ECD, they enjoyed their trip to Sportime USA !

Lower School

Fourth Graders Prepare for State Fair
Did you know that there are more cows than people in South Dakota? As a Yavneh 4th grader, this is something you would definitely know. This year's fourth graders have been very busy getting ready for their state fair next week. Each student had been assigned a state to research. Once the research was completed, the students created informational posters about their state and completed a persuasive writing assignment convincing others to visit that state. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to go to Yavneh's Makerspace to create a 3D model of their state with land-forms like mountains, plateaus, plains, and valleys. The night of the fair, there will be a musical performance, and each student will be dressed as someone or something representing their state. The state fair is a highlight of the fourth grade and the students are extremely excited for what promises to be an amazing event!!

Fifth Grade Chumash and Navi Update
Hurray, hurray! We crossed the sea and now we are free!!! Classes 5A and 5C have just finished studying prakim 13 and 14 of Shmot. We have extensively studied how B'nai Yisrael crossed the Reed sea after being chased by the Egyptians and are now marching forward in the desert towards Har Sinai. We are now learning how the ma'an fell every morning and the quail birds arrived in the evening.
In Navi, we are just starting to examine the story of Shimshon and how Hashem chose him to be the leader of Bnai Yisrael to fight the פלישתים .
The classes have finished the first perek of Mishnah Brachot and have successfully completed their examinations.  

Sweet Science
Yavneh Academy's fourth grade STEM class had a sweet taste of science this week.  While exploring various forms of energy such as electric, wind and solar, the students built solar ovens out of pizza boxes and aluminum foil.  The most difficult part of the experiment was waiting for a warm, sunny day. The students tested their ovens using marshmallows and chocolate bars.  The ingredients in the ovens quickly baked into s'mores, while the "control group" did not. The students then quickly devoured the experiment's results.

Link Up - The Orchestra Moves
  After months of preparation, Yavneh 4th and 5th graders get ready to perform and enjoy "Link Up - The Orchestra Moves" at Carnegie Hall.

Link-Up composer Thomas Cabaniss sharing 
a pre-concert musical moment with our students.

Law Fair Club

Mazal Tov to our 4th Grade Law Fair Club, who won second place in the NJ State Bar Foundation's 2019 Competition. They presented their mock trial, Identity Catastrophe, at the NJ Law Center this week.
Middle School

Mazal tov to the Girls Hockey team on their three-peat champion win! Let's go Redhawks!

Congratulations - Stock Market Game Win!
Yavneh Academy finished first place in the Stock Market Game in the Northern New Jersey Division Fall game as well as the year long game of 2018-2019 . The first place team for the Fall session of the Stock Market Game was Sophia Esses, who ended the session with $119,400.50.  The winning team of the year long game was Mason Bernheim, Avery Greenblatt and Jared Zimbalist. This team ended the year with an equity of $123,942.52. This team also won the award for making the most money in the year long game, competing against other middle school and high school teams. Both teams were under the guidance and leadership of Don Cutler, a"h. Don guided these students in the workings of the stock market and the best methods to make the most money. We are dedicating this win in Don Cutler's memory.  

Friendship Circle Celebrates Yavneh Academy Volunteers
Yavneh Academy Chapter Presidents, Sam Adler, Sivan Kramarz, Daniel Sarasohn and Menukah Yaghoubzar, and volunteers Rachel Feld, Hannah Greenberg, Kayla Greenberg and Daniel Levy were recognized for their service to Friendship Circle at a dessert reception on May 19, 2019 at Lubavitch on the Palisades. In addition, recognition was given to Jordana Feldman, Eliana Kieffer, Rebecca Kieffer, and Natalie Wisotsky for their many volunteer hours. Rabbi and Mrs. Grossbaum also shared the new 2019 FC video featuring many of Yavneh's former and current students. 
The evening is a joyous one full of desserts, raffles, gifts for the volunteers and most important, a certificate of recognition. Yavneh Academy is proud of our chapter and we look forward to another successful year in 2019-20.

Mazal tov to the faculty on their win over the students in the Annual Faculty- Student Basketball Game

Paramus Public Library's Poetry Contest
Yavneh Academy's students once again proudly participated in the Paramus Public Library's yearly Poetry Contest.  All area elementary schools, public and private, from the City of Paramus were asked for submissions. We are proud to share that many Yavneh students were acknowledged for their writing and joined for a celebration at the Main Library on May 22nd.
This year's honorees are: Ava Krohn, Daphna Burack, Tamara Fogelman, Max Eckstein, Daniella Burack, Joel Weisberg, and Liana Goldberger.
Mazal tov!

Ari and Nes Blau
Last Friday, the Yavneh Academy 6th and 7th graders were privileged to welcome Ari and Nes Blau to share their inspirational story of how they went from Hollywood to Holy-Wood. The speakers used to be in the Hollywood industry and eventually moved on to becoming Torah scholars and religious Jews. Ari was an intern for Jimmy Fallon and Jon Stewart before having a paid job at the Late-Late Show with James Corden, while Nes auditioned for roles in TV shows and movie roles such as Now You See Me and Stealing Las Vegas. The speakers inspired the students by sharing that Hollywood life is not as amazing as it seems, and they showed the students that people outside of Hollywood live much happier and more fulfilling lives. They then shared how they felt so religiously connected to Hashem after moving away from Hollywood, and they instilled the important message to the students that Torah is the building block to having a successful life.  We learned that true happiness comes from Hashem and not riches and fame. We thank Ari and Nes Blau for sharing such a powerful message to the 6th and 7th graders, and remember: "To be successful in life, you shouldn't have a plan B as long as plan A is with Hashem."

A Forger's Life: The Adolfo Kaminsky Story
This year's Holocaust play told the story of Adolfo Kaminsky who, at the age of seventeen, had narrowly escaped deportation to Auschwitz and was living in Nazi occupied Paris, using forged documents to hide in plain sight. Due to his expert knowledge of dyes and his ability to masterfully reproduce official documents with an artistic eye, he was recruited to join the Jewish underground. He soon became the primary forger for the Resistance in Paris, working tirelessly with his network to create papers that would save an estimated 14,000 men, women and children from certain death. 
Click here for photos.

 Mazal tov to the finalists in the Ron Heller American History Contest
Development Corner
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Join us at the Alpine Country Club on July 22.
Early Birds: sign up by June 30 and get a free raffle ticket!
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