This Week at Yavneh Academy - June 13 , 2019/11 Sivan 5779
 פרשת נשא
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Early Childhood Department

Father's Day Breakfast
We had such a beautiful morning last Thursday as we welcomed our fathers, grandfathers and special visitors to daven at our Father's Day breakfast. The children were so excited to show their guests how much they have learned over the year and truly davened with great kavanah.   We know that our visitors were impressed and proud to share this special morning.  We then enjoyed a yummy breakfast of bagels, cereal, and cheesecake that the children made for their guests. What a great way to start the day.

Pool Party
Amid preparing for graduation, doing end of year activities, and learning about the upcoming season of summer, Gan Gimmel enjoyed a splash of summer fun at school. We had a great time at the ECD Pool Party, playing in the pools, running through the sprinklers, and relaxing in the sun. What a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather! 
Lower School

Learning about Family History
The students in second grade interviewed a family member and learned all about their family's history. They took that information and then created an Adobe Spark video. The students have learned how to bring in images, add photos, captions and voice overs.  What a beautiful tribute to honor family history!

Dressed in Their Finest
A sign that the third graders' final parsha siyum will be a success is when the students request a repeat of the celebratory activity from their very first siyum of the school year. For the Parshat Chayei Sarah siyum, students were assigned to select and own a character from the parsha. They came to the siyum celebration dressed as their choice and shared anecdotal information about the personality. Next week, we will be celebrating the siyum of Parshiyot Vayeitze and Vayishlach. Students are enthusiastically looking forward to being decked out as their favorite parsha character and eager to reflect on their choice.
How proud are we of our students who give new meaning to the words: presenting the Torah in its finest.

Fifth Grade Poetry Slam
The students in the 5th grade have been exploring the  poetry  unit! The 5th graders have learned that a  poem  is a type of literature that expresses ideas, feelings, or tells a story in a specific form. We worked on reading and writing specific types of  poetry , such as Diamante  poems , Haiku  poems , and Quatrain  Poems .  The 5th graders learned to incorporate different elements of language such as rhyme schemes, similes, metaphors, personification, and onomatopoeia. The 12 finalists presented their work at our annual 5th grade Poetry Slam in the Beit Midrash. Each 5th grader received a book of poems written by all of the students. 
The 16 finalists are: Rebecca Albert, Danielle Marks, Tamar Fogelman
Maytal Waldman, Emily Weisberg, Eitan Adler, Julia Brenenson, Ethan Laib, Hannah Aduculesi, Mati Sanders, Maya Fried, Sivan Sher, Jakob Landa, Gavriella Adler, Evan Gorin, and Daphna Burack. 
The winners are: Tamar Fogelman, Emily Weisberg, Sivan Sher, and Jakob Landa. 

Middle School

Humanities Exhibit 
The eighth graders finished up their academic year with Yavneh's annual humanities fair. Students prepared museum exhibits geared toward students in grades two through five. The 600 wing was transformed into a pop-up museum, with each classroom and the hallways hosting a variety of activities from games to documentary videos to artwork to children's books. Each exhibit related to one of the topics the eighth graders have studied in social studies, and each one also integrated the literature students read in their English classes. This project remains a truly special send-off for our graduating class!

Mazal tov to the Yavneh Academy Class of 2019!
Development Corner
Registration for Yavneh's 2019 Summer Outing is OPEN! 
Spend a summer day golfing, by the pool, playing tennis or mahjong, or taking fitness classes while enjoying amazing food and great company. 
Join us at the Alpine Country Club on July 22.
Early Birds: sign up by June 30 and get a free raffle ticket!
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Reminder from the Business Office:
Financial aid applications are due by June 15.
Tuition contracts are due June 27.
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