This Week at Yavneh Academy - Jan. 31 , 2019/26 Shevat 5779
 פרשת משפטים
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Friday 2:00 p.m. dismissal resumes this Friday, February 1 and will continue for the remainder of the school year. 
ECD carpools will begin at 1:40.
Please plan to pick up your child's carpool at school or meet your child at the bus stop accordingly. Thank you.

Early Childhood Department

Learning the Concepts of Five Frames and Ten Frames
The children of Ganon Bet have been exploring the concepts of five frames and ten frames. Five and ten frames help students to relate given numbers to 5 and 10 by providing a visual image.  Their use encourages counting strategies beyond counting by one or counting on each time they are asked to identify a number or work on an addition or subtraction problem. Students think about combinations of numbers that make other numbers, e.g., 7 is two more than 5, or 9 is one less than 10. These number relationships help build the foundation for the development of more complex mental computations. 

Gan Gimmel is Learning about the Brachot
This week Gan Gimmel began exploring the world of brachot. We reviewed our ha'etz knowledge from Tu B'shvat and learned about all of the miraculous food Hashem provided for Bnei Yisrael in the desert. We compared the foods we eat to foods they eat and realized that all of the foods really come from Hashem.
We are currently working on a brachot placemat  to use and follow during snack time. We are sorting through magazines and circulars to find foods we enjoy for each bracha and cutting them out to place in the appropriate spot. We played a fun movement game doing tree poses for ha'etz and "ground" poses for ha'adama as we learned the right bracha for each food. We also planted an adama food, karpas, which will, hopefully, be ready in time for Pesach.
Lower School

KIBO the Robot Bird Migrates With 1A
The budding engineers of 1A are integrating their bird study and the KIBO Robotics program. KIBO became a bird in flight and the students programmed KIBO to migrate to a warmer climate.  The students had an engaging session using KIBO's light sensor (eye) and the new parameter "until dark". Shining a light on KIBO's light sensor kept bird KIBO flying down the road, covering KIBO's light sensor created dark and made KIBO end the journey.  The collaboration and high level planning and problem solving skills are evident throughout this process. The room is charged with the students working together to learn the new program and combine it with previous knowledge. We always end with a Technology Circle in which the children beautifully express their learning process and problems they solved. Each student has been writing about every lesson in their Engineering Design Journal. We feel very lucky to have such a challenging, exciting program in our class.

Using Different Methods to Learn Chumash
In 4B we have started learning Chumash in smaller groups and in different modes. One group works with the teacher on delving into the Chumash story and learning new information that way, and the other group works on ThumbPrintApp developing their skills in Chumash. Through this web based app, the students are able to explore the psukim that we are learning that day in different ways. They are able to use the words of the pasuk to answer questions about what's happening in the story. They can break up the pasuk to translate it on their own, and they can explore the Shorashim. The students are each learning a lot, and feel that they have ownership over what they are learning since they are experiencing it the information in many different ways! 

Middle School

Debate Team Meet
Students and teachers from Westchester Day School, Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, SAR, and Yavneh Academy middle schools convened at Yavneh on Wednesday, January 30th to determine if, "The United States should establish English as its official language." Two rounds of debates were held where children argued the need for a uniform language as well as the need to allow individuals to maintain their cultures and identities. The speeches were well developed with sources supporting all the varied stands.  Thank you to our debaters, our timekeepers and our scorekeepers. Yasker koach to Mrs. Winston for handling the scoring.

Half-Time Mishmar

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Thank You Yavneh
Thank You Yavneh
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The Spirit of Volunteerism

Guests of Honor: Amy & Josh Buchbayew
Guests of Honor:
Amy & Josh Buchbayew
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Service Award Recipient: 
Tzippy Cohnen

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