This Week at Yavneh Academy - Feb. 21 , 2019/17 Adar I 5779
 פרשת כי תשא
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Early Childhood Department

Literacy is FUN! 
 Students in Gan Bet have been making great progress in literacy and are working hard to become readers and writers. In addition to the many sight words practiced each day, we've recently been learning about digraphs...two letters that together, make one sound. With repetition and practice, these new sounds are becoming second nature to our students and are helping to build their reading/writing skills. Learning new sounds can be fun, and this week's focus on the /ar/ sound had the students in Gan Bet sounding like a bunch of pirates! "Arrrrr!" We brainstormed words with our new sound, and the children made pirate hats to showcase the many /ar/ words they were able to write. Literacy is FUN! 

Storytelling and Coding using the Cubetto Robot
This week we have been incorporating storytelling and coding using the Cubetto robot. The Cubetto robot is a friendly wooden robot that teaches the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play. Using familiar stories such as, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Three Little Pigs, the children are problem solving, programming  the robot, and retelling stories. 

Gan Daled Learns about the Mishkan
Gan Daled focused in depth on Parshat Terumah and delved into the multi-layered aspects of the Mishkan.  The children constructed their own version of the Mishkan in the block area. They made the קודש קודשים, the חצר/courtyard, the כיור/sink, the מזבח/altar, ארון/ark, שולחן/table for חלות & the מנורה.
We learned about, and actually dressed up in special clothing that the Kohanim wore such as the כתונת,אפוד ואבני החושן. 
To culminate our lesson, the children made an edible חושן out of waffles and jellybeans at our Shabbat party.
Lower School

Brachot Bee at Cedar Market
On Tuesday, February 19, 2019, Purim Katan 5779, the 5th grade traveled to Cedar Market for their Brachot Championship competition.  Each finalist was given two minutes to run up and down the aisles to find foods that matched the Bracha riddle that was presented.  It was amazing watching our 5th grade "shop" for the right items! The championship was won by Racheli Weiss. Kol Hakvod to all of the fifth graders for playing. Special thanks to Cedar Market for hosting and giving us a treat!!
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Empathy and Celebrating and Understanding Differences
As part of their "Empathy and Celebrating and Understanding Differences Unit," students interviewed people or relatives of people with a variety of disabilities and challenges.  They compiled their answers into well-organized and informative reports.  This week, students began sharing their reports with one another in class.

Kitah Aleph Improves Their Ivrit Skills
Kitah Aleph has been working so hard to learn their Aleph Bet. They learn new vocabulary words every week that they can use when speaking and writing. After learning the letter Lamed, and learning the new Lamed words, the students of classes 1A and 1C were treated to "Glidah" (ice cream) to celebrate their proficiency. 
Middle School

Seventh Grade Trip to SkyZone
On Motzei Shabbat, the seventh grade had an amazing trip to SkyZone. The students had a great time jumping around with their friends, playing dodgeball, and dunking in the different sized hoops, to make them feel as if they were NBA All-Stars during the dunk contest. The students ended off the night with delicious pizza and french fries, while spending some quality time with their classmates. SkyZone was a great trip and 7th grade looks forward to more great events in the future. 

Do Good Doggies
This past week the 7th graders decorated stuffed animals for ill children as part of the "Do Good Doggies" program. This program is a culmination of their unit in Advisory 
"When Life Gives You Lemons,"  which focuses upon the ability to cope with adversity in life. In their Advisory lessons students learn about resiliency and how to bounce back from disappointment in life. They learn other coping skills such as positive self-talk. They are trained in combating negative thinking, stress management, affirmations and self-esteem boosts.  All these lessons culminate in the children decorating stuffed animals with positive thoughts for ill children in the hospital. Before beginning the decorating, they were trained by Mrs. Shifra Srolovitz, a Child Life Specialist from NYU hospital. After  she gave them a sense of what the children in the hospital are going through, she also explained  the "do's and don'ts" of encouraging ill children.  The stuffed animals will be delivered by some of our students to the children in the hospital. 

Color War
Color War 2019:5779 broke on  Wednesday - a short snow day can't stop the fun in the Middle School!  Students eagerly donned their color war t-shirts and began participating in a variety of events!  From technology, to art, to sports, to trivia, students were able to participate in events where they could truly shine!  The smiles, the songs, the camaraderie- what could be better in the halls of a middle school?!  And, the fun isn't over yet! The teams have one last chance to earn points on Monday morning. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winning team!
This year's theme, Color War of  Character, features six teams:
Red: Moshe - ענו 
Orange: Aharon - שלום
Yellow: Rachel - נתי
Green: Avraham -חס
Blue: Yaakov - א
Purple: Esther - גבו

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Yavneh Academy Color War Breakout 2019:5779
Color War Breakout 2019:5779

TerraNova Testing Dates:
Grades 2-5 - Monday,February 25th through Thursday, February 28th
Grades 6-7 - Tuesday, February 26th through Thursday, February 28th.

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