This Week at Yavneh Academy - Dec. 13 , 2018/6 Kislev 5779
 פרשת ויגש
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Early Childhood Department

The past few Parshiyot have been a great introduction into Ganon Alef's  משפחה   unit. The children could not wait to hear what happened to Binyamin and were so happy to learn that Yaakov was reunited with Yosef. We sang about all the members in our family and learned that  we live in a  בית . We each constructed our own בית and created the members of our משפחה to go inside the בית. Words we learned: אבא, אמא, אח, אחות, תינוק, תינוקת.

Choref Arrives in Ganon Bet!
Last Shabbat we welcomed the Hebrew month of Tevet, טבת , and because next week is the official beginning of חורף (winter), we have been busy learning the Hebrew words for all things winter, such as:
cold - קר
snow - שלג
jacket-   מעיל           
scarf-  צעיף  
hat- כובע
gloves- כפפות  
boots- מגפיים  

  We had fun dressing our large classroom "ish sheleg" (snow man) and then we proceeded to create our own paper dolls that the children can dress with removable "bigdei choref" (winter clothes) in order to reinforce our winter vocabulary. When the snow arrives, we look forward to dressing in our own bigdei choref and sledding down "Mt. Yavneh"!

Gan Gimmel Learns About Winter
This week we began an exciting new unit in Gan Gimmel by brainstorming all the things we know about the upcoming season of winter. We discussed the changes in temperature, the clothing we wear, and various animals' behavior throughout the winter. As an introductory literacy activity, we played a snowflake sight word game - finding, writing, and collecting fallen snowflake words all  around our room! 

Gan Daled "Meets" Author Eric Kimmel 
Over Chanukah, Gan Daled did an author study of Eric Kimmel books.  We read  Hanukkah Bear, Herschel and the Chanukah Goblins, Zigazak, The Chanukah Guest & The Magic Dreidel. 

On Thursday, we culminated this unit with a Face Time visit with our beloved author. In anticipation, the Gan Daled students prepared questions for Mr. Kimmel. We wrote a whole list with questions such as "How many books have you written?, Did you want to be an author when you were a kid?, and What books did you like to read when you were our age?" (Answers: 135, yes & Dr. Seuss).

This experience opened up so many educational opportunities for us as we looked at the map to see where Oregon was (Social Studies). We learned about Easter Standard Time vs. Pacific Standard Time and figured out that if there was a 3 hour difference then it was 7:00 a.m. there when it was 10:00 a.m. here (Math). Mr. Kimmel told us to follow our dreams and to keep telling stories. As a follow up activity, Gan Daled will be writing Mr. Kimmel a thank you note.

Lower School

Parashat Hashavua Comes to Life in First Grade
The story of Yosef and his brothers culminates with  Parashat Vayigash. The Parasha begins with Yehudah standing up for Binyamin. Yosef recognizes that his brothers did teshuvah so he reveals to them who he really is. The Parasha ends with Yaakov and Yosef embracing again.  The story has many twists and heightened emotions. We made a class play of the story, expressing the emotions and studying the personal qualities of Yosef and his brothers. It was a memorable lesson that allowed the students to experience first hand the intense emotional story line .

Chanukah Week in First Grade
What a fun week! 1C enjoyed the school wide Chanukah celebrations. The week began with a glow light dance program. The children had a blast dancing and singing. In class, we made our own Chanukiyah and wrote a descriptive paragraph about it. The next few days, we made a dreidel and wrote about how we celebrate Chanukah with our families. Each child also made a Chanukah card for their parents on the app Chatter Pix on the I pad. Our Chanukah celebration culminated with lighting an oil Chanukiyah and playing dreidel and latkes math games. The children had a blast spinning their dreidel 10 times and recording their results. Later, they wrote about their graph and shared it with the class.
Learning to Understand and Celebrate Differences 
As part of their Understanding and Celebrating Differences unit, fourth graders experienced three different challenges of individuals with disabilities.  When they finished, they shared their thoughts and insights in discussion and in writing.  


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