This Week at Yavneh Academy - Oct. 18 , 2018/9 Cheshvan 5779
 פרשת לך-לך
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Early Childhood Department

Ganon Travels to ארץ כנען
In honor of this week's Parsha, Lech Lecha, we designed our own suitcases for travel. We filled our suitcases with different objects that we would need to take on a long trip such as food, drinks, toys, etc. We then carried our suitcases with us as we went on a trip to  ארץ כנען . We walked all around Yavneh asking people if they could help us find  כנען . We ended up finding  ארץ כנען  in Morah Dalia's 4th grade class where we were welcomed with drinks of water and the opportunity to sing together. After returning from our journey, we davened under the stars and learned about Hashem's promise to Avram.

Global Read Aloud
Gan Gimmel is having a wonderful time participating in the Global Read Aloud. Every week we read a book, do activities, and share videos with our connecting class in California about the books we read. This week we did something new! After reading  You Hold Me Up,  by Monique Gray Smith, we created postcards with drawings of people who are kind to us, make us feel good, and "hold us up." After learning how the postal system works, we addressed, stamped, and mailed our postcards. We're excited to spread our ideas about kindness all the way to California and can't wait for them to receive the postcards!


Lower School

Exciting Torah Lessons in 3rd Grade
The third graders are learning Torah in many exciting ways. This week, as a culminating activity to Bereishit Perek 23, the students were challenged to choose a pasuk and illustrate the message of the pasuk using an app called Jewish Interactive Studios. Working with their chavruta partner, they demonstrated their comprehension and then proudly shared their visuals with their class.

Learning About Different Cultures
Fourth graders are learning to celebrate different cultures by reading novels which take place in other countries- China and Bangladesh.  Students are creating Venn diagrams to compare and contrast the different cultures.
Middle School
Halachic Highlights Related to the Parsha
Each and every Friday morning right after tefilla, a group of 8th graders gather voluntarily, with Rabbi Knapp to explore contemporary halachic topics that have their roots in the weekly parsha.
They spend a few minutes together nourishing their souls and enjoying a morning snack as they begin Shabbat preparations in earnest with additional Torah study.

Recess Game Room Opens!
This week the Middle School Game Room opened during recess.  A game room committee came up with a list of games for our new and improved recess opportunity and helped organize the area.  The recess Game Room is a wonderful and social alternative for students to relax and "hang out" with friends. 
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