This Week at Yavneh Academy - March 7 , 2019/1 Adar II 5779
פרשת פקודי
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Early Childhood Department

Purim and Gan Bet
Gan Bet made a מ box for the mitzvot of Purim that all start with the letter מ. The mitzvot include ,משלוח מנות,מתנות לאביונים,משתה and מגילת אסתר. Each of the mitzvot is illustrated with decorations on each of the four sides of the box. Guess what's inside the box? 
It's a surprise mishloach manot for the parents! Chodesh Adar Tov!

Gan Hey Celebrates Dr. Seuss' Birthday
In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2nd, the children in Gan Hey celebrated by participating in fun-filled activities connected to his much adored books. 
We learned that Dr. Seuss was in fact not a Doctor but that was his "pen name" along with the name Theo Lesieg. The children in Gan Hey created "pen-names", then wrote and illustrated a rhyming book. 
Dr. Seuss had a special and creative way with words. His books are not only enjoyable but have been memorable and full of meaning for the Gan Hey children. Throughout the week our classroom has been filled with giggles and inspiration from Dr. Seuss' love of reading and writing. 

Early Childhood had so much fun in the snow on Monday. 
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Lower School

5B Learns about the Israeli Space Launch 
Beresheet Rocket Collaboration - Gan and Fifth Grade
Beresheet Rocket Collaboration
Gan and Fifth Grade
Students in class 5B learned all about the Israeli space launch to the moon! If this mission is successful, Israel will be the 4th country in the world to land on the moon! In class, we learned about why we thought the spacecraft is called "Beresheet" and we watched the livestream video from Cape Canaveral. Following the video, we read a story called, 
Keeping the Promise , about Ilan Ramon and his journey to space with a Torah that was used for a Bar-mitzvah in Bergen-Belsen. As a follow up activity, students worked with Gan Hey to produce their own rockets, using the following materials: straws, balloons, binder clips, string, and scotch tape. The goal of this experiment was to see whether the pressure from deflating a balloon would force the "rocket" to travel. Students in both classes had a great time, while learning about rockets and the science of motion! 

Grade 2 Torah Factory
The  Torah   Factory  from the Living Legacy Program visited Yavneh Academy on Wednesday. Second graders learned about the process of making a Sefer  Torah . The students also had the opportunity to learn how to use the end of a goose quill to write their Hebrew name in the same script used in the  Torah .

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Class 4C Plans a "Celebration Banquet" 
Class 4C is creating a "celebration banquet" in honor of the miraculous crossing of the Yarden and conquest of Yericho in Sefer Yehoshua (ch. 3-6).  We are working on centerpieces, slideshows, artwork, etc. that symbolize different aspects of these momentous events: perceiving G-d's hand in our lives, the importance of investing our own efforts, and constructing ways to memorialize the moments that are momentous in our personal and religious lives.   

Currently, we are mid-project; students are doing the hard work of connecting these ideas to specific citations in the text, starting to create those objects that symbolize them, and writing up explanations of their thinking.  

We look forward to completing our banquet, sharing our finished products and expressing our excitement at the momentous events of Sefer Yehoshua, which still resonate with us today!

Middle School

First Chesed Team Event A Huge Success!
On March 7th, Yavneh Academy Chesed Team held their first event.  With over 80 middle schoolers in attendance, it was a huge success. Thank you to our parent committee who is coordinating the Chesed Team, Mrs. Jamie Weiss, Mrs. Michelle Frohlich, Mrs. Beth Geisler, Mrs. Leyna Goro, Mrs. Bassie Lewis,  Mrs. Shira Marks, and Mrs. Keren Nussbaum. Thank you for the assistance of Rabbi Michoel Goldin from Chabad who has helped us make connections with various organizations and agencies that could benefit from chesed contributions.  

At this first event the students made mishloach manot for Jewish Family and Children's Services' Meals on Wheels program.  The event began with an introduction by Rabbi Goldin with a brief description of what Meals on Wheels does and who it services. As one of the goals of the chesed team is to teach the students where in their own community they can help those in need, it was important for them to understand those who will be receiving these packages. Students then had a discussion about the fact that it is chesed that is a characteristic of the Jewish people and ingrained in our genetic makeup. They then separated into groups and either made chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, or decorated groggers to put into the mishloach manot. The packages were then packed and tied with a Happy Purim bow. Each student received a Chesed Team shirt and proudly wore it as a member of the team. It was an amazing event with high energy, as the students packed and danced to music. After the event, spirits were so positive that other students who have not yet had a chance to sign up asked if there is still room on the team. The message got out- chesed is fun and fulfilling. Everyone is looking forward to the next event!!
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Malcolm Hoenlein Addresses Seventh Graders
On Monday afternoon, Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein,  the  executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, addressed the 7th grade to launch their next unit in Advisory  "Do Not Stand Idly By."   In the "Do Not Stand Idly By" unit the students spend over a month training on the importance of political action,  how they can get involved in interfacing with politicians and government, and the important role they play. This year they plan to tackle the issue of BDS and what we can do to combat the BDS movement,  and then the unit will culminate in meeting with a politician. Equally as important, their political action will hopefully translate into the way they try to stop injustice in their lives, i.e. bullying, cheating, etc. Students discuss why we have the obligation to be "upstanders" and do something in our own "backyards" as well. 
Mr. Hoenlein inspired the students and addressed them about  why he feels it is important to get involved in interfacing with government officials,  politics and to not "stand idly by" - and to try to make your mark.  Mr. Hoenlein described how he does so each day.  He stressed that we have the utmost privilege in 2019 to be living at a time when Jews can have a say, which they did not have at the time of WW II.  Even teens have the ability to be influential, as he described how he began his involvement in politics and the Soviet Jewry movement at the young age of 11.  He explained to the students how their reaching out to congressmen makes a difference, and the first step in this involvement is becoming educated about what is going on the world. He congratulated the students for beginning this unit in school and particularly touched on the issue of BDS and how it is rampant and that we can play a role in stopping the impact of their movement.  Mr. Hoenlein stressed that we should never underestimate the power we have in standing up for Israel and the Jewish people. 
Smadar Goldstein of JETSSRAEL welcomed close to 40 educators to the JSTEAM CONFERENCE: The Rise of Gluten and Geulah: Bread in Yitziat Mitzraim.  Yavneh Academy hosted the event and educators from  Bergen and Union County yeshivot,including Yavneh, Noam, RYNJ, Gerrard Berman and JEC, and were joined by professionals from New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.
JSTEAM's mission is the meaningful integration of STEAM skills into Judaic studies. One of Yavneh's goals is to develop a multidisciplinary approach where themes can be examined in our General and Judaic studies classes.  Mrs. Goldstein's lesson focused on "Pesach - Matzah and Bread," the science of how yeast, flat bread and sourdough breads are actually made.  Videos were shared, quizlets designed and various projects were explored. All material could easily be transferred to the classroom.
JSTEAM has a growing library of lessons to enhance JSTEAM education.  Thank you to Mrs. Goldstein for an excellent presentation. Thank you to RabbI Penn for coordinating the event.

Please note:
1. Regular Yavneh Academy dress code applies on Adar dress up days, except on Yom Yavneh when T-shirts may be worn in Lower School only.
2. Face paint cannot be worn on Adar dress-up days (except Shushan Purim).
Yavneh Academy Shushan Purim Costume Guidelines:
1. Girls (grades 5 and below) may wear pants only if it is an integral part of the costume.
2. While pants are permitted in Lower School if they are an inherent part of the costume, blouses must have appropriate sleeves and necklines.
3. Please send a skirt to be worn for Tefillah and while learning Torah.
4. Toy guns and other weapons should not be brought to school as part of any costume.
5. Baseball bats, hockey sticks and other sports equipment may not be brought to school.
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Yavneh Academy Color War Breakout 2019:5779
Yavneh Academy Color War 2019:5779
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