This Week at Yavneh Academy - October 10 , 2019/12 Tishrei 5780
 פרשת האזינו
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Early Childhood Department

Ganon Bet Friends
As part of our Yom Kippur conversations in Ganon Bet about making mistakes, doing teshuva, and being kind, we have been reading books and singing songs about friendship. The children made a Ganon Bet Directory so that they can contact one another for play dates!  They also decorated v'ahavta l'rai-acha kamocha wall hangings that include pictures with their friends!

Experiencing Sukkot in Gan Gimmel
In Gan Gimmel we have been experiencing Sukkot using various media. We used old lulavim and etrogim as paintbrushes to create sukkah decorations. It was fun discovering how the different textures showed up in the paint. We smelled and touched the four minim, and we can't wait to try the etrog when we get back from Sukkot. We used our bodies to demonstrate how the minim represent different parts of our body and became experts at a movement game to help us remember them. We collected sticks and twigs from the playground to help build and decorate our own sukkot for our classroom.

Lower School

!חג שמח

Grade 1 Mystery Skype
Mystery Skype is an educational game that has transformed the way students learn about the world.  Two classes connect via Skype and try to guess each other's locations using clues provided by the students in the other class.  Last week, class 1C joined forces with a school in California to learn about each other using Mystery Skype.  Using information provided by their partner class, the students were able to pinpoint the location of their partners on the West Coast.
The excitement continued when Technology Department helped to reinforce the learning through the use of robotics.  The students used LOGO, an educational programming language, to program Blue-bot robots to navigate across a map to California with a stopover in Texas.  The children had a blast while learning geography, map skills, and coding.

Fifth Graders Learning Parshat Shemot and Sefer Shoftim
Classes 5A and 5C have proudly completed Perakim Alef and Bet of Parshat Shemot! We just finished studying about the birth of Moshe and why he deserved the death penalty according to Egyptian rules and regulations. We are going to start Perek Gimmel, the story of the burning bush. Through the study of Rashi and other commentaries, the classes will analyze what really occurred at the burning Bush. 
We also completed Perakim Alef and Bet of Sefer Shoftim. The students prepared for their test by playing quizlet live on their iPad's. We learned how the tribes of Judah and Shimshon captured King Adoni Bezek and cut off his thumbs and large toe on both his feet!!
The students are enjoying their Torah learning!  
Middle School


צום גדליה
On Wednesday, צום גדליה, the Middle School students had a special opportunity to hear from Rabbi Lavi Greenspan. Rabbi Greenspan became blind at the young age of 26, yet he still accomplished the awe-inspiring feats of becoming a rabbi, lawyer, and social worker. Rabbi Greenspan opened his speech by stating that David HaMelech was chosen to lead the benching at a special meal in Shamayim. Hashem chose him  because he had the ability to daven and praise Hashem for the good in his life as well as his challenging times.This fit amazingly well into Yavneh's theme this year of "Seeing the good in everything," because Rabbi Greenspan's vision and perspective on his life's challenges were positive. Rabbi Greenspan then shared his extremely challenging story of all of the medical obstacles he had to overcome both physically and spiritually on his journey to becoming blind. He explained the crucial message to the students. He always thanked Hashem for the good and positive aspects of a situation, even during the most trying times. He explained to the students the importance of carrying this message through life. The more you live this message and thank Hashem in your everyday life, the more your quality of life will improve and more miracles will appear in your life as well. This is what made David HaMelech stand out, and this is what Rabbi Greenspan used as his motivation to drive forward and overcome challenges in life. Rabbi Greenspan then concluded his speech with examples of what students can do in their everyday life, like chesed, to make the world, "...a little bit of a brighter place." The program concluded with a question and answer period. We thank Rabbi Lavi Greenspan for his unforgettable speech and lessons, and giving the students an opportunity to see life in a different perspective.
Pacey Jacoby

Electricity Study in Sixth Grade
Sixth grade STEM students are studying how electricity works, what a circuit is, and which materials can conduct electricity.  For electricity to work, the electrical current must flow to complete a circuit. Through a series of experiments, the students discovered that water conducts electricity.  If this is true, then can objects that consist of water also conduct electricity?   The students used MakeyMakeys to discover that bananas, oranges, and even human bodies can conduct electricity.  The students formed a human chain by holding hands and discovered that electricity can flow through a dozen Yavneh students and still complete a circuit. What an electrifying concept!
Development  Corner
There is something for everyone during recess at Yavneh! Thanks to the generosity of the families and friends of our students, 18% of donations made to class pages from the 2019 Benjamin Schwartz Memorial 5K Run and 1 Mile Fun Run were allocated toward new outdoor equipment and activities. With the leadership of Mr. Moshe Sanders, the classes chose to donate the funds toward things that all Yavneh students can enjoy. Tetherball, KanJam, picnic tables, arts and crafts supplies, a volleyball net, sidewalk chalk, and board games are just a few of the recent additions made possible by the generosity of our 5K donors. Thank you to all of the teachers, students, family and friends who helped make it a successful fundraiser for our school.
For more information or to make a gift, please visit or email Robin Tare, Director of Development, at

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