This Week at Yavneh Academy - Feb. 7 , 2019/8 Adar I 5779
 פרשת תרומה
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Early Childhood Department

Parshat Terumah
Ganon Bet learned that in this week's Parsha, Terumah, Hashem tells Moshe to build the Mishkan. The Mishkan would be the place where Hashem's Shechinah would reside.   Every object in the Mishkan had poles attached so that Bnei Yisrael could carry it with them wherever they traveled in the desert. Eventually, when Bnei Yisrael arrived in Eretz Yisrael, they no longer needed a portable place to daven, and could build the Beit HaMikdash.  Today, we don't have a Mishkan or a Beit HaMikdash, but we do have shuls. We compared many of the things that were the same in the Mishkan and in our shuls today, such as the Aron Kodesh (for holding the Torah), the Shulchan (for reading the Torah), the Parochet (the curtain which covers the Aron), the Menorah, and the Ner Tamid (like the fire above the Mizbeach that never went out).  
The yeladim put their knowledge to the test as we went on a fun "Mishkan Treasure Hunt" in Yavneh's Beit Midrash to find these items and a few more.  Our junior explorers were quite successful in their endeavor!

Gan Daled Learns About Pablo Picasso
Gan Daled was introduced to our new artist, Pablo Picasso.  We read Picasso by Mike Venezia and also read Pablo Picasso by Ibi Lepscky which taught us about Picasso as a little boy. We learned that young Pablito was very moody and caused lots of trouble until his father figured out that he was a temperamental artist who had many sensitivities and saw the world in a different way and wanted to express himself creatively.
Next, we read Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods by Jamie Lee Curtis. This was a great book to help us better understand different moods and then to apply them to the different styles in Picasso's art. 
The children were enthusiastic to see Picasso's varied styles. They saw how during his Blue Period, Picasso painted images and subjects that seem sad and depressed. We learned that sometimes a color could show a person's feelings. Picasso used muted blues and greys at that time.
During Picasso's Rose Period, his mood was happier and the colors in his pallet were mostly pinks and reds.  At that time, he painted many clowns and circus people. After that, Picasso stopped painting realistic images and shifted his style to Cubism.  We looked at many different pieces of artwork and saw how he used different shapes.  We enjoyed seeing how sometimes, he painted the full frontal face and the profile at the same time. We made self-portraits in Picasso's style.

Lower School

Second Graders Learn About Presidents' Day
In honor of Presidents' Day, second grade has been hard at work learning about our nation's history and the important roles Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln played in forming our country into what it is today.  Second graders have been learning how to research animals, and are now applying their research skills into researching these two presidents using PebbleGo, a student friendly research tool. The students are choosing between Washington and Lincoln, and learning how to record the data that highlights what made these two presidents the most honored and respected presidents in our nation's history.

Second Graders Improve their Chumash Skills
Class 2C is making huge progress in their Chumash skills.  They are able to pick out shorashim, identify prefixes and suffixes, and translate the text into both easy Hebrew and English. They love when the stories are dramatized as it helps them learn the stories better.  Using iTalAm for the Hebrew language curriculum on the iPads is an exciting way to learn the language.  Their comprehension is developing beautifully using this method.
Middle School

Mr.Jeffrey Ohrenstein from "Memorial Scrolls Trust" Addresses 8th Graders
This week, Yavneh Academy hosted Mr. Jeffrey Ohrenstein from the London based "Memorial Scrolls Trust."
This organization took upon itself the preservation and distribution of over 1,500 Sifrei Torah that were saved from destruction during the Second World War. 
Jewish communities from throughout the region of Bohemia-Moravia sent their precious Sifrei Torah and other Judaica artifacts, to Prague where they were stored during the years 1942-43. Nazi atrocities wiped out the large majority of the Jews of these same communities.
After the defeat of Nazi Germany, small numbers of surviving Jews returned. Before they could adequately plan for the protection and distribution of hundreds of thousands of articles, including 2,000 Sifrei Torah, Communist authorities conquered the Central European country and rehoused the Torahs in damp and unsafe quarters, thereby rendering hundreds completely pasul, unusable. 
Yavneh Academy was gifted one of these Torah Scrolls thirty three years ago by the Class of 1985, some of whose children are current Yavneh eighth graders. Due to severe damage while under the Communist regime, we can no longer read from it. Hence, it is housed in a special glass enclosure where it is viewed each year on Yom HaShoah.

Yavneh Students Go to the Metropolitan Opera
On Monday, a group of Yavneh students, including 6th graders and members of the Opera Club and Concert Choir, attended the final dress rehearsal of "La Fille Du Regiment" at the Metropolitan Opera.

Big Sister Program
This Monday Yavneh piloted our Big Sister program. Twenty-two eighth grade girls were paired up with the sixth grade girls. We had a breakout program with our very own Mr. Azi Steiner. He ran a "Learn how to paint" activity. All the girls painted beautiful scenery and learned some great painting techniques. The "Sisters" had a great time and are looking forward to developing strong bonds that help each other grow.
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TerraNova Testing Dates:
Grades 2-5 - Monday,February 25th through Thursday, February 28th
Grades 6-7 - Tuesday, February 26th through Thursday, February 28th.

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