This Week at Yavneh Academy - May 30 , 2019/26 Iyar 5779
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Early Childhood Department

Yom Yerushalayim
In honor of the upcoming holiday of Yom Yerushalayim, Gan Gimmel learned about how important Yerushalayim is to the Jewish people and why the Kotel is a holy place. Because we are so happy that we now all have the opportunity to daven at the Kotel, we created our own Kotel pictures. We used the stones of Yavneh and did rubbings to mimic the texture of the old stones and of course, used gold crayons because Yerushalayim is the city of gold. We illustrated detailed pictures of our families and placed them in front of our Kotels as if they were davening there.

Ganon Paleontologists
Last week we became Paleontologists in Ganon Bet. We learned that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. There were a thousand different dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are a type of reptile. They had scaly skin. Some dinosaurs were huge while others were very small. They lived in forests, deserts and rivers. Some dinosaurs were herbivores, some were carnivores, and others were omnivores. We can tell you what each word means!  The children enjoyed playing with replicas of dinosaurs and even created "dinosaur families" and "dinosaur communities."  We also  counted and sorted dinosaurs by color and type. We created our own fossils with our hands or feet and "Plaster of Paris".

Lower School

First Grade Grandparents / Special Visitors Day
On Friday, May 24th we welcomed many guests to Yavneh Academy's inaugural First Grade Grandparents / Special Visitors Day. Children enjoyed working collaboratively on decorating challah covers followed by singing and dancing with erev Shabbat ruach in our Beit Midrash. What a great day of nachat with picture booth souvenirs and a great way to go into Shabbat! 
Click here for photos.

Fourth Grade State Fair
After many weeks of hard work and preparation, the fourth grade students celebrated their State Fair.  Parents were welcomed into the building with a beautiful view of a 3D topographical map created by the students. The Lower School was beautifully decorated with the students' state posters, created on Google Drawing. A persuasive essay was placed under each poster, convincing one to move to or visit each state.  

Once parents had a chance to browse the beautifully exhibited artwork, they enjoyed listening to individual student presentations.. This was followed by the students' musical performance. With a sophisticated and flawless harmony, they sang, "Fifty Nifty," and "Proud to be an American." Finally, the students marched into the cafeteria where they stood behind attractive displays of foods representing their states. Students and parents were able to sample these foods and "get a taste," of each state. It was an amazingly memorable evening.

Fourth Graders Study Megillat Rut
4B participated in an amazing lesson on Thursday, given by Morah Frazer! She went through the whole Megillat Rut with her beautiful drawings and told the story that the students had not yet learned. The students listened in awe of this new piece of Tanach that they enjoyed learning! 

Middle School

Chesed Team Joins with JADD for a BBQ!
On May 19, the Yavneh Chesed Team joined about 60 members of the Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities for a barbecue.  Students arrived before the residents and began barbecuing the hotdogs, generously donated by Grand and Essex.  As the residents arrived, after a warm welcome, the students began making flowers out of tissue paper with them.   Some students played mini-bowling and ring toss with the JADD members.  As one of the JADD members began singing the Star Spangled Banner and other songs, students good naturedly joined in.  While not all the residents could verbally communicate, it was clear that this barbecue was appreciated by one and all. Congratulations to the participants from our Chesed Team for giving of their time for others. 

Grade 6 Ivrit Update
The 6J Ivrit students completed a unit on  מקצועות (professions). Each student picked a famous person to research and then portrayed that personality in our wax museum מוזיאון השעווה . Morah Tzipporah Wolff's Kita Aleph students came to visit and learn about these famous people. They met David Blatt, Albert Einstein, Betsy Ross, Dolly Parton, Meghan Markle, Donald Trump, Stephen Curry, and many other interesting people. A job well done by talmidei 6J!

Do Good Doggies
Ann Compeverde, a representative from the American Cancer Society, met with our 7th grade as they presented her with  stuffed animals ( doggies ) they decorated in 7th grade Advisory for ill children as part of our "Do Good Doggies" program.  At that time, Mrs. Shifra Srolovitz, a child life specialist, presented to the 7th grade what her hospital is like and how it feels to be a child facing illness.  Students then decorated the stuffed dogs with pictures, jokes and most importantly, inspirational and encouraging words.  They were carefully trained as to what are "do's" and "don'ts" when it comes to making sure their words were able to increase hope.  This project was the culmination of a unit in our Advisory program called "When Life Gives You Lemons- Dealing With Adversity in Life" where our students learned the skills of coping with difficulties and challenges.  Mrs. Compeverde presented the students with a special certificate.  All students received a gold colored bracelet to fight childhood cancer. Mrs. Comperverde will be giving the doggies to child survivors of cancer.  
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Sunday, June 2, 2019/28 Iyar 5779
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