This Week at Yavneh Academy - Nov. 1 , 2018/23 Cheshvan 5779
 פרשת חיי-שרה
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Early Childhood Department

Parshat Chayei Sarah
This week, Gan Hey learned about Parshat Chayei Sarah and about the many ways Sarah was special. We baked fresh challot for Shabbat this week and created framed brachot for our Imas to use when they light their Shabbat candles  on Friday  night. Gan Hey also learned about a chatunah, wedding, in this week's Parsha, between Yitzchak and Rivka's wedding. We looked at photos of our own parents' weddings, and we highlighted what is unique about a Jewish wedding. We learned what a chuppah is and why the chatan stamps on a glass at the end of the ceremony. We also noted that one of the best parts of a wedding is, of course, the dancing with our bride and groom. So we danced and sang Mazal Tov!

ECD Learns About Fire Safety
This week, ECD joined together to learn all about fire safety. It was so exciting to go outside and be able to see real fire trucks! We learned about smoke detectors, emergency exits and even practiced how to stop, drop and roll. We looked at all of the gear a firefighter has to have with him and watched a fireman get into that gear. Of course, the highlight was being able to meet Sparky the firefighter dog! Thank you to the firemen who helped us to learn all about fire safety! 

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Lower School

Nouns, Nouns, Nouns
This week in 1B, the students were word explorers! After reading A Mink, A Sink, A Skating Rink: What is a Noun? by Brian Cleary, the class investigated nouns. After discussing that a noun is a person, place or thing, students sang about nouns. They sorted nouns into categories and they played a spin and cover game. Finally, they highlighted nouns in sentences to create a pennant garland for the classroom. 

Studying Sefer Shoftim in Fifth Grade
In 5B and 5D, the students just finished the perek bet of Sefer Shoftim. Students were split into groups where they were to create a slideshow explaining the cycle of events that happens throughout all of Sefer Shoftim. A lot of hard work was put into the presentations and lots of creativity was shown by all.
Middle School
The Daffodil Project
Following mincha on Monday afternoon, our 8th grade Daffodil Committee addressed their fellow classmates about the Daffodil Project.   The aim is to plant living memorials in eternal remembrance of the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust.  On Tuesday morning, the 8th graders participated in the world-wide effort and planted our bulbs. To date, 475,000 daffodils have been planted.  

Before planting, each 8th grader received the name and age of a child who perished in the Holocaust.  Together with their classmates, teachers, and some parents, the students planted the bulbs which will bloom in the spring. They were reminded to think about our collective Jewish history, and to also be grateful for the many opportunities they have.  

For more information about the Daffodil Project, please visit  We look forward to watching our bulbs bloom this spring when we will be dedicating our garden.  Thank you to Joel Kirschner, Lenny Snow ,Wilson Medina, and Fausto Santana for preparing the garden areas for us.

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Grade 7 Frost Valley Leadership Retreat
This week, our 7th graders had the unique opportunity to enjoy our annual three day leadership retreat to Frost Valley. Frost Valley specializes in team-building activities such as the "Flying Squirrel," where the students must work together to pull one of their group members up through a rope contraption. "Project Adventure," features an assortment of team-building activities. It was remarkable how encouraging all of the students were to their peers, even if they were not friends before the trip.

In addition, Frost Valley features a number of beautiful nature hikes, which gave our students the opportunity to experience Hashem and His nature in a new way. The 7th graders were divided up into groups meant to intersperse their usual social groups to enable them to build new relationships through these team-building activities. In addition, the students learned about teamwork through the lens of the Torah through various shiurim from our Yavneh staff. 

Another one of the highlights of the trip was our Kumzits, led by our very own Rabbi Schreiber and Mr. Steiner, where the students experienced inspiration by joining in song. A new addition to the trip this year was game night, which offered various options for all of the students to enjoy. The boys had a mini-hockey tournament, spike ball, and board-games. The girls had a karaoke night, a gaga tournament, and board games. It was an incredible trip where the grade truly formed as a unit, as the students learned more about one another, and themselves.

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Frost Valley 2018
Frost Valley 2018

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The Book Fair begins on Sunday!  
NEW THIS YEAR:  No need to send in any cash or checks with your children on Monday or Wednesday. Click HERE to access our book fair's homepage to load money onto your child's account.

Yavneh Academy is proudly participating in  Yad   Leah 's Dash for Dignity on Sunday, November 11.
To sign up or support our team, The  Yavneh Redhawks Road Runners,  please  click   here .

The Yavneh Academy choirs will, once again, be performing between periods at the New Jersey  Devils Jewish Heritage Night,  taking place Monday night,  December 3 , the 2nd night of Chanukah.  Mrs. Motzen will be leading the chamber choir in signing the National Anthem on the ice before the game.
Please see the flyer below for details for purchasing tickets.

Please contact Chaim Sussman  with any questions.
Deadline for tickets is November 19.
Annual Bergen County Chanukah Toy Drive
Yavneh Academy is, once again, participating in The 26th Annual Bergen County Chanukah Toy Drive. We are collecting new and unwrapped toys and gifts for children and young adults going through trying times. Please drop off your donations in our bin from now until Friday, November 23rd. The Bergen County Toy Drive is a great collaborative  effort across many Bergen County Jewish Schools, Synagogues and Temples and donates to 18 different charity organizations. Your donations will help us share the excitement of Chanukah with thousands of children and young adults. This is a great opportunity to involve your children in the mitzvah of tzedakah!

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This Sunday, as tens of thousands of runners gather in New York City for the TCS New York City Marathon, be sure to cheer on Naftali Levenbrown and Neal Wigod who won their spots at Yavneh's raffle last year. Naftali and Neal, you are a true inspiration to the Yavneh community! B'hatzlacha and kol hakavod!
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