This Week at Yavneh Academy - November 7 , 2019/10 Cheshvan 5780
 פרשת לך-לך
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Early Childhood Department

Learning About Parshat Noach and Colors
In connection to the rainbow we learned about in Parshat Noach we have been discussing colors in depth. In addition to the children wearing specific colors each day, our room has been filled with exploration! We've performed science experiments using watercolors with pipettes and a light-pad to see through objects. Our classroom has also been filled with rainbow art galore. What a colorful and exciting week it has been in Ganon Gimmel! 

Aleph Bet letter of the Week!
The Aleph Bet letter of the week in Gan Aleph was 'ב'.  After hearing the story of how the "bet" and "vet" twins traveled in a hot air "balon," the class decorated their Aleph Bet book pages with 'behaimot' and made their own 'balonim'.  Afterward the class enjoyed the book 'Maaseh Chamisha Balonim' while helping the Morah pop the balonim along with the story.

Lower School

First Graders Learn About Stav
Our first graders learned about stav-fall. We created fall scenes with leaves and we learned the vocabulary related to the season. We used the new words to write sentences and converse. The children used the Seesaw app to photograph their creations and record their sentences. 

Fourth Graders Read About Cultures of the World
Students in 4A began reading two novels, Rickshaw Girl and Tiger Boy, both taking place in Bangladesh. This is a part of large integrated unit on understanding and celebrating  cultures around the world.
Middle School

Friendship Circle and Yavneh Academy - Better Together
Over 30 Yavneh Academy middle school student volunteers enjoyed a wonderful day with our friends from Friendship Circle as we hosted a mini-camp on November 7th. The day began with greetings, crafts and davening.  The group then headed out to Extreme Energy for a morning of bouncing activities. Upon returning to Yavneh, the campers and volunteers did a "brushless" art project, led by Dr. Aliza Frohlich, where they made autumn trees using straws, q-tips, and toothbrushes instead of traditional brushes, and took on a STEM challenge, directed by Mrs. Claire Hirschhorn, where they used Keva Planks to build amazing structures.  
We are looking forward to our next FC event where we will be training 6th graders interested in volunteering for Friendship Circle.  Yasher Koach to Rabbi Moshe and Mrs. Zeesy Grossbaum and their staff for all they do.

Development  Corner
1.11.20 - Save the Date for Yavneh's 77th Annual Dinner! 
Join us as we celebrate our deserving honorees:
Robyn & Shukie Grossman
Guests of Honor

Rachel & Issar Kieffer
Service Award Recipients

Naomi Mandelbaum
Rabbi Dr. Aaron Ross
Staff & Faculty Award Recipients

More information coming soon. Please contact Robin Tare at to join the committee or for more information.

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