This Week at Yavneh Academy - Sept. 20 , 2018/11 Tishrei 5779
 פרשת האזינו
Early Childhood Department

Ganon Bet News - Learning About Apples!
The children estimated how many apples were in a basket. We then counted the apples to see who had guessed the right amount. We cut an apple in half. The inside felt "damp," "wet" and "slimy." We placed one half in a bowl alone and the other half in a bowl with lemon juice. Please ask us what happened to the two pieces of apple.
We cut up a large apple and counted the seeds, and then we cut up a small apple and counted the seeds. The large apple contained 8 seeds and the small apple had 7. Amazingly, the children learned that the number of seeds doesn't have anything to do with the size of the apple. Ganon Bet then had an apple tasting: Sweet and Sour Party! We tried a Granny Smith apple, a Red Delicious apple and a Yellow Delicious apple. The apples tasted juicy and crunchy. We made a graph to discover the class's favorite apple! Ask your children which apple had the most votes. 
We measured ourselves with apples, too. The children learned that some of them were 16 apples tall while others were 15 and 14 apples tall. We discussed that being the tallest doesn't necessarily mean you're the oldest, and being the smallest doesn't mean you're the youngest!

Gan Gimmel is Ready for Sukkot!
In Gan Gimmel we are busily preparing for all of the upcoming chagim. This week, we experienced the arba minim by using them to create sukkah decorations. We took old etrogim and rolled them in yellow paint in order to paint our own etrog decoration. We also used old hadasim and aravot to cover our sukkah decorations with schach. The most fun was dipping old lulavim in green paint and spattering our lulav decorations with our new paintbrushes. We learned how each one of the minim looks like  parts of our body and figured out which ones have a smell and which have a taste.    
Lower School

What Makes a Sukkah Kosher?
This week, in 4B, we are learning about what makes a kosher Sukkah. The students are reading a book that describes different sukkot, and we have gone around and discussed whether or not they are kosher. It is riveting seeing a classroom of students so involved in understanding what they are learning and wanting to learn more about Sukkot! Chag Sameach! 

Second Graders Set Goals!
The children in 2D have been focusing on establishing their goals for the year and what it means to have a growth mindset. We had a class discussion on hopes and dreams. Students then had a chance to write their individual hopes and dreams for the year. To help build our classroom community, we also read the book,  How Full Is Your Bucket For Kids , by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. We spoke about how to "fill" someone's bucket and make them feel good. We then made our own class bucket and filled it up with what helps make our buckets full. 

Middle School
8th Graders Conquer the Corn Maze
The 8th graders were treated to a grade-wide bonding trip to Stony Hill Corn Maze.  Dressed in specially designed color-coded t-shirts, teams of students, and a teacher, raced off into the maze to be the first to find their way out!  Though some made it back through the entrance and others needed to be rescued (!), a fun time was had by all!  And, more importantly, students were able to spend time with others in the grade and share in a fun experience together!
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YPAA Back to School Carnival
The YPAA Back to School Carnival had a wonderful turn out this past Sunday! Children and their parents enjoyed the bounce houses, playing carnival games run by our middle schoolers, face painting, tattoos, cotton candy and popcorn! 
We can't wait to see everyone again at the next YPAA event on November 4- the Lower Grade Breakfast in conjunction with the Book Fair! Look for details soon. 
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