Leadership NEXT's virtual event tonight -  Tuesday, July 14 at 5:00 p.m.  - will focus on the  FGCU Restart SWFL Initiative .

FGCU’s Lutgert College of Business and Marieb College of Health & Human Services recently launched Restart SWFL to help the local business community along the path to recovery. Christopher Westley, dean of FGCU’s Lutgert College of Business, will provide an overview of Restart SWFL and the resources that are available to local businesses. Westley will also provide an overview of how to earn the Restart SWFL Seal of Confidence, which designates businesses that have pledged to adhere to the highest of standards involving health, business and ethical practices. Upon meeting set qualifications, business owners can display the Seal of Confidence on their websites or places of business to help raise consumer confidence.

Leadership NEXT’s annual sponsor is the Florida Gulf Coast University Alumni Association.

The Leadership NEXT program is free for members of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and $5 for future members. Attendees need to register in advance to receive webinar login credentials. 
The evidence is in. Face coverings keep us safer and help slow COVID-19. That’s an important fact to remember the next time you visit the grocery store or meet up with friends inside a public venue.

Combined with regularly sanitizing our hands and social distancing, we can all help slow the spread of a pandemic that continues to infect people all over the world and right here in Southwest Florida.

So if we’re going to be dedicated to wearing masks, it only makes sense that we know just HOW to wear them and how to clean them so we can get the most use out of them.

The right way to wear your face mask
  • Wash your hands before putting on your mask.
  • Don’t put the covering around your neck or up on your forehead.
  • Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin. This is an important one to remember since many residents report that many mask wearers have their noses poking out.
  • Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face.
  • Make sure you can breathe easily.
  • Don’t touch the face covering, and, if you do, wash your hands.

When you get home, remove your face mask carefully
  • Untie the strings behind your head or stretch the ear loops.
  • Handle only by the ear loops or ties.
  • Fold outside corners together.
  • Wearing a cloth mask? You must wash it after EVERY use.
  • Wearing a paper mask? Throw it away after each use.
  • Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing and wash hands immediately after removing.

What about paper or surgical masks? What about homemade masks?
  • Experts highly recommend that members of the public wear cloth masks. Paper or surgical masks are effective in blocking large droplets, but they don’t provide as much safety as cloth because of the looser fit. They are better than nothing, however.
  • Remember, paper or surgical masks are designed to be used only ONCE! For more info, click here.
  • Many people are opting to wear homemade masks. The CDC shows detailed instructions on how to make masks here. Cotton fabric is recommended, and you can also make masks out of bandanas and old T-shirts—as long as the fabric is solid. Masks with loose fabric such as a crochet mask are not recommended.

Keep your face mask clean!
  • So how should you wash that cloth mask? Simply put it in the washing machine with a regular load of laundry. You can use normal detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting for the kind of cloth you have.
  • You can wash your mask by hand using a bleach solution. Find full directions here.
  • Dry your mask on the highest heat setting in the dryer or you can lay it flat or on a clothesline in the sun. Make sure your mask is completely dry before wearing it.

Lee Health and You

  • Remember, Lee Health is here for you. Check out our website to learn more about COVID-19 symptoms, testing site information, and safety protocols.

  • Don’t delay care: All of our Emergency Departments are open, safe, and following current safety guidelines 24/7. Find the nearest one for you here.

  • All of Lee Health’s hospitals, outpatient centers, and doctor’s offices are following strict safety protocols as well. Don’t hesitate to get the care you need. Schedule an appointment today or use our Lee Telemedicine services.
The News-Press , Naples Daily News and WGCU Public Media are partnering to host a virtual town hall tonight, July 14, from 8-9:30 p.m. featuring regional business and economic experts.

The event will be streamed on multiple platforms, broadcast/simulcast on WGCU TV a nd Radio and be available to watch on social media. The town hall will be interactive with live polling and immediately followed by a live question and answer session on Facebook (9-9:30 p.m.) with our local experts.

Participating in the discussion are:

Dr. Christopher Westley, Dean,   Lutgert College of Business, FGCU

Jason Teeters*, Program Manager for the Southwest Florida Community Sourced Incubator, Secondmuse

Caleb MacPherson, owner, Naples-based   Narrative Coffee Roasters

Janeth Castrejon, Communications Manager ,   CareerSource SWFL

Jay Johnson*, chair of the Lee County Chapter of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association and owner of   Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon in Cape Coral

Colleen DePasquale, President & CEO,   Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce

Teri Ashley, Executive Director,   Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

*Member of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees
The American Red Cross is offering FREE virtual Hurricane Preparedness programs in English and Spanish as part of their "Be Red Cross Ready" curriculum. Events are offered by trained volunteers via Microsoft Teams and no special software is needed.

Be Red Cross Ready is a national, standardized, free preparedness education curriculum designed to help people understand, prepare for, and respond appropriately to disasters. Be Red Cross Ready utilizes a whole community approach to preparedness education. Preparedness and safety information for older adults and individuals with disabilities, access, or functional needs is woven into the curriculum. The program aims to reduce perceived barriers to taking preparedness actions by focusing on a step-by-step approach that is manageable, action-oriented, and affordable.

What you will see in the presentation:
  • Preparedness as a practical real-world risk reducer
  • Self-reliance in preparing and responding to a hurricane
  • Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed
  • Tailor your kit and your plan to fit your world
  • Accommodations in a Covid-19 environment
  • Have a plan, share your plan, practice your plan, use your plan
  • Hurricanes – over all awareness and local history
  • Choices and authoritative guidance on sheltering and evacuation
  • Know the risks in your home and neighborhood
  • After the storm - recovery

July 15 (Wednesday) , 7:00PM - 8:15PM, Presenter: Michael Lampert, Click here to Register
July 22 (Wednesday) , 7:00PM – 8:15PM, Presenter: Michael Lampert, Click here to Register
July 24 (Friday) , 2:00PM - 3:15PM, Presenter: Jennifer Daley, Click here to Register

Cruz Roja Americana – Preparacion ante Huracanes
Virtual Be Red Cross Ready – Hurricane Preparedness (Spanish)

July 17 (Friday) , 4:00PM -5:15PM, Presenter: Oscar Castellano, Click here to Register
July 21 (Tuesday) ,10:00AM – 11:15AM, Presenter: Oscar Castellano, Click here to Register
July 29 (Friday) , 4:00PM -5:15PM, Presenter: Oscar Castellano, Click here to Register

Based on the record number of COVID-19 cases in our area, the Chamber has made the decision to keep our events virtual at least through August. The safety of our members, staff, and community is most important and by being cautious we hope to be part of flattening the curve.

We all look forward to returning to in-person events and will keep you informed when these will occur again.

Thanks to the Florida Chamber of Commerce , we were able to secure some free masks for our member businesses. Masks will be available for pickup by appointment only on the following days: Thursday, July 16 and Friday, July 17. Masks come in packs of 5.  Email Linda or call 239.332.2930 to place your order and schedule your pickup time.
The Florida Gulf Coast University Career Development Services office will host a Virtual Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, August 26 from 11:00AM to 2:00PM .

The Virtual Part-time Job Fair connects students from all majors seeking part-time employment on or near campus with employers seeking to fill part-time positions.

The virtual job fair will be hosted through our Eagle Career Link platform powered by Symplicity. The format includes universal video compatibility, 1 on 1 and group chats, and the capability to have multiple student sign ups and multiple representatives per employer. 

To register for the Virtual Part-Time Job Fair visit the  FGCU Career Development website or go to Eagle Career Link . For more information send an email to Mary Larkin or call her at 239-590-7926.