What's Happening this Week at
The Congregational Church
August 14, 2022
This Week's Message: "Patience Is The Willingness To Await God's Time" 

It is always extremely hard to wait. According to the scripture we are not only to "wait" we are to do so with "good courage". The reality is that God is in control and we are not in charge. Those who try to hasten the unfolding of God's plan or promise will only be disappointed. To experience His wise design we must be patient. Like the Children of Israel we will find ourselves being led out of our captivities and enslavements in God's perfect time. The psalmist wrote "Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart." When the trials come (and they always do) we must not panic or become disheartened, because He will deliver us at just the right time.

Psalm 27:7-14
Read by Jim Reid

GREETERS FOR TODAY: Darlene Fortin and Marion Parker
USHERS: Nancy Reid, Dawn Keough, Penny Lisle, and Dorothy Robertson

ATTENDANCE LAST WEEK was 82. Accuracy of our attendance figure is dependent upon "everyone" taking the time to sign and record their information in the red guest books. The books are passed during the announcements by the ushers in the sanctuary. Thank you for your support and help. A special thanks to Doug Moe for his hours of work setting up the program to help us keep a record of this and other important data.
SCRIPTURE READER: Jim Reid, a member of our Board of Trustees, will be reading the scriptures this Sunday, August 7th. 
Altar Flowers & Bulletins

The Altar Flowers and Bulletins are given by Julia Deyo in loving memory of Ed Deyo.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to support our altar flowers and our worship bulletins. Those who signed up have been contacted concerning their wishes. We will be taking the flowers to Hospice or sending them home with the donors.
Music This Week - August 14th
MUSIC MINISTRY FOR SUNDAY, OUR INSTRUMENTAL SOLOIST this week is Phil Caltabelotta.. Phil and his amazing harmonica music have lifted our spirits several times over the years. Accompanied by Kevin O'Connell Phil will be playing a variety of favorite selections you will hear "Amazing Grace" , "This Little Light of Mine", "Swing Low", "He's Got The Whole World", "Just a Closer Walk", and "Peace Like a River". 

 Read More About ... Phil Caltabelotta

Billie Thatcher will be our vocal soloist and will sing "I Believe" in addition to leading our congregational singing of "Our God Reigns", "Living For Jesus", and "Blest Be The Tie That Binds".

Kevin O'Connell will direct and accompany the soloists. 
CONGREGATIONAL MEETINGThe Board of Trustees has called a Special Meeting of the members of the church to take place immediately following the morning worship on Sunday August 21st. The purpose of the meeting is to vote on accepting a monetary gift to complete our church building plans.
Covid Precautions
COVID PRECAUTIONS: We are still being extra careful at The Congregational Church and trying to protect against anyone becoming ill. However, we are making a few moves toward normal operations that you will notice on your next trip to worship services. 1. Hymnals will be back in the seats. 2. The red attendance sign-up books are available and we ask you to record your presence and pass them along your row.
Mission Projects
AUGUST MISSION PROJECTS. This month we will join together to support our sponsored child through Compassion International, 11 year old Luis Llugcha. During August your mission gifts will help us provide much needed help to Luis throughout the year. We will also send him a gift on his birthday and at Christmas time. We will also be making a contribution to the MS Society. Our support will be used to help find a cure for this devastating illness. These two projects will receive one half of our mission giving for August. The other half of the August mission offering will help children in our own community through the Infant and Toddler Pantry.

Holy Communion
HOLY COMMUNION will next be celebrated on Sunday, September 4th.

August Birthdays
Sharon Ebol, Jim Reid, and Dave Zecher (4), Steve Falk (5), Mark Ellis (12), Cindy Monette & Ken Beveridge (17), Cathy Reitmyer (19), Gale Wigner and Sue Gould (20), Bob Dawson (21), Mike Howard (23), Kevin O'Connell (27), Jessie Edwards (28), and Carol Andreasian (29).

AUGUST WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: Larry & Dottie Landermann (1), Ray & Sue Gould (4), Dick & Bev Greene (5), Murray & Karen Deutsch (11), Stan & Kathy Waterman -(13)
Barry & Faith Brooks -(18), Edward & Cleo Simon (19), Dick & Leslie Adams (23), Gale & Carol Wigner and Mark & Jeanette Ellis (27).
(If we missed your birthday, please, let us know. We will add you to the list.)
Coffee Hour
Our coffee hour program will also be closed for the summer months. This is due to reduced summer attendance, lack of helpers, and not having enough food donations.   The fall coffee hours will resume on Labor Day weekend , September 4th.  
Special Announcements
DAILY DEVOTIONAL MATERIALS. We always encourage you to take time for personal spiritual growth. Our church encourages prayer and daily Bible reading throughout the year. Use the available Our Daily Bread devotional guides and read a portion of scripture each day. These books are free and available on the narthex visitors table
NEW MEMBERS CLASS on Wednesday, August 24th at 11:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Click Here for Details
CONGREGATIONAL MEETINGThe Board of Trustees has called a Special Meeting of the members of the church to take place immediately following the morning worship on Sunday August 21st. The purpose of the meeting is to vote on accepting a monetary gift to complete our church building plans.

MISSION BAR-B-Q. August 10th - was a huge success. More than fifty people participated. The food was delicious thanks to Rev. David Houck and his team. To all the volunteers who assisted with the days program a big Thank you

COURSE IN RELIGIOUS AND CULT GROUP.  Our first class investigated the "pagan" religions that preceded the formation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This week August 17th, we will look at the beginnings and faith of the nation of Israel. Wednesday, in the sanctuary, at 10 a.m.
Church Memorial Garden
THE MEMORIAL GARDEN continues to develop and additional granite markers have been installed. We have recently received a delivery of long awaited granite markers. The new large marker with the first two verses of Psalm 23 is in place. Thank you to Jack Baird for all his efforts on this important area of our church property. Watch the garden for improvements and finishing touches over the next few weeks.
If you are interested in information about the memorial garden contact the church office.
Pastoral Care
PASTORAL CARE: Contact Jim Keough on his cell 352-250-6160. Jim's email: If you are ill or going to the hospital please let us know. We want to pray for you and be of service. Please be sure to check the "Prayer Request" section of our church website and pray for your church friends and their concerns. If you have someone you would like added to the list contact the pastor or Dawn Keough (email
If you cannot attend services at the church you can follow us online. Invite your friends, family members and neighbors to worship with us online

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OUR CHURCH JOURNEY. Get your copy of our beautiful book highlighting the journey of our church from the beginning in the Hampton Inn to our beautiful church facility and family of today. A gift of $25 to the Building Fund for each book. This is a limited edition volume, with a few copies available, so don't miss out. Available from the church office.

THE WALK OF FAITH - We continue to place Brick Pavers in both the Veterans Area at the flag poles and around the beautiful fountain area. Make a gift to the Building Fund of $100 and have a brick placed in honor/memory of a loved one or a veteran. You can place a brick in the fountain area walk-way to celebrate an event, memorialize a family member, or simply place your name on a brick to show your support for our church. Mail your check with "Brick Paver" in the memo section to the church along with the information you would like on your brick. There are three lines with 15 characters per line available on each brick. Contact the church office for more information.
Thought for the Week
“God's life and love flow within my mind and body as a steady stream of
healing energy and strengthening power. My body is well, my heart and mind are at peace. The Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus, provides me with everything I need through faith."
Prayer Requests
Prayer Requests for August 14, 2022
Can be found on our website at:

If you have a new prayer requests please contact
Dawn Keough at: or call

More importantly remember to check the list regularly and pray for those in our church family who need your prayer support.

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