This Week at The Congregational Church
November 15, 2020

This Week's Message:  "Colony of the Covenant"
This Week's Service: " WELCOME BACK to Kirk and Patti Lytle. On their return visit to our church. Kirk and Patti will present "Colony of the Covenant".  A historical presentation that will make the life and faith of the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony come to life on this 400th anniversary of their arrival in the "New World".

SCRIPTURE LESSON:   Hebrews 11:8-16 (Geneva Bible 1599)
Scripture Reading by Bill Deysher, Deacon

NOTICE! Previously it was announced that there would be two services on Sunday, November 15th for the 400th Anniversary. Due to the COVID-19 uncertainties we did not have sufficient reservations to warrant having two worship sessions. There will be only one service and it will take place at 10 a.m.

GREETERS : Libby and Gil Regan
USHERS: Dorothy Robertson
Deacon Of The Month For November is Libby Regan

The Altar Flowers and Bulletins are given this week by Larry and Dottie Landermann in celebration of their November birthdays. Larry (11/19) and Dottie (11/26). Happy Birthday!
SPECIAL THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to support our altar flowers and our worship bulletins. Those who signed up have been contacted concerning their wishes. We will be taking the flowers to Hospice or sending them home with the donors.
Music Ministry This Week
We celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims landing and forming Plymouth Colony and the beginnings of the Congregational Churches. They came seeking religious liberty and through their church and the Mayflower Compact a grand beginning took place. Special music this week by "Pinky" (Ruth Ann Bigley), Billie Thatcher, Harriet Dawson, and Kevin O'Connell.

Read More About "PINKY"
Holy Communion
HOLY COMMUNION. The next sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be celebrated Sunday, December 6th. This will be our Advent Communion.
Friday Night at the Movies
Friday evening, November 27th at 6 p.m. Our film for the month of November will be "CATS". Cats is a 2019 musical fantasy film based on the 1981 stage musical of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which in turn was based on the poetry collection Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (1939) by T. S. Eliot.

Worship Services
Join us each Sunday at 10 a.m. in our sanctuary. Temperatures will be checked, social distancing will be observed, masks are required and every possible step will be taken to keep everyone safe. Your cooperation is essential to keeping our church family safe. If you have health issues that make you more vulnerable to COVID-19 please watch from home. God is wherever you are and we are always joined in spirit. The service will be similar to the one we have been using online. Reservations will need to be made by calling the church office (M-W-F from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).
November Birthdays
(2)Eloise Warner, (3) Kerm Pentecost, (4) Nancy Lampitoc, (6) Steve Feustel and Fred Norris, (8) Gary Nankervis, (17) Beth Feustel, (19) Larry Landermann, (24) Shirley Boothroyd and Jim Broz, (26) Dorothy Landermann and Bob Howard, (29) Gary Twist.

(If we missed your birthday, please, let us know. We will add you to the list.)
November Mission Projects
The Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund. This amazing program gives scholarships to deserving high school seniors for academic achievement and exemplary volunteer service. Our church supports this effort and always encourages our members to attend the awards breakfast in January. This coming January, unlike other years, the breakfast will be challenged by the COVID-19 virus. We will be having a social distanced breakfast on January 11th in our Fellowship Hall. Information and tickets will be available soon. Half of the Mission Offering in November will support the MLK program and half will support our own Infant and Toddler Pantry.  

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. .  Mark your calendar for Friday, November 27th at 10 a.m. We will be decorating the church property for Christmas. Bring a mask. There will be inside and outside work to do. If it rains the outside work will be done on Saturday, Nov. 28th

THANKSGIVING MORNING AT 10 A.M. Our annual Thanksgiving Day Worship Service! We will be holding the service outdoors (weather permitting). You will be able to sit in your car and listen on your FM radio or bring a lawn chair and sit outside (social distanced) for the service.

CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLELIGHT SERVICE.  Make your reservation now to attend this beautiful service.  Harriet Dawson, Billie Thatcher, Kevin O'Connell and Dawn Pendley will provide wonderful Christmas music. There are only 90 seats for this COVID restricted service so don't be disappointed. December 24th at 7 p.m. Reserve your seats now with Mary by calling the church office.

YOUR INFANT AND TODDLER PANTRY. We continue to work together with many community churches and organizations to meet the needs of children in our area. Diapers, clothing, blankets, port-a-cribs, toys, baby food, formula, help with car seats and more are available through our pantry. Your financial support has made all this happen for nearly 12 years. This all volunteer ministry is the centerpiece of our mission program. Consider getting some of your friends and neighbors together and having a Baby Shower to support the Infant and Toddler Pantry.  

CHILDREN'S LITERACY PROGRAM. We are currently giving out children's books to the families visiting our Infant and Toddler Pantry.

INFANT AND TODDLER PANTRY CHRISTMAS BAGS. Each year we distribute colorful gift bags to our members and friends and ask you to fill them with surprises for the children who come to our pantry for help throughout the year. Pick up your bag after service or from the church office during the week. We are looking for a nice toy (about $15 value), a pair of pajamas and a Christmas book. If you can help it will make a child happy this Christmas.

Front Entrance Doors
STAINED GLASS ABOVE OUR FRONT ENTRANCE DOORS. The beautiful stained glass windows in the narthex will be installed in the next few days. We look forward to dedicating them during our service this coming Sunday.

Pastoral Care
Contact Pastor Jim Keough on his cell 352-250-6160 or email: If you are ill or going to the hospital please let us know. We want to pray for you and be of service.
Important Notice: Hospitals and Rehab Centers are limiting the visitation that can take place at their facilities. Clergy, including your pastor, are limited in their calling during the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, visitation will be limited to critical situations. Please be sure to check the "Prayer Request" section of our church website and pray for your church friends and their concerns. If you have someone you would like added to the list contact the pastor or the church office.
OUR SINCERE CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY.  Bill and Helga York have been part of our church family for many years. They moved to New Hampshire to be closer to family a short time ago. Since their move they have remained in contact with the church and continued to follow all that was happening the best they were able. Bill has been very ill recently with a variety of difficult health issues. This morning, Sunday, November 8th, Bill lost his battle and went to be with our Lord. Please pray for Helga. This will be very difficult for her as they were very close.  We will have a Moment of Remembrance for Bill on Sunday morning during our worship service. You can send a card or note to Helga at: 2 Golen Drive, Londonderry, New Hampshire, 03053. Please mark your card from The Congregational Church in Florida when you sign it. Thank you.            
Church Memorial Garden
One of the decisions we all need to make, unless we intend to stick our family with the chore, is where we wish our earthly remains to be placed after our death. Since we have this beautiful property, and it is where we have worked and worshiped together, a Memorial Garden on site seems to be appropriate. The Walk of Faith area between our buildings with it's lovely fountain will be a grand location. Each burial site will be marked by an engraved granite marker (name, date of birth and death). The fee of $500 will cover the marker, engraving, internment of the cremains, a perpetual care fund amount, and memorial service. If you are interested call the church office to set up an appointment. You will receive a complete set of guidelines and the opportunity to select your plot.
If you cannot attend services at the church you can follow us online. Invite your friends, family members and neighbors to worship with us online

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Two factors have begun to have an effect on our church giving. First of all the "seasonal residents" have now made their pilgrimage to the north country. This creates a drop off in giving each year. This year we have had this problem compounded by the COVID-19 closing of church facilities and programs. It was not as pronounced at first, however, the longer this situation continues the more people forget we must support the church for it to continue to provide ministry and service at the levels people expect. Your continued support of the Building Fund and the General Fund is "Essential". There will not be government funds available to bail us out. Your stepped up support during this time will be a blessing. 
Mail your gifts to: 
The Congregational Church,
P. O. Box 804,
Summerfield, Florida 34492. 

Or Give Online… Click the Donate button on our website, Then select the fund you wish to donate to.

Thank you!!!
OUR DAILY BREAD daily devotional guides are available on the literature table in the narthex of the church. The books are printed in regular and large print editions. Feel free to take extra copies to give to friends and family.
THE WALK OF FAITH - We continue to place Brick Pavers in both the Veterans Area at the flag poles and around the beautiful fountain area. Make a gift to the Building Fund of $100 and have a brick placed in honor/memory of a loved one or a veteran. You can place a brick in the fountain area walk-way to celebrate an event, memorialize a family member, or simply place your name on a brick to show your support for our church. Mail your check with "Brick Paver" in the memo section to the church along with the information you would like on your brick. There are three lines with 15 characters per line available on each brick. Contact the church office for more information.
Thought for the Week
“I seek a place that can never be destroyed, one that is pure, and that fadeth not away, and it is laid up in heaven, and safe there, to be given, at the time appointed, to them that seek it with all their heart. Read it so, if you will, in my book.” ― John Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress

Prayer Requests
Contact the Church Office 352-693-4545.  The Welcome center table has a supply of cards to register your prayer requests. Our church website also has a prayer request section for your use. Your prayer requests are listed on the church web site and sent out by email to church members and friends.

A women Karen Lewis plays Mahjong with has a husband who has developed Parkinson and Dementia at the same time. He cannot walk. She had help 4 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon. He is in at home Hospice. Please pray for them.

Please pray for Pauline Brannigan. Pauline in the daughter of Judie Parker, a long time part of The Congregational Church family. Pauline is going to be having surgery to remove a melanoma from her leg. Pray for a successful surgery and healing.

Please pray for Mike Howard. Mike recent surgery on his arm was successful. He is back in rehab.

Please pray for Leslie Adams. Leslie is one of our church family and leads our Infant and Toddler Pantry. She had a recent surgery and is recuperating at home.

Please continue to pray for Paul Fortin as he had shoulder surgery on 10/23 and is at home recuperating and doing rehab. in the home at present.

Please pray for Janice Nystrom. Janice is the wife of our Board of Trustees chairperson, Carl Nystrom. Janice had successful heart valve surgery recently and is recuperating at home.

Jim & Ann Denholm ask for prayers for their friend Tony Mont. Tony, from York, Maine, has been struggling with mini strokes and the cause has continued to elude the doctors. Pray for Tony and his wife, Darrah, as they continue work through this difficult time together.

Please continue to pray for Cory and Bonnie Pearson’s friend Gail Meloni as she begins treatments for lung cancer.

Please pray for Kevin Hensley and all our returning armed service personnel who have been exposed to various diseases from the “burn pits” during their military deployments. Pray that the bills before congress will pass and bring these heroes relief. Pray for H.R. 1381 The Burn Pit Registry Enhancement Act and H.R. 4574 The Veterans Right to Breathe Act passage.

Please pray for Billie Thatcher’s sister, Mary Lou Kovacs. Mary Lou is suffering with severe memory issues. Pray for her and husband Ron.

Please pray for Frank Szczepanski. Frank is having lung infection treatments that will last up to 24 months. The side effects from the medications have caused him to lose his hearing which will not likely return. Also pray for his wife, Vi, as they struggle through this difficult time together.

Please say a prayer for Dottie Landermann. Dottie is having surgery to remove a lump from her arm by a dermatologist. The procedure is scheduled for 11/10/20.

Please pray for Pam Sabo as she has blurriness in her one eye due to a slight stroke.

Please pray for Ruth McGuy. Ruth, a long time member of our church, had surgery recently in Massachusetts. She will be having radiation treatments in a few weeks. Ruth’s address is 6 Mary Avenue, Seekonk, MA 02771.

A close friend of Bob and Harriet Dawson, Ernie Groves, suffered a stroke on 9/25.  He is alert and communicative, however, he is unable to walk and lacks balance.  Ernie is in Sarasota Memorial Hospital. He anticipates being transferred to the hospital’s Rehab Facility for extensive therapy to learn to walk again. Please pray for Ernie and family.

Update on Ann Ellenwood, neighbor of Virginia Hampton. She finished chemo in August and starts radiation today, 9/29, 6 weeks 5 times a week. Unfortunately she’s having to reside in a hotel room due to rains wetting her ceilings during a roof replacement which caused mold. Continued prayers are requested during this trying time as if the COVID-19 wasn’t enough already.

Janet Moe has asked for prayers for her Dad, Ken Bradeen. Ken just turned 99 years old and was doing well until a fall which caused an ankle fracture and some other injuries. Pray for Ken and family.

Please pray for the sister-in-law of my friend Sue Aulgur in Michigan. Her name is Marie France. She is 81 years old and is very frail with lung cancer. Marie’s husband, Bill, Sue’s brother has dementia.

Sally Gillies, a friend and from Michigan, is having procedures and treatments for stage 3 cancer. Please pray for Sally to have strength, hope and healing.

Please pray for Tami Blaze. Tami has worked in our Infant & Toddler Pantry. She has been bravely battling health issues for several years.

Nancy Doggett is recovering from recent cancer surgery and will be starting radiation in the future. Pray for Nancy.

Please pray for Cathy Reitmyer’s niece, Renee. Renee has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. She is only 37 years old and has 4 young children.

Please pray for Pam Albright. Pam, age 50, is an elementary school teacher in Michigan. Pam is in the hospital on a ventilator battling COVID-19.

Please pray for Michelle Mindak Makas. Michelle had cancer surgery recently in New Orleans and is now back home in Florida recuperating.

Pray for Bob Mitchell, Annelle Baird’s cousin, who has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatments. He is 87 years old and lives in Lexington, KY.

Continue to pray for Cathy Reitmyer as she is recovering from heart issues.  Please pray for Cathy and her Mom (Rose).

Pray for Shirley Boothroyd. Shirley is a member of our Mission Board and is recovering from a recent surgery.

Pray for Carolyn Baker. She is having pain in her hip and is receiving treatment.

Please pray for Bennie Exum’s son, David, who suffers from pulmonary fibrosis.

Pray for Jerry Starkweather’s long time friend, Les Hartzman, who was diagnosed with lung cancer and is going through chemo and radiation.

Please pray for Jean Gorney. Jean had a fall at home and broke her left shoulder along with several other painful injuries. Pray for her and husband Bob as she recovers.

Pray for Danny Bethard. Danny is Libby Regan’s nephew and he had a mass successfully removed from one of his kidneys and is now having chemo. Thank you for your prayers and keep praying!

Pray for Sandy Hoffmann. She is suffering with terrible headaches. Pray for relief from the pain.

Biff McBee is asking for prayer for a good friend, Bob Huizing. Bob is dealing with cancer and the start of chemotherapy. Also, pray for Bob’s wife Ginny as she seeks to help him through this.

Please pray for Leslie Tate, she is the wife of Otto Souder. She is battling cancer and other health issues. Also son, Scott, in Maryville, TN, has MS and recently fell and fractured his sternum. If you want to send a note of encouragement: Leslie Tate, 13670 SE 97th Terrace Rd., Summerfield, Florida 34491.

Prayers are needed for Louise Tucker, the sister of Jean Gorney, who has been suffering due to a stroke and liver problems..

Please pray for Bev Huey, a friend of Cathy Reitmyer, who has been diagnosed with kidney failure and had a recent heart procedure.

Pray for the necessary reforms to be brought about that will establish unity and justice for all citizens of our country. May economic justice, police reform and an end to racism be established.

Pray for the families of the police officers and individuals who have been killed in the recent violence in our country. Pray for the store and business owners who have lost everything to the senseless violence of the last few weeks.

Pray for peace to return to the cities and towns of our country. Pray to stop the violence, looting and hatred. Give our leaders the wisdom to take the actions necessary to restore order.

Please pray for Cathy Kivitt, the sister-in-law of Charles and Kathy Kivitt, she is battling cancer and other health issues. Pray for healing, comfort and strength.

Please pray for Roger Marvin. He has been placed in Hospice care where he fell and broke his hip. He and his wife, Shirley, need our prayers. Shirley recently had surgery and is doing well. She is back at her assisted living apartment.

Pray for the many people around the world who are suffering from the coronavirus. Pray to stop the spread of this virus, halt the panic, heal the many children and elderly it is afflicting.

The children who visit our Infant and Toddler Pantry and their families.

Pray for the success of our new church programs: The Memorial Garden, and The Infant and Toddler Literacy Program. Thank you.

If you have a prayer request contact Dawn Keough at: or call the pastor at 352-250-6160.

“Prayer is the open admission that without Christ we can do nothing. And prayer is the turning away from ourselves to God in the confidence that He will provide the help we need. Prayer humbles us as needy and exalts God as wealthy.”  - John Piper

“God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.”  - John Wesley

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