Crossroads Kids Lessons for June 21, 2020

We hope that you will feel Inspired, Equipped and Supported as you continue to invest in the spiritual growth of your children.
Below you will find links to each video lesson that you can watch and connect with God's Word as a family!

Below you will find links for the At Home Weekly for each age group .   At Home Weekly is designed to help you intentionally spend time in God’s Word with your children.This way, you will be the first to introduce your children to the Bible content they’ll hear at each Sunday, preparing them for the upcoming lesson. 
TRU STORY, Grades 1 to 3
This week in The Big God Story

God's Son Changes Everything

Today we're going to hear about a man who wanted to hurt people who believed in Jesus. But, as he was on his way to a town called Damascus, a light flashed from heaven and Jesus spoke to him. After that, Saul couldn't see anything for three days.Saul went on to play a big role in The Big God Story. Today we know him as Paul. If God could transform this man's heart, He can transform anyone's heart!

TRU WONDER, Grades 4K to K
This week in the Big God Story

God Wants Everyone to Be Part of His Family, Part 2
Jesus welcomed Zacchaeus into God's family.
Jesus wants everyone to be part of His family, no matter what we may have done or how different we are. He loves us so much and wants us to be with Him forever. Isn't that great? We can all be part of His family when we choose to follow Jesus.

TRU BLESSINGS , Ages 2 to 4
God Is With Me

In The Big God Story ,God took care of Elijah. He sent food when Elijah was hungry. God kept Elijah safe up on the mountain. Do you think the strong wind, the big earthquake, and the hot fire were scary? Yes, but Elijah knew God was with him. He knew God would take care of him. God was with Elijah all day and all night.

Here is our Crossroads Kids Memory Verse for June.
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