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New Webinar Discussion
New Discussion
This new discussion is based off of our June 24 webinar on energy independence featuring Yossie Hollander , Co-Founder and Chairman of the Fuel Freedom Foundation.

Read about some of Hollander's remarks about oil markets and our goal of energy (oil) independence in the online discussion , and listen to the webinar recording (right).
Discussion Questions:
- Question 1 : Should states invest more money in expanding infrastructure for alternative fuels?
- Question 2 : What other technologies can help reduce our dependence on petroleum?
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June 24, 2020
Center for Strategic and International Studies
June 26, 2020
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June 18, 2020
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Ongoing Discussion
Our transportation discussion is continuing. Join the conversation!
Question 3 : Should policy focus on a specific alternative fuel technologies or take an all-of-the-above approach?
"It seems pretty clear at this point that transportation is moving towards electrification (EVs). Biofuels and hydrogen are simply not as efficient and are more expensive and complex than batteries and electric motors (and 90% of hydrogen is fossil fuel-based)…. But there is no need for policy to specify what technology should be implemented. Just disincentivize the bad thing (fossil fuels) and people will figure out the best alternatives." - Dan Miller , The Roda Group
"Missing from the discussion is that the pandemic has dramatically changed transportation futures. Its a whole new ballgame with very different and currently unknown rules.... The future transport choices are (1) hard push to increase use of cars to reduce replication rate for Covid-19 and future viruses or (2) massive technological changes to mass transit to lower the virus replication rate.... The easiest mass transit systems to fix are airlines because aircraft already have high-quality filtered air systems. The big problem will be fixing subways, busses, commuter trains and the associated platforms...."
- Charles Forsberg , MIT Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering
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New Legislation

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