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Ongoing Discussion
Our discussion continues, based on our June 24 webinar with Yossie Hollander.
Discussion Questions:
- Question 1 : Should states invest more money in expanding infrastructure for alternative fuels?
- Question 2 : What other technologies can help reduce our dependence on petroleum?

Hollander will be joining the online discussion.
"The obvious solution is vehicle electrification along with the expansion of zero-carbon electricity production . For passenger vehicles, BEVs are already cheaper on a life-cycle basis and will be cheaper on an up-front purchase basis in a few years."
- Dan Miller , Managing Director, The Roda Group 
"The United States should ensure we maximize the entire portfolio of clean, waste free, zero carbon transportation options. Sustainable biomass which includes ethanol, butanol, and biodiesel make sense as does renewably-produced hydrogen fuels for heavy duty trucks and buses."
- Scott Sklar , Adjunct Professor & Energy Director, Environment & Energy Management Institute
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Ongoing Discussion
Our transportation discussion is continuing for one more week. Join the conversation!
- Question 1 : What policies will be most effective in reducing transportation sector emissions?
- Question 2 : Should the federal government enact stronger policies to support changes in transportation or is this best left to the individual states?
- Question 3 : Should policy focus on a specific alternative fuel technologies or take an all-of-the-above approach?
"Policies to accelerate the transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to EVs are well and good. However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that there are other good ways to reduce transportation sector emissions , especially if we take “emissions” as including not just CO 2 , but everything that contributes to diminished air quality in our cities. Poor air quality takes a heavy toll on public health. One sure way to reduce all transportation emissions is to reduce the transportation sector."
- Roger Arnold , Systems Architect, Silverthorn Engineering
" Just as our smartest policies on power plant emissions focused on the biggest polluters, so should our targeting of vehicles . Let’s look at the biggest polluters. Heavy duty vehicles, trucks, busses and other heavy emitters. Look at programs that pull vehicles run on fossil fuels and replace them with ZE [zero-emission] options."
- Michael O'Brien , Founder & Principal, MOB Advocacy
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