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By Faith Martinez Smith
Policy Analyst, ClearPath
" Grid-scale energy storage is critical for decarbonizing our economy and merits high-profile attention from our policy makers.... The [U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) ] Energy Storage Grand Challenge will create research, development, & demonstration opportunities & eventually spur commercialization of new energy storage technologies . Currently, energy storage initiatives are spread across DOE in multiple program offices; the grand challenge will coordinate these efforts to push energy storage technologies to market...."
Last week, six OurEnergyPolicy experts contributed about 20 comments to the discussion on what technologies the Energy Storage Challenge might focus on, the barriers to deployment that the challenge might address, and the policy changes that would most support the deployment of new storage technologies. Read a few of their comments below. Then log in and add your own comment!
Question 1 : What storage technologies do you think the Energy Storage Grand Challenge (ESGC) should focus on?
" Short-term storage (batteries, etc.) are pretty well covered already. But long-term and seasonal storage is a challenge."
- Dan Miller , Managing Director, The Roda Group
Reply to Dan: " I definitely agree, but would add one caveat: there is always room for improvement. Over time there may be cheaper chemistries or more accessible materials .... I hope the ESGC will be a catalyzer of long-duration and seasonal storage alongside existing efforts such as the ARPA-E DAYS Program." - Faith Martinez Smith , Policy Analyst, ClearPath
"A very important long-term storage technology that should be investigated is the production of hydrogen gas from electrolysis of water where the process is powered by excess wind, solar, or nuclear power.... This hydrogen would be flexible for long-term storage needs and as dispatchable as existing natural gas power plants." - Henry Goldberg , Consultant
Question 2 : What are the current barriers to deployment that the grand challenge should address? 
Question 3 : What policy changes would most support the deployment and adoption of new storage technologies?
Please go to the comment thread (linked above) of the question that you would like to reply to and add your comment. If you not have an account, and you are an energy professional, register now !
Ongoing Discussion & Materials
Pricing Carbon
OurEnergyPolicy experts are still commenting in our online carbon tax discussion , and an event summary and recording from our February event are now available. Check out these materials and post a reply to one of the new comments below!
"I agree that pricing carbon is only one of many solutions to mitigating climate change, and one that should be done on the national level to be most effective.... Passage of Congressman Deutch’s Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Plan would hasten the energy market transformation and address two important barriers to reducing carbon generation... . - Martha Sickles , Founder, Urbecon

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" A viable climate change solution needs to be big and lasting . This policy puts a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. It starts low, and grows over time. To protect U.S. manufacturers and jobs , imported goods will be assessed a border carbon adjustment ...."
- Bashar H. Malkawi , Professor, University of Arizona

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