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Save the Date! March 10
The next webinar in OurEnergyPolicy's Energy Leaders Webinar Series will be on Wednesday, March 10, 12-1 p.m. Eastern Time. It will be about how New York State is grappling with challenges in the energy sector and lessons learned for other states. The invitation and details will be coming soon!
Publications in the OurEnergyLibrary
Last week, Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions released its 2-part, 350-page report on financing a greener planet. Find both volumes in the OurEnergyLibrary!
Volume 1 (Catalyzing Private Capital for a Net Zero Emissions World) focuses on the 3 factors that indicate we are at a tipping point on climate action (policy & regulation, innovation, and green momentum in the investor community).
Volume 2 (Bridging the Gap between Green Investment and Investors) is dedicated to the financial options available to close the massive climate investment gap (which is hugeas much as $3-$5+ trillion per year).
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New Online Discussion & Webinar Recording
On Feb. 24, we held a webinar that featured a panel of experts discussing the potential industry impact of various storage technologies and relevant policies. Continue the conversation in our online discussion!
Watch the recording of last week's webinar!
Question 1: What other types of policy support do you think long-duration storage needs? Reply

Question 2: What do you see as the greatest potential application of storage technology? Reply

Question 3: What do you see as the most promising storage technologies? Reply
Ongoing Discussion
In a divided nation, what values and objectives can guide the development of effective energy policies? In our recent webinar, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Congressman Paul Tonko (D-NY-20), and four energy leaders explained to us what guiding principles they would choose.

This is part of a larger OurEnergyPolicy initiative, and we want your input. Comment in our online discussion and tell us what principles you think should guide the creation of sound energy policy.
Watch the webinar recording!
Principles suggested by webinar panelists:
  • Incorporate and emphasize equity, inclusivity, and diverse participation for a just transition
  • Expand and optimize the nexus of federal, state, and local government
  • Consider objectives in tandem with one another, instead of as disparate aims
  • View energy policy as one way of many to address climate change

Watch their full remarks.
What do you think of these principles? What principles would you add?
Comments from our community (view all in the online discussion)
"Three main principles: 1. Energy choices should be zero -emissions and dispatchable (not zero net emissions.) 2. Using the energy source in item 1, electrify, electrify, electrify. 3. Minimize the volume of any waste produced...."
- Gene Nelson, Legal Assistant and Government Liaison, Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc.
"One principle I would recommend is an integrated policy. By that, I mean one where all parts work together. For example, in decarbonizing the grid, policies to encourage low-carbon generation get stymied by regulations that discourage better transmission, not just building new lines but grid enhancement technology to make better use of the lines we have." - Ed Dolan, Senior Fellow, Niskanen Center
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Wed, Feb 24

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