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Watch the recording of last week's webinar on how utilities, cities, and other organizations can partner to achieve energy goals such as decarbonization and grid reliability. Read our Twitter thread for some highlights, and comment in our online discussion (more below).
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Industry leaders acknowledge that meeting decarbonization goals will require the use of every tool at their disposal. Government can work closely with the private sector to develop effective solutions.
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Question 1: Where can public-private partnerships be most effective in pursuing energy goals or initiatives? Reply

Question 2: Are there examples of public-private partnerships in the energy field that can serve as models for states and municipalities? Examples from other disciplines? Reply

Question 3: What are the biggest obstacles to these partnerships, and are there policy changes that could facilitate this type of cooperation? Reply
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January 5, 2021
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January 14, 2021
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In the third episode of a new podcast series from our partner, the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, E&E News climate reporter Jean Chemnick expounds on what the Biden transition to the White House means for the future of climate action and policy.
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