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In OurEnergyPolicy’s webinar last week, Paula Gold-Williams (President and CEO of CPS Energy) and Gil Quiniones (President and CEO of the New York Power Authority [NYPA]), gave their perspectivesas heads of two of the largest utilities in the countryon driving decarbonization while not undermining reliability. Both CPS Energy and NYPA are striving to meet the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Listen to the full conversation in our webinar recording.

Then log in to your OurEnergyPolicy account (or register for one) and then participate in our online discussion by replying to one of the questions below!
Question 1: What do you see as the main reliability challenges in decarbonizing the grid? Reply

Question 2: How can we best address these challenges while still making meaningful progress towards a cleaner energy system? Reply

Question 3: Do you believe that federal clean energy policies are required to fully decarbonize? Reply
Ongoing Discussion
We're still accepting comments in our discussion on climate changeenergy density, and energy technology waste.
Read more from the discussion prompt, listen to the webinar recording, and comment!

Here are some things OEP experts are saying:
Question 1: Do you agree that the threats of climate change have been exaggerated, or do you feel that they have not been taken seriously enough by society? What energy sector policies do you see as necessary within the context of your understanding of climate change?
"There is no simple answer to this question because the media both over and under exaggerates the dangers in several stories. In general, most people do not fully appreciate all the consequences from climate change but Michael is also correct when he states that sometimes we see stories that go overboard and make it sound like this is the only major problem we face as a society."
- Gary Krellenstein, MD, JP Morgan, Oxford Advisors
Question 2: Do energy density and land-use environmental impacts need to be a larger part of the conversation on climate change and environmental issues? If so, how? Do you see nuclear power as an important part of the solution?
"...The other way that density matters is subtler.... [Some claim] that wind and solar projects can be small, easily funded, and quickly completed—at least compared to nuclear power plants. That’s true in principle. However, their specific capital cost remains high, and the value of their output plummets once they cannot siphon revenue from fossil-fueled power plants...."
- Roger Arnold, Managing Director, The Roda Group 
Question 3: Do you agree that waste from wind and solar is a larger issue than waste from nuclear? How can we sustainably manage waste from zero-carbon energy technologies?
"Both nuclear power and wind and solar, at the end of their useful life, leave behind toxic metals. Those embodied in the nacelles of wind turbines, or the cells of solar panels, can be recycled in relatively low tech and low toxicity processes.... Obviously, radioactivity adds a whole new layer to the costs and risks of recycling nuclear power. I suggest those making this argument first demonstrate they can clean up Hanford and other U.S. military nuclear waste sites affordably."
- Carl Pope, Former Executive Director, Sierra Club
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ICF International and the American Petroleum Institute (API)
July 9, 2020
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Podcast Spotlight
As the 2020 wildfire season continues to inflict damage across the American West, a key question will be how much, and how fast, the battery storage sector can mobilize to reinforce the power grid in California and elsewhere. S&P Global Market Intelligence examines the prospects of battery storage technology in this episode of Energy Evolution.

This episode features Fluence Energy LLC COO John Zahurancik; Dan Finn-Foley, head of energy storage with consultancy Wood Mackenzie's energy transition practice, and Dharik Mallapragada, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative. Co-hosts Dan Testa, Allison Good, and Taylor Kuykendall are veteran journalists with broad expertise covering the utility, oil and gas and mining sectors.
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