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By Joel Levin
Executive Director, Plug In America
"The federal government must adopt strong, supportive EV policy and extend the federal EV tax credit, which has now expired for consumers purchasing Tesla and GM vehicles. The lack of a tax credit for purchases from automakers that have led the way in electrification has hampered their sales and reduced the number of clean vehicles on America’s roads. We believe that the cap on tax credits should be raised from 200,000 vehicles per automaker to 600,000—at a minimum." Read more.
Please respond to the discussion questions by adding your comment to one of the linked comment threads below:
  • Question 1: What are the largest barriers to electric vehicle adoption in the United States?
  • Question 2: Which policies are most effective to encourage more Americans to switch to zero-emission vehicles?
  • Question 3: Should the federal government be doing more to incentivize electric vehicles?
"The largest barriers have been the initial cost of the vehicle and the underdeveloped state of the charging network. Both those barriers are becoming less significant on their own. I don’t see much need for policy help....
"I don’t think the current model of vehicle ownership and usage is one we should be striving to perpetuate. If all we do is replace ICE engines and gasoline with electric motors and batteries, it will be a limited improvement...." - Roger Arnold , Silverthorn Engineering
"EVs are better than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars is almost every way: efficiency, safety, reliability, maintenance cost, performance, features (Dog Mode anyone?), and environmental impact. The two remaining issues are initial cost ( not total cost of ownership) and range between refueling...." - Dan Miller , The Roda Group
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Podcast Spotlight

In this Energy Evolution podcast ( recorded prior to the advance widespread coronavirus outbreak) Dr. José Reyes, a co-founder of NuScale Power, says that s tates developing long-term plans to zero out carbon emissions by mid-century are key to driving adoption of advanced nuclear technology. Journalists Dan Testa, Allison Good, and Taylor Kuykendall are cohosts.

Energy Evolution is a podcast from S&P Global Market Intelligence that explores the ways the energy industry.
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Source: Collection from Quoctrung Bui and Justin Wolfers, The New York Times , and from the U.S. National Weather Service’s Automated Surface Observing Systems, as shown in the article, " Another Way to See the Recession: Power Usage is Way Down ," The New York Times , April 8, 2020.
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