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Ongoing Discussion
Residential and commercial buildings account for almost 40%  of total U.S. carbon emissions. Join our online discussion on building electrification , led by Ralph DiNola of the New Buildings Institute.
Question 3: Is the grid currently equipped to handle a large scale electrification movement? What sort of impacts may be expected?
" We have a bad tendency to try and shoehorn modern solutions into antiquated frameworks , whether they are conceptual like 'isms' or physical like the grid, rather than trying to figure out how can we adjust the frameworks to allow the new solutions to flourish....
How we promote and regulate solar technology should be designed for its inherent distributed nature.... Expanding wind power will definitely require expansion of the DC transmission grid."
- Rob Watson , Upland Road
"Today the grid can’t handle large scale electrification.... If you want to electrify the world, it is a commitment to increase the electrical system by a factor of three to five–depending upon your optimism. about future technologies. The industrial heat demand alone is twice the total electricity production of the U.S. Credible low-carbon futures start with the recognition that an all-electric future is not viable. Real futures will include massive biofuels, nuclear for industrial heat and a wide variety of other technologies that do not require electrification of everything." - Charles Forsberg , MIT Nuclear Fuel Cycle Project
Ongoing Discussion
This is the last week of our energy independence discussion , based on our June 24 webinar with Yossie Hollander .
Discussion Questions:

- Question 1 : Should states invest more money in expanding infrastructure for alternative fuels?
- Question 2 : What other technologies can help reduce our dependence on petroleum?
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July 20, 2020
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
June 20, 2020
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Podcast Spotlight
In episode 7 of Murkowski's Message podcast , Senator Lisa Murkowski , chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, discusses mineral supply chains and U.S. foreign mineral dependence with Simon Moores from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.
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