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In a roundtable hosted earlier this year by OurEnergyPolicy, a group of energy leaders recommended changes to the U.S. transportation sector that would increase American energy independence. OurEnergyPolicy released a white paper last week as a resource for policymakers and stakeholders.

While U.S. domestic oil production is at an all-time high and imports are the lowest in decades, the United States is still a net importer of oil and is dependent upon global oil prices. Acting to diversify the energy sources in our transportation sector could both lower greenhouse gas emissions and support national security by insulating the economy against price shocks that come from global oil markets.
Webinar Recording
Watch the recording from last week's webinar with Badar Khan from National Grid US and Heather Briccetti from The Business Council of New York State.
Watch the webinar recording:
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Pandemic-specific solutions for energy insecure households could include aid through the HEROES Act and CARES Act and continuing the state moratoria on electricity service shutoffs. Many states instituted these moratoria at the beginning of the pandemic to protect Americans under increased financial stress, but many moratoria are now being lifted. Viewing energy as a basic right might also be helpful in ensuring energy access for all people. Read more.
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"In principle, I’d say that utilities should invest more in weatherization to lower energy bills, but there’s at least one unintended consequence to consider.... Before starting any kind of program, it’s necessary to do the preliminary work to find out what people really need, what other stakeholders are involved and their interests, and what regulatory or policy issues might come into play. It might help low-income people more just to lower their utility rates, or provide them with some energy saving devices that they can take with them if they move. As for weatherization and building-level energy efficiency, there should be incentives for building owners to make those investments."
- Jason Dedrick, Professor, Syracuse University
"An important aspect of energy justice that is typically overlooked is the availability of broadband/high-speed Internet service and overall digital access resources (such as computers, technical support, digital literacy training) for low-income, rural, and tribal underserved communities.... In Arizona, we established a “COVID-19 Digital Access Task Force” to make comprehensive recommendations for statewide policymakers on how to provide broadband Internet and overall digital resources to support the education, healthcare, economic development and other needs of all Arizona communities, particularly those in rural, tribal, and low-income areas, during the COVID crisis and beyond."
- Henry Goldberg, Professor, Syracuse University
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November 20, 2020
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University
November 17, 2020
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