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By General Wesley K. Clark
 Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Founder, Renew America Together
Our discussion on energy security is continuing through the end of June, branching off from our webinar with General Wesley Clark in May . General Clark will be responding to questions posted in this online discussion.

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Question 1 : Are we currently investing enough into grid security efforts? How does the need for increased security compare to other investment options?
Question 2 : Who should be primarily responsible for efforts to increase grid security? – governments, in protecting the public interest, or energy companies that have a responsibility to protect customers and assets?
"General Clark, Thank you for holding the recent [OEP] webinar and this follow-up discussion.... It seems me to there are two key future areas of security that need to be expanded on dramatically from current efforts. First, there needs to be an international effort to negotiate a treaty to prevent cyber attacks...." - Henry Goldberg , Consultant
"Henry, thanks for your comment. I pretty much agree with the way you outlined the responsibilities for the security of the grid. Of course, ultimately, this too comes down to the rate-payers , who must pay for the security, grid enhancements, and all. Maybe the Federal Government can appropriate some funds, but ultimately, we still have a market-driven system. I doubt that any treaty effort regarding cyber is going to be very effective. In the first place, such a treaty would be difficult to describe.... On the issue of future grid vulnerabilities , totally agree – we should step out in front of this on security considerations...." - General Wesley Clark
Question 3 : The provision of electricity is a public service, and in most cases a regulated public utility. How do we retain public accountability while preserving essential elements of grid security?
Ongoing Discussion
The transportation sector is responsible for almost a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Read more.
- Question 1 : What policies will be most effective in reducing transportation sector emissions?
- Question 2 : Should the federal government enact stronger policies to support changes in transportation or is this best left to the individual states?
- Question 3 : Should policy focus on a specific alternative fuel technologies or take an all-of-the-above approach?
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