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Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 12:00-1:15 p.m. Eastern Time
In a divided nation, what values and objectives can guide the development of critical energy policies? Join us for a special OurEnergyPolicy webinar centered on forging guiding principles that can help us as a country to enact sound energy policy. Leaders will discuss how these principles can help policymakers chart areas of consensus and progress in the new Congress and new Administration.
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Public-private partnerships, such as the Energy Future Collaboration Partnership between the city of Denver and Xcel Energy, will be essential if states and localities are to achieve ambitious decarbonization goals. Read more.
Watch the recording of last week's webinar on public-private partnerships and the energy transition. Read our Twitter thread for some highlights, and comment in our online discussion (more below).
Question 1: Where can public-private partnerships be most effective in pursuing energy goals or initiatives? Reply

Question 2: Are there examples of public-private partnerships in the energy field that can serve as models for states and municipalities? Examples from other disciplines? Reply

Question 3: What are the biggest obstacles to these partnerships, and are there policy changes that could facilitate this type of cooperation? Reply
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Center for Sustainable Energy
January 12, 2021
Next 10, Berkeley Economic Advising and Research (BEAR)
January 28, 2021
Find these publications and others in the OurEnergyLibrary.
Congressional Update

New Legislation

Thurs Jan 28

Wed, Jan 27
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced the West Coast Ocean Protection Act (S.58) to permanently ban oil and gas drilling in federal waters off the coast of California, Oregon and Washington.
  • Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) introduced the Conservation Funding Protection Act (S.69) to protect jobs and drilling opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mon, Jan 25


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President Joe Biden pledged huge action on climate change. And while he will need Congress to bring significant actions, last week, he signed one of the most aggressive executive orders to tackle global warming in U.S. history. POLITICO’s Ben Lefebvre and Zack Colman explain what’s in the huge executive order in this episode of the POLITICO Energy podcast.
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