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Also, don't miss the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council's 4th Annual Meeting, this Thursday, September 24, 2020. Register here!
Ongoing Discussion
We have had exceptional participation in our discussion this past week with many thoughtful, new comments on climate change, energy density, and energy technology waste, leading off from our recent webinar with Michael Shellenberger.
Read more from the discussion prompt, listen to the webinar recording, and comment! Here are some things OEP experts are saying:
Energy Density & Land Use
Question 2: Do energy density and land-use environmental impacts need to be a larger part of the conversation on climate change and environmental issues? If so, how? Do you see nuclear power as an important part of the solution?
"Land area is at a premium in states such as California. We must include energy density and land-use environmental impacts in the energy planning and evaluation process. Even more important is the non-equivalence of inherently intermittent energy sources such as solar.... These are all reasons why nuclear power must be part of the solution." - Gene Nelson, Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc.
"Land-use management is critical—as the Western fires and community flooding in the heartland demonstrate. But the consumption of land for generation of renewable electricity is an absurdly small part of the problem. We simply need to use land—whenever we convert it from functioning as an ecological service area—efficiently...." - Carl Pope, Sierra Club (former)
"Yes, energy density & land-use environmental impacts do need to be a larger part of the conversation. They matter in two ways. One is the direct environmental impact of high land use and disruption of habitat. That includes the heavy concrete and steel footprint for wind towers [and] the mining impact.... Nuclear power... has a much smaller environmental footprint...." - Roger Arnold, Silverthorn Institute
"...Solar can be on rooftops [and] parking lots, and wind can generate off shore as its next big growth spurt [where] land impacts are much less.... New nuclear plants will save many-fold less carbon per dollar than competing carbon-free renewable resources, in proportion to their relative costs...."
- Scott Sklar, The Stella Group, LTD
Question 1: Climate change threats - exaggerated or not? Read the 11 new comments!
Question 3: Waste from nuclear/wind/solar - which is worse? Read 7 new comments!
Publications in the OurEnergyLibrary
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September 22, 2020
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September 2020
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New Legislation

Thurs, Sept 17 -

Wed, Sept 16 -

Tues, Sept 15 -


Tues, Sept 22 - Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources hearing on offshore energy technologies.

Wed, Sept 16 - 2 hearings from Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources:

Wed, Sept 16 - The House Committee on Energy and Commerce held a hearing: "Building a 100 Percent Clean Economy." Read Chairman Pallone's opening remarks.
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