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March 24, 2020
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March 23, 2020
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We've compiled and are distributing a document with five recommendations for the growth of the offshore wind industry. These recommendations came from individual participants in our previous offshore wind live panel event and online discussion. Check it out!
Ongoing Discussion
"Travel and business slowdowns across the world, in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, have caused a sharp decrease in global oil demand and the lowest oil prices in 17 years.... Though sparked by a drop in demand due to COVID-19, many say a price war has been a long time in the making as Russia is eager to address the growth of U.S. tight oil production ...." Read more.
Please respond to the discussion questions by adding your comment to one of the linked comment threads below:
  • Question 1: What additional actions can the U.S. government take to support domestic oil production?
  • Question 2: How likely is a protracted trade war?
  • Question 3: What are the main challenges that U.S. tight oil producers will face?
" What kind of investor tries hard to buy high and sell low? What does it say about the ups and downs of our policy competence when we fall into that kind of behavior? Hydrocarbons in the ground are a massively valuable resource, and pushing hard to sell them when they can be had at a cheap price from others happy to unload their resources at a low price is not the optimal policy. Filling the strategic petroleum reserve at such times certainly makes a lot of sense , even expanding it and thinking of storage for our strategic allies like Germany such that their security works out better for us...."
- Paul Werbos , Program Director for Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems, National Science Foundation, retired
"Why should the US government support domestic oil production? To address climate change, we want domestic and international extraction of fossil fuels to drop. There are clean alternatives to fossil fuels and the government should support efforts to replace fossil fuels with clean energy." - Dan Miller , Managing Director, The Roda Group
Podcast Spotlight
In this Bloomberg Surveillance podcast , Dan Yergin (IHS Markit Vice Chairman and author of The Prize and The Quest ) and a group of experts discuss changes in oil markets, the price war, our low interest rate environment, and the coronavirus outbreak.
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March Discussion
Ongoing Discussion
By Faith Martinez Smith
Policy Analyst, ClearPath
Continue participating in our March discussion on energy storage technologies and the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Storage Grand Challenge. Read a few of their comments below. Log in and reply!
Question 1 : What storage technologies do you think the Energy Storage Grand Challenge (ESGC) should focus on?
"... The technology for low-cost thermal storage to be combined with new generation Brayton conversion from heat to electricity should be number one . Enough progress has been made to prove that this could be a massive game changer.... It is a great tragedy that the recent breakthroughs in high-efficiency Brayton conversion and thermal storage, largely pioneered by the US, are now being led by places like Dubai and Chile! ... the US government could play an essential role not only to keep the US in game but to cut final costs in half , which is really essential to our ability to address climate change without imposing a net cost on the economy ."
- Paul Werbos , Program Director for Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems, National Science Foundation, retired
"The preferred storage technology has been pumped storage hydro ; however, environmental and local opposition has frustrated the development of new PSH plants. Gravity Power has patented gravity-based technology that it believes will provide the lowest cost, safest, utility scale energy storage with generation for up to 16 hours per day. With the huge potential it presents, the Gravity Power technology deserves to be demonstrated ."
- Thomas Mason , President and CEO, Gravity Power, LLC
Question 2 : What are the current barriers to deployment that the grand challenge should address? 
Question 3 : What policy changes would most support the deployment and adoption of new storage technologies?
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