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By Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL-22)
U.S. Representative, Florida, 22nd District
Comment in this month's discussion to let Rep. Ted Deutch know what you think about his Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), and/or to give Rep. Jimmy Panetta your thoughts on his Climate Action Rebate Act (H.R. 4051).
" introduced  a bipartisan plan—the  Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act  (H.R. 763) —to put a price on carbon and send a signal across the economy that it is time to switch to clean energy.... It will drive clean power innovations that make business-sense as much as they make climate-sense, and it will create an estimated 2 million net jobs over ten years. We consider the potential rise in energy costs to consumers by giving 100% of net revenues back to the American people as a monthly dividend...."   - U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL-22)

*Add a comment on Rep. Deutch's plan anywhere in the discussion .
"Another way to use the revenue from the carbon fee is to invest in clean energy, infrastructure, and funds to help workers and communities transition to a cleaner energy economy. My bill—the  Climate Action Rebate Act H.R. 4051 —will reduce carbon emissions and invest in the financially feasible transition to a clean economy...."

*Comment on Rep. Panetta's plan by replying to this thread .
1. Does a price on carbon need to be part of any larger effort to reduce carbon emissions?

2. What are other ways revenue from a carbon fee could be used? Is returning 100% as a monthly dividend to Americans the best use?
Reply to this comment thread or to this thread if in relation to the dividend proposal in Rep. Panetta's legislation

3. A carbon fee will not resolve all of the problems of climate change. What other policies could complement a carbon fee policy? Reply to this comment thread
" Congressman Deutch , you are certainly correct that now is the time for a carbon price; it is past time. A few years ago, Advanced Biofuels USA, a nonprofit educational organization, proposed a ' disappearing gas tax ' that explains how a carbon tax could be assessed in the transportation sector . You might want to incorporate this into implementation of your proposal. In addition, instead of giving a dividend, the revenues in this proposal would, similar to Congressman Panetta’s proposed legislation , use the funds to build infrastructure . This scheme would consider environmental justice and prioritize low income and high pollution areas...."
- Joanne Invancic , Executive Director, Biofuels USA
" Dear Congressman Deutch : Thank you for your leadership on this critical issue!.... It is hard to imagine seriously addressing the climate crisis without aligning financial incentives with climate realities .... There are many ways to price carbon but most of them le ad to a carbon fee that is too low and/or volatile . By steadily increasing the carbon fee every year and returning 100% of the money collected to every legal resident on an equal basis, the Fee and Dividend (HR763) policy will send a clear signal to markets that the days of fossil fuel emissions are numbered. I wrote a paper in collaboration with climate scientist James Hansen on why HR763 is the best way to price carbon...." - Dan Miller , Managing Director, The Roda Group
( 1) Does a price on carbon need to be part of any larger effort to reduce carbon emissions?
"Absolutely. Even if we retain other policies, a carbon tax will make them more effective . For example, CAFE standards only incentivize people to build and buy fuel-efficient cars; adding carbon tax would add an incentive to drive those cars less. For more, see ' Why a Green New Deal Must Include a Carbon Tax.'" - Ed Dolan , Senior Fellow, Niskanen Center
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Update from Congress
Legislation Update
  • Mon, Feb 10 - The Department of Homeland Security Climate Change Research Act (H.R. 4737), introduced by Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY-09) in October 2019, passed the House by voice vote. It would require the Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the Department of Homeland Security to identify areas for further research and approaches for mitigating the consequences of climate change on homeland security.

New Legislation

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, as featured in " 10 Charts That Can Help Predict the Year Ahead ," Nathaniel Bullard, Bloomberg , Dec. 27, 2019.
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