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Question 1: What are the main reliability challenges in decarbonizing the grid? Reply
"...Sufficient transmission is the biggest reliability challenge in decarbonization. Moving large amounts of intermittent renewables around the continent is a huge challenge and has to be solved to get above 40-50% renewables cost-effectively."
- Troy Helming, CEO, Pristine Sun
Question 2: How can we best address these challenges while still making meaningful progress towards a cleaner energy system? Reply
"We need a comprehensive national plan that strongly supports technological development; depends on multiple clean sources of energy; and is responsive to regional needs and resources. Such a plan will include transmission and market rules changes that will facilitate a reliable & clean energy system." - Philip Kahn, Citizen's Climate Lobby
Question 3: Do you believe that federal clean energy policies are required to fully decarbonize? Reply
"To achieve the Paris Climate Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 2°C, the U.S. needs very effective, coordinated, and long-term federal and state clean energy policies. The federal government must establish a national requirement to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by mid-century in the electric power and other sectors such as transportation." - Henry Goldberg, Consultant, Independent
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NRDC, and Sierra Club
October 13, 2020
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Podcast Spotlight
How did the solar industry grow up so quickly over the past 15 years, and what does its future look like? In this episode of The Energy Transition Show, we talk with Jenny Chase - the founder of the solar team at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, who’s had a front-row seat to the industry’s development - about the many booms and busts it has seen over the past 15 years, and about what we should expect from the sector going forward.
Update from Congress

New Legislation
  • Tues, Oct 13 - Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL-06) introduced the Tradeable Performance Standard Act (H.R.8582), which would eliminate roughly 40% of U.S. net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 by creating tradeable emission allowances for the electric and industrial thermal energy sectors.
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