December 11, 2020
MASU has published an updated-as-needed tracker of university operating statuses here: Operational Status of Michigan Public Universities in Response to COVID-19
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Academic Operations
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College Access & Affordability
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Facilities Planning & Campus Improvement
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MLive (Dec. 11)

Higher Education Finance – Federal Funding & Financial Aid
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Higher Education Finance — Institutional Dynamics
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Higher Education Finance — Institutional Financial Aid
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Higher Education Finance — State Capital Outlay
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Institutional Leadership
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Leadership Transitions
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Public Health
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Recognitions & Awards
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Safety & Health
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Student Success
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University Accountability
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State and National Reports
Michigan in Context
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (December 2020)

Michigan’s 6-year graduation rate across all postsecondary sectors was 60% for the 2014 cohort, a drop of 1% from the 2013 cohort.
Quotable Quotes
“Something I’m not happy about is … I do see today a lack of appreciation for what our higher education institutions have meant for America and certainly for Michigan. If you asked me about the greatest assets in Michigan, I’d say our higher education system. We have some of the best in the world. The fact that we don’t embrace that and do everything we can to leverage that is a disappointment to me.” – Doug Rothwell, retired CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan

Bridge (Dec. 10)