February 26, 2021
MASU has published an updated-as-needed tracker of university operating statuses here: Operational Status of Michigan Public Universities in Response to COVID-19
In the News
Academic Operations
WILX TV (Feb. 19)

The State News (Feb. 23)

Western Herald (Feb. 24)

Crain’s Detroit Business (Feb. 21)

Educational Attainment
Crain’s Detroit Business (Feb. 21)

Facilities Planning & Campus Improvement
MLive (Feb. 19)

Crain’s Detroit Business (Feb. 24)

Governance & Speech
The North Wind (Feb. 22)

Higher Education Finance – Federal Funding & Financial Aid
MLive (Feb. 24)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Dynamics
The Detroit News (Feb. 19)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Financial Aid
WZZM TV (Feb. 19)

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (Feb. 19)

Grand Valley Lanthorn (Feb. 22)

Higher Education Finance — Other State Support
The State News (Feb. 25)

Higher Education Finance — State Capital Outlay
WPBN (Feb. 19)

WWTV TV (Feb. 22)

Big Rapids Pioneer (Feb. 22)

MLive (Feb. 23)

Institutional Leadership
Central Michigan Life (Feb. 24)

Labor Relations
MLive (Feb. 26)

Leadership Transitions
The Morning Sun (Feb. 22)

Central Michigan Life (Feb. 22)

Press & Guide (Feb. 23)

Public Health
MLive (Feb. 24)

Recognitions & Awards
MLive (Feb. 24)

Central Michigan Life (Feb. 24)

MLive (Feb. 25)

Safety & Health
WLUC TV (Feb. 19)

MLive (Feb. 19)

MLive (Feb. 23)

WDIV TV (Feb. 23)

Western Herald (Feb. 23)
WNEM TV (Feb. 24)

The Detroit News (Feb. 24)

Western Herald (Feb. 24)

Michigan Radio (Feb. 24)

MLive (Feb. 26)

University Accountability
Lansing State Journal (Feb. 26)

Workforce Alignment
Detroit Legal News (Feb. 22)

WKAR FM (Feb. 24)
State and National Reports
Michigan in Context
National Center for Educational Statistics (February 2021)