May 28, 2021
MASU Commentaries
Daniel Hurley, OPtimizing EDucation (May 25)
A recent report from SHEEO explicitly tying state cuts to higher education with poorer student outcomes should be in Lansing policymakers’ mind as they determine how to allocate the billions in unanticipated revenue for FY2022.

Bob Murphy, OPtimizing EDucation (May 26)
Wisconsin’s proposed capital outlay budget for universities this year? $1 billion. Michigan’s proposed capital outlay budget for universities this year? Zero. Michigan continues to fall behind regional competitors.
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Michigan in Context
State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (May 2021)
In the first year this annual report has been released with sector breakdowns, we now know that Michigan public universities are funded at only 59% of the national average of funding for public 4-year institutions per full time student.