November 5, 2021
MASU has published an updated-as-needed tracker of university operating statuses here: Operational Status of Michigan Public Universities in Response to COVID-19
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In the News
Academic Operations
The South End (Nov. 1)

Economic Benefits of Higher Education
Bridge (Nov. 2)

The Detroit News (Oct. 29)

Lansing State Journal (Nov. 3)

Central Michigan Life (Nov. 3)

Facilities Planning & Campus Improvement
Crain’s Detroit Business (Nov. 2)

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Nov. 2)

Governance & Speech
The State News (Oct. 29)

The Michigan Daily (Oct. 31)

Higher Education Finance – Federal Funding & Financial Aid
Mitechnews (Oct. 29)

MLive (Nov. 1)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Dynamics
Detroit Free Press (Nov. 5)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Financial Aid
WOOD TV (Nov. 2)

Higher Education Finance — State Capital Outlay
The Mining Journal (Nov. 3)

Higher Education in the 2022 Elections
MLive (Nov. 2)

Institutional Leadership
The Detroit News (Oct. 29)

Labor Relations
The Eastern Echo (Nov. 1)

MLive (Nov. 2)

Leadership Transitions
The Detroit News (Nov. 1)

WWMT TV (Nov. 1)

Western Herald (Nov. 1)

Central Michigan Life (Nov. 3)

Philanthropic Support
Pioneer (Nov. 2)

Program Delivery
The Oakland Press (Nov. 2)

The Eastern Echo (Nov. 3)

Recognitions & Awards
Pioneer (Nov. 1)

Safety & Health
The South End (Oct. 30)

The State News (Nov. 4)

Central Michigan Life (Nov. 1)

WLUC TV (Nov. 1)

The Detroit News (Nov. 1)

WXYZ TV (Nov. 1)

The South End (Nov. 1)

Diverse Issues in Higher Education (Nov. 2)

The State News (Nov. 4)

University Accountability
Lansing State Journal (Nov. 2)
The Dean's List
The Lighter Side of the News