October 22, 2021
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Academic Operations
WLUC TV (Oct. 20)

The Oakland Press (Oct. 21)

The Michigan Daily (Oct. 21)

Facilities Planning & Campus Improvement
MLive (Oct. 18)

WLUC TV (Oct. 20)

WLUC TV (Oct. 20)

Federal Policy
NPR (Oct. 20)

Inside Higher Ed (Oct. 20)

Governance & Speech
The Detroit News (Oct. 17)

Detroit Free Press (Oct. 19)

WLUC TV (Oct. 19)

MLive (Oct. 20)

Higher Education Finance – Federal Funding & Financial Aid
The Detroit News (Oct. 19)

WLUC TV (Oct. 19)

WXMI TV (Oct. 20)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Dynamics
The Mining Journal (Oct. 21)

The Detroit News (Oct. 21)

The Michigan Daily (Oct. 22)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Financial Aid
WXMI TV (Oct. 20)

Institutional Leadership
The Eastern Echo (Oct. 19)

Labor Relations
WJRT TV (Oct. 18)

Lansing State Journal (Oct. 19)

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Oct. 20)

The Detroit News (Oct. 20)

WILX TV (Oct. 20)

Leadership Transitions
The Detroit News (Oct. 19)

Central Michigan Life (Oct. 20)

Program Delivery
WLUC TV (Oct. 20)

dbusiness (Oct. 20)

Recognitions & Awards
WDIV TV (Oct. 18)

Safety & Health
The Eastern Echo (Oct. 18)

MLive (Oct. 18)

Central Michigan Life (Oct. 18)

Western Herald (Oct. 19)

The State News (Oct. 21)

University Accountability
MLive (Oct. 20)

Workforce Alignment
MLive (Oct. 21)
State and National Reports
Michigan in Context
MASU (October 2021)

Midwest Higher Education Compact (October 2021)
This update to MHEC’s dashboard shows that Michigan is #1 in the Midwest for the percentage of students who enroll in an in-state postsecondary education immediately after high school graduation. Michigan was also ranked #1 in the Midwest ten years ago.