October 29, 2021
In the News
College Access & Affordability
WPBN TV (Oct. 22)

The Detroit News (Oct. 21)

MLive (Oct. 22)

Big Rapids Pioneer (Oct. 26)

Facilities Planning & Campus Improvement
WNMU TV (Oct. 26)

The Mining Journal (Oct. 28)

Governance & Speech
MLive (Oct. 22)

The State News (Oct. 26)

The North Wind (Oct. 29)

Higher Education Finance — Institutional Dynamics
WILX TV (Oct. 25)

MLive (Oct. 26)

WLUC TV (Oct. 28)

Higher Education Finance — State Capital Outlay
The Eastern Echo (Oct. 26)

WNMU FM (Oct. 27)

Institutional Leadership
MLive (Oct. 21)

The Oakland Post (Oct. 22)

Huron Daily Tribune (Oct. 28)

The North Wind (Oct. 29)

Labor Relations
WLUC TV (Oct. 25)

WLUC TV (Oct. 26)

Leadership Transitions
Central Michigan Life (Oct. 27)

Philanthropic Support
MLive (Oct. 24)

Holland Sentinel (Oct. 24)

WDIV TV (Oct. 25)

The Detroit News (Oct. 28)

The Associated Press (Oct. 28)

Program Delivery
EdSurge (Oct. 26)

Western Herald (Oct. 27)

CM Life (Oct. 27)

Recognitions & Awards
MLive (Oct. 26)

The Eastern Echo (Oct. 26)

Safety & Health
Lansing State Journal (Oct. 22)

Michigan Advance (Oct. 25)

MLive (Oct. 26)

The Daily Mining Gazette (Oct. 26)

WDIV TV (Oct. 26)

Lansing State Journal (Oct. 27)

University Accountability
The Detroit News (Oct. 23)

MLive (Oct. 26)

Workforce Alignment
WLUC TV (Oct. 25)

WLUC TV (Oct. 27)
State and National Reports
Michigan in Context
The Dean's List
The Lighter Side of the News
Detroit Free Press (Oct. 28)
[Featuring retired EMU communications officer Geoff Larcom]

The Detroit News (Oct. 29)
[Featuring notable celebrity game pickers WSU President M. Roy Wilson and OU President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz]