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The Penn Northeast Conference Resource Center has ceased to exist over the last few years.  There are many resources at the Conference Office that are free for the taking.  If you would like to come and browse, please let us know, or if you are at the Office for a meeting, feel free to fill a box or two!!



 2018-2019 Vitality Days with Michael Piazza


What:  4 one-day training sessions with Michael Piazza of Agile Church

                 Monthly gatherings for church leaders with trained coaches to

                 assist them in maintaining positive momentum.

When:  Session 1 - Transformational Worship - September 22,2018

             Session 2 - Structure and Stewardship - November 10, 2018

             Session 3 - Craft Church Evangelism - March 23, 2019

             Session 4 - Vintage Church Renewal - May 18, 2019

     Each Session will run from 9AM - 4:30PM

     Locations to be determined based on applications.

Cost:  $1,000 - all four days of training for church teams (up to 10 people from each congregation) and the monthly

                          coaching session.

$15 per person for lunch on training days.         

1.  Complete a Congregational Assessment

2.  Complete the Application for the Vitality Days

3.  Once he application is accepted, process your payment

4.  Identify the members of your team and get ready o begin


Joint Conflict Vision & Development Team Summer Zoom Discussions


The JCVDT is inviting YOU to scheduled Zoom discussions on three separate dates with three separate questions to inform our work to create a new Conference.  The dates are Monday, June 18; Tuesday, July 17; Wednesday, August 28.  Click to view the flyer/registration form/instructions for Zoom

The information is also available on our website


Phoebe Richland, a premier Continuing Care Community providing skilled nursing, personal care and short-term rehab is seeking a per diem Chaplain to work approximately 16 hours/week to support the spiritual needs of our residents, family members and staff at our Richlandtown campus.

For further details, contact Rev. Scott Brooks-Cope at

PNEC Spiritual Renewal Partners Spring Retreat
June 23
9AM to 3PM at Jordan UCC, Allentown
No matter how strong our faith is there 
is so much happening in the world today that sometimes it can give us a sense of discouragement. Join the PNEC Spiritual Renewal Partners on June 23, 2018 for a day long retreat: Rooted and Grounded in Love: Nothing Can Separate us from the Love of God which will strive to turn whatever despair or discouragement you might be feeling into a renewed sense of hope. It is time to be uplifted! Discover your "roots" again in Christ. Because we are rooted and grounded in love. Be strengthened by the scriptures, quiet times of reflection and prayer, small group discussions and fellowship. The day begins at 9:00am and will close with Holy Communion by 3:00pm.   Bring your own bag lunch and a snack to share if you wish. Beverages will be provided. Location: Jordan United Church of Christ,1837 Church Road, Allentown. Click for Registration Flyer

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PNEC Ministry Day

is scheduled for

Saturday, October 13, 2018

              Speaker, Place & Time to be announced

The Justice and Advocacy Committee 
will be co-sponsoring a
"Healing Communities Training" 
and we hope you can attend!
June 23 (Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm)
Unitarian Universalist Church
424 Center St., Bethlehem
Cost: $40 per person, $105 for 3 from the same congregation; cost includes training materials.
Healing Communities is a national model created by the Annie E Casey Foundation and faith leaders from across the theological spectrum, to engage congregations in the restoration and healing of people who have been impacted by crime and the criminal justice system.
The training covers:
-- Essential information and perspectives on the criminal justice system, current issues, and the impact of crime on victims, survivors, offenders and families
-- Relevant questions for reflection and discussion within congregations
-- Ideas and resources for pastors and faith leaders to engage congregants
-- Tools, information and resources for congregation members
-- Resources and dedicated time to develop customized a congregational action plan suited to the culture, demographics and core beliefs of each congregation.
[for additional details and registration, see
(submitted on behalf of the Lehigh Conference of Churches)


June 14 Drug & Alcohol Training for Faith Leaders
    As you are aware, Pennsylvania is facing a drug epidemic, unlike anything we have seen before. Entire communities are suffering from the devastating effects while our local authorities try to find solutions to the issue Substance use does not discriminate based on faith, sex, status or belief. 
     The County of Lehigh is offering a training opportunity for our community's Faith-Based Leaders.  The purpose of the training is to bring insight into the epidemic, discuss cause/effect and to provide practical resources for you to bring back to your places of worship.  My request is that not only will you attend but that you will distribute this flyer to other groups that you are affiliated with or those who may be interested in attending. 
Out of the Darkness and Into the Light -
Strategies, & Tools for Facing the Drug Epidemic for Faith Leaders
June 14, 2018 (from 9:00-3:30)
Faith Church, 6528 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown PA
Cost: Free!
    As vital and practical as this training will be, the unified statement of having Faith-Based leaders united under one roof will send a clear message of unification on the topic of addiction.  The most practical way of reaching our communities is through each of you.
Update from the Joint Conference Vision and Development Team (JCVDT)


The PA Historical & Museum Commission  

& Boehm's UCC

cordially invite you to the dedication of an official State Historical Marker commemorating John Philip Boehm

1683 - 1749

Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 10:30AM at Boehm's UCC

571 Penllyn Bell Pike, Blue Bell, PA

 Please visit for more info

Services of Interest
June 3 - 2PM - INSTALLATION - Mark Rowell - St. James,
Stillwater - 2 miles off of Rte. 487 on Zaner's Bridge Rd.(part of the Orangeville Charge )
June 24 - 10AM - Service of Farewell for Rev. Karen
Moeschberger from St John's Allentown
June 24 - 3PM - INSTALLATION - Rev. Rebekah Thomas
Emmanuel, Allentown
July 29 - 10:15AM - Service of Farewell for Rev. Kevin
Fruchtl - Ebenezer, New Tripoli
August 19 - 9:30AM - INSTALLATION - Rev. Joel Risser -
First, Hellertown
Children's Sermon
for June 3(based on Mark 2:23-3:6)
Item needed: you or somebody else wearing shoes with laces.  (If you have somebody else, tell them. beforehand, that they are to start walking around, and not stop,  after you have asked a child to tie the untied shoelaces.) As kids come up, you or your volunteer untie the laces on one shoe. Ask, who knows how to tie shoelaces. Of those who raise their hand, get a volunteer.  Ask child volunteer to tie the untied shoelaces. But the person with untied laces now starts walking around, and doesn't stop.  Ask kids why the child who volunteered can't tie the shoelaces-you can't tie while the shoe is moving.  What's something parents often say to their children---"Please, stand still!"  Have all the kids say that, together, to the person who's moving around with an untied shoe.  After that person  stands still, have child volunteer tie person's laces.  The laces couldn't be tied when the shoe was moving, but it's easy when somebody says, "Please, stand still."  Sometimes, God says to us, "Please, stand still."  God sometimes says. "Please, stand still," so we can stand still, and look up towards God, to worship God.  God sometimes says, "Please, stand still,"  so we will slow down, and really listen to each other, so we can love each other better.  When God says, "Please, stand still," it is called, "Sabbath."  Sabbath is to stop running around so we can love God and other people better.
- Rev. David Quinn
Invitation to participate in a doctoral research
project on hydrid, online ministries
     Greetings,  I am Rev. Harold Thompson, an ordained minister in the UCC, and I am finishing up my Doctorate in Ministry at South University. I am recruiting participants for a capstone research project entitled, "Determining Interest in Creating an Online Ministry for Religiously Unaffiliated Individuals Within a Mainline Denomination." This project is based on the hypothesis that hybrid, or dual belonging, churches are necessary, to meet the spiritual needs of people who are disconnected from the church.  
      First off, current and former members of the UCC are most welcome to participate. It is important to represent the UCC experience.
     Secondly, I am seeking participants that are inactive members of any church and or non-members that identify as spiritual but not religious, atheists, agnostics, doubters, and/or spiritual seekers. Those who are skeptical and disillusioned are also invited to participate. During the two-week ministry project, participants will be encouraged to share their insights and stories of faith. Participants will take part in four brief, online seminars and share their opinions about the requirements for a new model of worship. The interactive sessions will be held online, using Zoom video conferencing on June 19, 21, 26, and 28 at 7 pm. Make-up sessions will be available for those with scheduling conflicts. 
      If you would like additional information, please send an email to or call  (336) 420-3814
      With gratitude,  Harold Thompson
1-3 - Pennsylvania Southeast Conference Spring Annual Meeting - West Chester University
3 - 2PM - INSTALLATION - Mark Rowell - St. James, Stillwater
4 - 9:30AM - Local Church Support Working Group - Forks UCC, Stockertown
5 - 12Noon - Easton AMC Clergy - Trinity UCC, Mt. Bethel
5-6 - COACH Training - St. Francis Center for Renewal, 365 Bridle Path Rd., Bethlehem (starts 9AM on June 5 and concludes 4PM on June 6)
7 - 10AM - Ministry Day Planning - Bethlehem Diner
7 - 3PM - Budget & Finance Committee - Conf. Office
10 - 2PM - Allentown Mutual Ministry Meeting - St. James, Allentown
10 - 3:30-5pm - Regional Youth Event - Pre-gathering of youth, chaperones and leaders - Union UCC, Neffs
11 - Noon to 2PM - PNEC OFFICE CLOSED - Staff Meeting
11 - 3PM - Investment Committee - Conf. Office
11 - 4PM - Constitution & By-Laws Committee - Conf. Office
12 - 9AM - 2PM - Oversight Working Group - Conference Office
13 - 9:30AM - Faith Formers - City View Diner, Whitehall
13 - 3:30PM - 2018 PNEC Annual Youth Retreat Evaluation meeting - St. John's, Fullerton
13 - 5:30PM Dinner - 6 to 8PM Board of Directors - Conference Office (Orientation for newly elected Board members)
14 - 9:30-11AM - Licensed/Commissioned Mentor Group - Conf. Office
14 6PM (supper) - Search & Call Team - Conf. Office
Pennsylvania Academy of Ministry
a 3-part educational series called
Consistory/Council 101
September 15th, October 6th and October 27th
10AM - 12 Noon
The 3 sessions are titled:  (Sept. 15th)-Making Our Church Meetings Effective, (Oct. 6th)-Pastor and People Working Together and finally (Oct. 27th)-Connecting Beyond Ourselves.  We are asking all Consistory/Council Presidents to place this educational opportunity on their upcoming agenda for consideration.  We are looking at presenting this course via LIVE STREAM to locations in EACH of the Penn Northeast, Penn Central and Pennsylvania Southeast Conferences where groups of laity can join together in viewing the presentations and participate in discussion questions.  Download your Registration Form 
"Mary, Disciple of the Lord: Suffering"
July 26-28, 2018
Please register by July 6
Misericordia University, 301 Lake Street, Dallas, PA
Lake Institute on Faith & Giving
Indiana University...School of Philanthropy
Executive Certificate  in Religious Fundraising
Below is an update of our open ECRF offerings with the dates, locations, and link to register. 
  July 23-26, 2018
McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL
Saint Meinrad Seminary,  St. Meinrad, IN
Princeton Theological Seminary,  Princeton, NJ
Massachusetts Council of Churches, Boston, MA
Duke Divinity School,  Durham, NC



Dear Authorized Ministers of PNEC,

     We have been informed that it is the responsibility of each authorized minister to assure that their professional portfolio is kept current which includes the following: an annual information form with the authorized minister's current address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, current place of ministry, Area Mission Council and/or other authorized collegial support groups you attend on a regular basis, any changes in continuing education and a copy of most recent boundary training certificate.
This is a gentle reminder of the covenant made when becoming authorized ministers in the UCC when we accepted God's call to ministry. 
You will also find a request to serve as a mentor to a newly authorized minister, or a collegial partner to an authorized minister just beginning in Penn Northeast Conference. Please prayerfully consider your willingness to take the time to walk with another and to share from your experiences and gifts.
We pray that you take the time to fill out the attached/enclosed documents (they can also be found on PNEC website at under the Ministry tab) and return them immediately by mail or email to:
Patty Jo Rehrig,  Conference Secretary
Penn Northeast Conference, 431 Delaware Ave, Palmerton, PA 18071
OR email to:
- The Oversight Working Group 

Amigos de Guatemala want you to stay in the know!
     We want to share our excitement and our hope. The roof is going on for the clinic and we are building lists of supplies we will need and of medical people who would like to go to Monte Margarita, starting in 2019.
     If we have never been to your church, we have beautiful handicrafts to sell and an updated Power Point with lots of photos to share in your worship service or a small group. For more information contact Roger or Karen Heim at  or 610.481.9704 or the conference office.
For those registered for the Eastern Regional Youth Event at California State Universtiy (if you haven't there's still time) there will be a Pre-gathering of Youth, chaperones and leaders on June 10th at Union UCC, 5550 Route 873, Neffs from 3:30-5PM.  All necessary details will be discussed and it's a chance to meet the other youth who will be attending! We'll have some snacks and fun time, too!
Registration for the Eastern Regional Youth Event at California State Universtiy is still open!
Have you registered? If not, click the link below!!
The PNEC planning team is discussing transportation to the event, paperwork needed and a pregathering!
Please contact Marge Baltz if you plan to attend so we can include you in the details!

For those registered for the Eastern Regional Youth Event at California State University (if you haven't there's still time) there will be a Pre-gathering of Youth, chaperones and leaders on June 10th at Neff's Church 3:30PM-5PM.  All necessary details will be discussed and it's a chance to meet the other youth who will be attending! We'll have some snacks and fun time, too!

Looking for an Interesting Series?


Consider exploring UCC Polity - for congregations, new members, committees & more...

     Enrich Your UCC Identity - simply press "play" on the vimeo site to learn from diverse UCC leaders about our faith and our governance, our beginnings and our future, our worship and our witness.

     Make the UCC Story YOUR Story - How do you experience God in this denomination that proclaims a stillspeaking God?  Download easy-to-use discussion guides for conversation.

     Choose Your Own Polity Path - use this adaptable curriculum with your small group, conference board, new member calls, confirmation program and more.


Each learning session includes a facilitator guide, video, resources, and activities to help folks explore the unique history, governance structure, and theological commitments of the UCC.  You can access all the lessons and resources by clicking here, as well as download any files you need.  The complete facilitator guide is available for purchase.

- Holly Millershank, MESA


2018 Boundaries Workshops
"Essential Boundaries for Wise Leaders" 
The Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod Essential Boundaries for Wise Leaders training program is designed to enrich both our opportunity and responsibility as leaders for Christ's church.
2018 Workshops will be held: 

   Tuesday, October 23 - St. Paul's Lutheran, Dallas

   Wednesday, October 24 - Christ Hamilton United,
ONLINE UCC History, Theology and Polity Course
June/July 2018
      The instructor will be Rev. David Gaewski, Conference Minister of the New York Conference, UCC. Classes are from 9:30-3:30 on June 16, 23, 30 & July 7. The platform utilized will be Zoom Video Conferencing ( The tuition will be $475. For more information contact course administrator, Ms. Diana Pelletier, at
    Payments should be sent to: Diana Pelletier, 114 Munro Dr., Camillus, NY 13031. Make checks payable to Oneida Association UCC.
      A syllabus is available upon request.  Laity, Members in Discernment and Privilege of Call candidates are all invited!
On-line Polity Class geared towards Ministerial Authorization
Center for Progressive Renewal: (a link to contact the director of on-line learning is on this page


For the complete list of churches who are searching for organists, choir directors sextons, pianist, etc., etc., and also churches who are giving away items, please CLICK HERE

What's Happening in Our Churches
We love advertising the "happenings" in our churches Complete Listing of