May 10, 2019 Edition - The News Palm Beachers Need to Know 
Leaders Aim to Arrest Police, Firefighter Turnover
police cars
The spring of 2019 may be remembered as the season when the revolving doors finally stopped turning at the police and fire-rescue departments.
Police officers and firefighters have been leaving in droves since 2012 over a previous council's cuts to their retirement benefits and pay.
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'Green Initiative' Takes Root 
in Palm Beach
Green is a color long associated with Palm Beach, whether for its lush landscaping or vast wealth. Now you can paint the town green for another reason: its expanding environmental conscience and growing interest in eco-friendly practices.
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Florida Drivers Struggle with Blinding Smears of Lovebugs
Spring is lovebug mating season. There will be another round in September. But a mild winter with no hard freezes has led to a banner brood of the nuisance fly, and Central Florida seems to be a hot spot for their courtship, entomologists said.
Police and Fire Rescue 
Community Forum
police and fire rescue
The Palm Beach Police Department would like to invite the public to a Police and Fire Rescue Community Forum. The Community Forum will take place Monday, May 13, 2019 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Town of Palm Beach Council Chambers.
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Share the Road Campaign
share the road
During the month of May, we are committed to promoting pedestrian and bicycle safety throughout the Town of Palm Beach. Each day, drivers have the opportunity to play a critical role in providing pedestrian and bicycle safety. The Palm Beach Police Department is committed to helping everyone understand how they can stay safe and ensure the safety of others.
Florida Lawmaker Wanted to Ban Plastic Straws. He Ended Up with a Ban on Banning Them.
drinking straw
The Senate Commerce and Tourism committee approved a bill Monday that, instead of taking aim at plastic straw use, sets up a study to look at the effects of plastic utensils. It also puts a five-year moratorium on locally enacted bans on plastic straws.
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Plastic Continues to Wind Up in the Stomachs of Stranded 
Marine Life Around Florida
Sea Turtle Plastic Bag
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission biologists found two plastic bags and a balloon inside a rough-toothed dolphin that stranded on Fort Myers Beach at the end of April. FAU Harbor Branch scientists at the necropsy lab in Fort Pierce have found plastic in local marine life as well.
FWC Urges 'Open Season' on Removal of Invasive Lionfish
Florida Fish and Wildlife is encouraging divers, anglers and commercial harvesters to remove the invasive lionfish from our waters. They say this will limit negative impacts to our native marine life and eco-system.
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Sea Turtle Season in Florida is from May 1 through October 31
Area beaches host an unusual marine visitor - the sea turtle. These magnificent animals emerge from the surf at night to lay their eggs in nests dug into the dry sand, then return to the sea.  Florida law prohibits anyone from taking or disturbing marine turtles nests or eggs.
Developer Charles Cohen Announces Vision for West Palm's 
Okeechobee Blvd. 'Tent Site'
tent area okeechobee
The Community Redevelopment Agency approved a letter of intent Monday that calls for a luxury office tower about 28 stories tall to be developed at the vacant tent site, astride the Okeechobee Boulevard entrance to downtown West Palm Beach.
The non-binding plan calls for Cohen Brothers Realty Corp. to build up to 490,000 square feet of office space, with ground floor shops or eateries and up to 1,800 parking spaces.
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Directors in the News
James Patterson Inspires as Commencement Speaker at University of Florida Graduation
James Patterson
Civic Association Director
James Patterson, a Civic Association Director, is a literacy advocate, bestselling author, and founder of the PBS series 'Kids Stew,' who has sold more than 375 million books worldwide in his career. Mr. Patterson gave the commencement address at the University of Florida last weekend.
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George Cohon Celebrates
McHappy Day  for the 26th Time
George Cohon
Civic Association Director
George Cohon; a Palm Beach Civic Association Director and Founder, McDonald's Canada/McDonald's Russia, RMHC Canada/RMHC Russia and McHappy Day; celebrated his 26th McHappy Day and guests from across Canada joined him at restaurants to give back to Ronald McDonald House and local children's charities. 

The more than 1,400 restaurants in Canada raised more than $6.5 million.

"With 65% of Canadians living outside a city with a children's hospital, McHappy Day continues to help more than 25,000 Canadian families, from over 1,800 communities each year, said Mr. Cohon.

Monday, May 13, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Police and Fire Rescue Community Forum
Town Council Chambers
Tuesday, May 14, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Town Council Meeting-Regular Business
Town Council Chambers
Wednesday, May 15, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Town Council Meeting
Development Review Matters
Town Council Chambers

Thursday, May 16, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Code Enforcement Board Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Friday, May 17, 9:00 AM
Retirement Board of Trustees Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Friday, May 17, 2:30 PM
Investment Advisory Committee Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Utility Poles to Start Coming Down in
Palm Beach
Power Pole
While many residents are away for the summer, the town expects to see work crews quietly celebrate a milestone in the island-wide conversion from overhead to underground utility lines.
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Kravis Center to Close Dreyfoos Hall and Okeechobee Blvd. Entrance for Construction
Kravis Center construction
Now that the season has ended, workers have a green light to go full steam ahead on the Kravis Center's expansion project, unimpeded by the need to work around performances. 
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Yacht Catches Fire Near Riviera Beach City Marina
yacht fire
The fire delayed the return of the Grand Classica cruise ship to the Port of Palm Beach.
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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office asking for 6 percent budget increase
Palm Beach County Sheriff
Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is requesting a 6 percent in a proposed budget submitted to county commissioners. 
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Immigration Case
Palm Beach Restaurant Manager Gets Extension to
Stay in U.S.
Francisco Javier Gonzalez, the manager of Pizza Al Fresco in Palm Beach who has faced deportation for years, has received an extension to stay in the United States until November. 
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FPL Prepares for 2019 Hurricane Season
FPL logo
Hurricane season starts in less than a month and Florida Power and Light is making sure it's prepared. The company conducted its annual storm drill Thursday morning. 3,000 employees went through the steps of what to do in a mock 'Cat-1 Hurricane Haley' scenario.
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Friends of
Palm Beach
Keeping Our Beaches Clean
beach clean-up
beach clean-up

Date:   Saturday, May 11th
Time:   9:00 am - 11:00 am
Location:    1576 S. Ocean Blvd.
All supplies will be there. Iced water and snacks too.
Diane Buhler
Palm Beach Real Estate Season: Pace Picks Up After Sluggish Start
"The season got off to a slow start, there's no doubt about it," said Palm Beach Board of Realtors President Jim McCann, an agent with Premier Estate Properties. "But we've seen more
activity from March 1 to May 1 than in the five months prior."
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Retail Season Was Bright, Thanks to Big Changes
125 Worth Ave
Valet parking on Worth Avenue, events encouraging customers to spend more time at shopping destinations, and a willingness to experiment with different types of merchandise - all of these things paved the way for a bright retail season in Palm Beach, business leaders say.
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