May 24, 2019 Edition - The News Palm Beachers Need to Know

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Founder of Ronald McDonald Children's Charities in Canada 
Helps to Change the World 
One Family at a Time
George Cohon
George Cohon Civic Association Director
George Cohon, a Civic Association Director, is well-known nationally and internationally. He's the founder of McDonald's Restaurants in Canada and in Russia. Cohon is also the founder of Ronald McDonald Children's Charities across the country - a place he visits once or twice a week with his therapy dogs, bringing comfort to children and families when they need it the most.
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Michael Ainslie, Jane & Carl Panattoni Awarded Ellis Island Medals of Honor
Michael Ainslie
Michael AinslieCivic Association Director
For Civic Association Director Michael Ainslie and leading benefactors of the Civic Association Jane and Carl Panattoni, it's an honor bestowed for service to country and fellow citizens. For 33 years Americans from all walks of life have received Ellis Island Medals of Honor, which exemplify the values of the American way of life.
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James Patterson's Holiday Bonuses for Booksellers are Back
James Patterson
James Patterson
Civic Association Director
For the sixth year running, author James Patterson has renewed his Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program. Patterson has pledged $250,000, as he did last year, bringing his total contribution to independent booksellers and bookstores through the program to $1.35 million to date.
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New Updates about Hurricane Season in the Town of Palm Beach
Town of Palm Beach Re-Entry Credentials
Tim Malloy, Civic Association News, getting re-entry credentials.
Whether you live in the Town of Palm Beach part time or full-time, the date June 1st has an ominous ring to it... Well its coming around again. 

This year the Town of Palm Beach has an updated plan we should all pay attention to.

The first stop you should make right now is police headquarters. Step up to the desk where a forensics expert at the crime scene unit fills you in on your re-entry pass for you and your employees.
Palm Beach Council Rejects Landmark Protection for 100-Year-Old Home
145 Seaspray Ave.
The Town Council decided last week against landmarking a century-old Seaspray Avenue house last week after hearing fervent objections from the owners and their attorney and supporting testimony from their experts. The council's 3-2 decision Wednesday placed it at odds with the advice of its Landmarks Preservation Commission, which voted 5-2 on April 17 to recommend that the house be protected.
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Video Feature
Beach Cleanup Efforts in the
Town of Palm Beach
Diane Buhler
Diane Buhler & Tim Malloy, Civic Association News, on
cleaning the beaches.
This is perhaps the most prized oceanfront land in all America. Elegant mansions overlooking emerald green waters, beaches that attract thousands of residents and tourists; but, there is a problem.

"At its worst, blood vials, hypodermic needles, IVs," said Diane Buhler, founder of Friends of Palm Beach. "From where? My theory, and its being backed up by drift studies, is that it is coming in from the Caribbean, the Islands."
Local Scientist Says Brown Seaweed on Beaches Can Be Harmful
Whether you're in deep or on the shore brown floating seaweed, known as sargassum, is difficult to miss. Like every organism this type of algae serves a purpose.
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New Technology to Help Remove Toxic Algae in Southwest Florida
algae bloom 2018
There's proven technology that can help remove toxic algae and it's being used in Southwest Florida in the next few months. AquaFlex technology was tested last year in the Caloosahatchee River. The inventor and founder, Scott Smith said it removed some of the cyanobacteria.
Lionfish Challenge Underway
in Florida
Saturday marks the kickoff for the Lionfish Challenge in Florida. The annual statewide event hosted by FWC is designed to raise awareness about the invasive species. According to NOAA researchers the non-native fish continues to proliferate throughout the Atlantic Ocean and it's raising concerns for native marine life.
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Restoring Natural-Flow System Best Option to Solve Palm Beach County's Water Problems
With each day's news, experts spar over the best way to safeguard South Florida's water supply. Scientists and policymakers of good faith are working diligently to prevent last summer's water woes, and to find a long-term fix to safeguard drinking water and manage flow through flood and drought. There is no shortage of proposals under discussion.
Editor's note: Karen Marcus, a former Palm Beach County commissioner and a current Palm Beach Civic Association consultant is president of Sustainable Palm Beach County, a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizen's group. This editorial represents her opinion.

Monday, May 27
Memorial Day
Town Hall & Civic Association Closed
Wednesday, May 29, 9:00 AM
Architectural Commission Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Thursday, June 6, 9:30 AM
Ordinances, Rules, and Standards Committee Meeting
Town Council Chambers
Friday, June 7, 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Cup of Joe with Bo:
South Undergrounding Utilities 
Community Update Meeting
South Fire Rescue: Meeting Room
Tuesday, June 11, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Town Council Meeting-Regular Business
Town Council Chambers
Wednesday, June 12, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Town Council Meeting
Development Review Matters
Town Council Chambers
Rip Currents, Seaweed will Greet Memorial Day Beachgoers
Photo: Bruce R. Bennett,
Palm Beach Post
Beachgoers this Memorial Day weekend will face menacing rip currents and annoying seaweed as blustery east winds bring both to the coast.
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Phase 1 South - Notice of Electrical Conversions
Undergrounding Today
Starting in May we have received orders from FPL for their process of switching the individual properties from overhead to underground services.
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Overhead Power Lines Must Always be Considered Energized
Power Pole
It is imperative to remain clear of the overhead utility services on the existing poles. Even within areas where utilities have been converted to the underground system.
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Important Notice & Reminder to All Property Owners, Residents and Contractors Working in the Town:
Town of Palm Beach logo
It is imperative to remain clear of the overhead utility services on the existing poles. Even within areas where utilities have been converted to the underground system. Overhead infrastructure must ALWAYS be considered energized until the lines and poles are completely decommissioned and removed by the service providers. For additional information, workers, residents and property owners may refer to:
The FPL safety 6 rules when working near power lines
Permit Reviews Put Construction Start for Palm Beach Marina in Doubt
Palm Beach officials had hoped to begin reconstruction of the Town Marina on Dec. 1 and complete it in time for a November 2020 opening of a new $32 million facility. But state and federal environmental permitting reviews, which are required to protect the Lake Worth Lagoon, are taking longer than expected.
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This Week In Palm Beach 5-10-2019
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Massive Flag Display Set for Veterans Day Weekend in Palm Beach
flag display
Bradley Park will be awash in red, white and blue for a few days come November.   The Town Council formally approved this month the Rotary Club of Palm Beach's request to stage a U.S. flag display during the Veterans Day holiday weekend, Nov. 8-11. Hundreds of flags will be visible as part of the town's first Flags for Heroes charity event.
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Town Council 
Meeting Actions
Palm Beach Town Hall
To view the summary of actions taken at May's Town Council meetings, please click on the applicable link below.
May 14, 2019
Here are 7 Proposed Ballot Measures to Watch in Florida
Florida Division of Elections
Florida lawmakers this month approved a controversial bill that is expected to make it harder to put citizens' initiatives on the ballot. But amid the likely changes, petition signatures have continued pouring into the state Division of Elections in recent weeks, with two initiatives ready for Supreme Court review and others nearing that initial threshold.
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Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course 
Friday, June 21, 2019
mature driver
The course will be held at the Town of Palm Beach Fire-Rescue Station meeting room, 2148 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach. This six-hour classroom course has been developed for the senior experienced driver. 
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