June 7, 2019 Edition - The News Palm Beachers Need to Know 
South Floridians are Sick of Smelly Seaweed; Cities Say They're Doing What They Can
With sargassum once again hitting South Florida shores, we asked readers whether the smelly seaweed was keeping them away from our beaches. The increase in sargassum seaweed has been noticeable over the past decade, but each year seems to break a recent record.
Senator Rick Scott Unveils Plan to Improve Security at Ports
U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, former Florida Governor, unveiled his plan for improving security and infrastructure at ports in Florida during a visit to the Port of Palm Beach on Monday.  The senator held a news conference to highlight his Fighting For Florida budget, which includes more than $140 million to improve security and infrastructure at ports in Florida.
UPDATE 6-7-2019
Scrap Metal Exporter Continues at
Port of Palm Beach
By: R. Michael Brown, Civic Association Communication Director --  The Civic Association was filming at the Port of Palm Beach because of the Senator Scott announcement about more security funding for ports in Florida when we saw work being done on the scrap metal pile.  The cloud of dangerous metal dust was being hosed down as the backhoe and claw loaded the scrap onto the ship.
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New Palm Beach Day Academy Fourth-Graders Walk from Lower to Upper Campus Over Bridge
Day Academy bridge walk
About 35 students plus parents and administrators from the Palm Beach Day Academy walked over the Royal Park Bridge this morning.  The students just graduated from third-grade at the academy's Lower Campus in West Palm Beach. This fall, they will begin fourth grade at the Upper Campus in Palm Beach. 
Palm Beach Leaders Look to Reduce Dangers, Damage Caused by
Big Trucks
dump truck
For those living in the North End of town, big trucks are an everyday sight -- and an occasionally frustrating one. Construction workers and landscapers attempting to maneuver down narrow streets sometimes run over lawns, damage property or get stuck in intersections that are too tight to navigate. The issue was the focus of Thursday's Ordinance, Rules and Standards Committee meeting, at which members viewed photos of property damage and dangerous traffic situations caused by big trucks on the town's North End.
Town Announces Construction
Site Monitor
The Town of Palm Beach Planning, Zoning & Building Department has developed a new service to help residents deal with the many active construction sites within the Town. The department now provides a Construction Site Monitor, a new contractual position, who has the responsibility of ensuring that active construction sites follow the site screening plans approved by the Town.
Planning and Zoning Commission June 2019 Meeting: Process Improvement  Public Workshop
The Town of Palm Beach Planning and Zoning Commission will host a three-hour public workshop focused on the Process Improvement Initiative of the Town's Planning, Zoning, and Building Department. The public workshop will serve as the first in a series of three public workshops to occur this summer. The public workshop will be held in the Magnolia Ballroom located at The Breakers, One South County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480, on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
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Parking Regulation Changes on North County Road & Bradley Place
2 hour parking sign
The Palm Beach Town Council recently approved converting 83 unregulated parking spaces on North County Road and Bradley Place to free 2-hour time limited parking. Council also approved the implementation of placard permit parking in these spaces. These changes will take effect on July 1, 2019.
Sculpture by Winston Churchill's Granddaughter Finds a New Temporary Home at the Zoo
 Edwina Sandys___ Eve___s Apple
Resident Edwina Sandys' sculpture "Eve's Apple" bid farewell to The Society of the Four Arts' sculpture garden on Monday, where it has resided since April 2018. But it's not going far. Gander & White will install the sculpture on Thursday at the Palm Beach Zoo. 
Artificial Intelligence and 
Investment Firms Sign Leases at Rosemary Square
High tech and big money are continuing to bet on West Palm Beach. An artificial intelligence company and a private investment firm signed leases for a combined 42,000 square feet at the Related Companies' Rosemary Square in downtown West Palm Beach, according to a release.
Second New Apartment Complex 
Coming to Northwood
Northwood Apartments
Developer Neil Kozokoff said the West Palm Beach neighborhood attracts people who want to live near, but not in, downtown. But retail still struggles to gain traction, leading to the closure of Celis Produce.
How West Palm Beach is Prepping for an Invasion of E-Scooters and E-Bikes
With West Palm's skyline rising, new residents pouring in and thousands of new office workers on the way, the city is looking for alternative ways for people to get around downtown amid an inevitable glut of car traffic. Some of the promising solutions are old school - scooters and bikes - which have been showing up around the country in a modern, battery-power incarnation provided by urban concessionaires.
Civic Association
Former Ambassador Mary Ourisman,
a Civic Association Director,
to Wed this Summer
Ret. Brig. Gen. Peter M. Dawkins &
The Honorable Ambassador Mary Ourisman
Photo: Capehart
The Honorable Mary M. Ourisman of Palm Beach, New York and LaJolla, California, and retired Brig. Gen. Peter M. Dawkins announce their upcoming marriage.

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Town Council Meeting
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Tuesday, June 18, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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Wednesday, June 19, 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Landmarks Preservation Commission Meeting
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Thursday, June 20, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Code Enforcement Board Meeting
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Friday, June 21, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course
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County Proposes Maintaining Tax Rate for 2020 Fiscal Year
property tax
Palm Beach County is looking to keep its tax rate unchanged while hiring 170 new positions, according to a fiscal year 2020 budget proposal sent to county commissioners this week. By maintaining the millage rate, which equates to about $4.78 per $1,000 taxable property value, the county is positioned to earn nearly $49 million more in ad valorem tax revenue than the previous fiscal year, although final property values won't be available until July 1.
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JUNE 1 - NOV. 30
Palm Beach Requests that Residents, Staff and Employees Obtain ID Cards to Get Through Emergency Checkpoints During Hurricane Season
Voluntary ID Card
Hurricane season is upon us once again, and the town is urging residents, businesses, contractors and landscapers to obtain town ID cards before a storm emergency occurs. In the event of an evacuation order, police will establish checkpoints at all entry points to town. Identification cards will help police identify residents and others who need to get through.
Two Multi-Billion Dollar Satellites had Spectacular Videos and Photos Last Storm Season,
But Did They Help?
hurricane michael
The dawn of Oct. 10 revealed the true monster Michael had become. Mesovortices - ferocious pinwheels of air spinning like ball bearings inside the hurricane's eye - caught the sun's early rays in a chilling clarity not seen before in a Category 5 land-falling cyclone.
Scientists Up Hurricane Projections Ever So Slightly
National Hurricane Center
The likelihood of a stronger hurricane season appears to be growing. The new seasonal outlook, published Tuesday, now predicts 14 named storms, of which six are hurricanes. Forecasters warn that two of those hurricanes could be major hurricanes, which means Category 3, 4 or 5 with wind speeds at least 111 mph.
PALM BEACH This Week In Palm Beach 20190524
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Boaters Concerned Over Rash of Auto Burglaries at Town Dock Parking Lot in Palm Beach
town dock parking lot
A rash of auto burglaries at the Town Docks is sending at least one boat captain in search of a different marina. "I'm moving my boat," said Capt. Thomas Gray, whose Glock .380 handgun was stolen last week out of his 2014 Jeep. "We're not going to stay anymore. I can go almost anywhere else and have security."
Florida Driver's License Revamp is Strong on Consumer Protection
New Florida Drivers License
Advanced security features newly added to Florida driver's licenses mean changes are coming for 15-million Florida drivers. The most significant change is the removal of the magnetic strip to create room for additional security features that include a tactile element allowing people to tell if a license is authentic just by touching it.
West Palm utility Unveils $24M Ultraviolet Protection System for City Water

Scott Kelly
Assistant WPB City Administrator
Photo: Palm Beach Post
City officials Thursday announced completion of a $24 million addition to West Palm's water purification plant, an ultraviolet system designed to kill bacteria and viruses beyond the reach of chlorine and filters.
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beach clean-up
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Airbnb Rule Changes May Not End Lawsuits
Palm Beach County offered a compromise to Airbnb and other vacation rental companies on Tuesday, but its tax-collection proposals may be insufficient to settle lawsuits that have lasted for five years.  The county has been battling Airbnb, HomeAway, Couchsurfing International and TripAdvisor since 2014, accusing the companies of not paying the 6 percent tourism tax (bed tax) required of hotels and any housing rented for less than six months.
Visible Blue-Green Algae on Lake O Escalates Lake Level Concerns
Lake O blue green algae 2019
A budding spread of blue-green algae has been spotted on Lake Okeechobee as the potential for harmful blooms intensifies with higher temperatures and lingering daylight.
Major Water Quality Projects Around Lake Okeechobee Still
on Track
Lake O discharge to St Lucie River
The Army Corps of Engineers says so far, so good when it comes to the lowering of Lake Okeechobee as we get into the rainy season. Still, there are no guarantees this summer will be free of harmful Lake O discharges.
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